Department of Management

department of management

Department of Management

At the Department of Management at Kozminski University we drive forward Management and Organization Theory through our cutting-edge research and engagement with business and government. Our team is composed of academics and practitioners engaged in interdisciplinary work and teaching a diverse range of subjects at all academic levels. We regularly publish in top-tier journals, receive external finding and our members are authors of best-selling management handbooks in Poland. The Department since its establishment was chaired by prof. Andrzej Kozminski, in 2014-2023 by prof. Dominika Latusek, and currently it is led by dr Miłosz Miszczyński and dr Anna Pikos.

Miszczynski, M., & Klimek, J. (2023) Technological Transparency in the Workplace: Algorithmic Awareness, Forecasting, and Subordination at an Amazon Warehouse in Poland. Polish Sociological Review (accepted for publication)

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Research grants in the last 5 years:

Miszczyński, Miłosz, dr - Humans in Digital Logistics - CHANSE (Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe) (no. CHANSE-840)

Nożewski, Jacek, dr - Pomiar wpływu kwestii nagłaśnianych przez redakcje ogólnoinformacyjne na upodabnianie i różnicowanie się struktur agend medialnych polskich nadawców telewizyjnych. - Miniatura 5 - National Science Centre

Połeć, Marta, mgr - Etnografia organizacji festiwali artystów ulicznych - Preludium 19 - National Science Centre (2020/37/N/HS4/02368)

Latusek  - Jurczak Dominika, prof. - Interorganizational governance: the trust-control perspective - Opus 19 - National Science Centre (2020/37/B/HS4/02940)

Latusek  - Jurczak Dominika, prof. - TiGRE - Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe - Horizon 2020 (870722)

Miszczyński Miłosz, dr - Algorithmic Alienation: Work and Employment in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Opus 17 - National Science Centre (2019/35/B/HS4/04136)

Kowalik Łukasz, dr - Miniatura 3 - National Science Centre (2019/03/X/HS4/01322)

Pikos Anna, dr - Miniatura 2 - National Science Centre (2018/02/X/HS4/02886)

Miszczyński Miłosz, dr - The Open Licensing Model and Re-organisation of the Creative Industry - Sonata 13 - National Science Centre (2017/26/D/HS4/00183)

Miszczyński Miłosz, dr - Miniatura 1 - National Science Centre (2017/01/X/HS4/01767)

Koźmiński Andrzej, prof. - Bounded Leadership: International Context - Opus 13 - National Science Centre (2017/25/B/HS4/02393)

Koźmiński Andrzej, prof. - Development of Bounded Leadership Model - Opus 8 - National Science Centre (2014/15/B/HS4/04428)

Olejniczak Tomasz, dr - Dynamics of change in Japanese manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. Longitudinal study of hybridization of management practices in 2003 and 2015. - Preludium 7 - National Science Centre (2014/13/N/HS4/02156)

Latusek-Jurczak Lider Dominika,  prof. - Lider Program - National Centre for Researh and Development (LIDER/030/611/L-4/12/NCBR/2013)

We are open to consortium grant applications and happy to consider joint projects. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact dr Milosz Miszczynski and specify your plans (

Business History Division

Our aim is to develop and popularize the field of Business History in Poland. Our research focuses on longevity of Polish companies, historical continuity, narratives and various aspects of historical research. We teach thematic courses, such as: "The most famous companies and legendary entrepreneurs" and "Business History". In addition, we develop case studies and teaching materials, conduct field-trips to corporate museums and historical sites, and generate e-learning content on the history of Polish and international companies. We aim to develop relationships with historical businesses and the local community, including museums and archives in Poland and in the CEE region. Finally we popularize research results in the media (e.g. press and on our YouTube channel "Business History in Poland"

Chair: dr Anna Pikos

Members: dr Svetlana Gudkova, Radoslaw Milczarski, prof. Tomasz Olejniczak, dr Paweł Zawiślak

Contemporary Issues in Work and Management Division

We concentrate on issues that make contemporary labor, organization and management theory relevant and up-to-date. At the theoretical level, the core of our work is based on a "neo-disciplinary" theoretical and methodological dialogue, open to to critical, cross-disciplinary approaches. We embed our work in empirical research of processes of organizing and managing new types of workplaces and their socio-cultural contexts. Selected problems that we address concern: digitization of traditional workplaces, open innovations, platform capitalism, design, algorithmic workplaces, social reproduction and industry 4.0. While we teach a diverse range of modules, the primary goal of teaching is to engage students in a debate on the challenges faced by innovators, managers, employees and enterprises as well as to promote critical and open discussion embedded in a broad socio-economic context.

Chair: dr Milosz Miszczynski

Members: dr Łukasz Kowalik, dr Jordan Klimek, dr Anna Królikowska-Tomczak, Alish Niftalyev, dr Aneta Pieczka, Zuzanna Staniszewska


Theory of Organization and Management Division

In our teaching and research we look at organizations using traditional, modern and emerging theoretical trends to describe and understand contemporary management challenges.  We are particularly interested in inter-organizational management, network approaches, creative processes in organizations, and innovations. Our area of ​​expertise is also the subject of trust and distrust in relations within and between organizations. We teach fundamental modules in the field of organization and management, such as Fundamentals of Management, Theory of Organization, Contemporary Management Concepts, New Trends in Management. We run and implement new specialization projects at master's and bachelor's degrees in the field of innovation management. We also actively cooperate with practitioners from business, public and third sector organizations being a leading team in Poland developing professional case studies used in management education.

Chair: prof. Dominika Latusek

Members: dr Antoni Kolek, prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński, dr Włodzimierz Piotrowski, dr Marta Połeć

Visiting Scholars

Department of Management at Kozminski University offers a range a limited number of Visiting Scholar & Graduate Student positions each academic year in order to support advanced research and writing on any aspect of management and organization theory.

Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students must have their own extramural funding and their own personal computer but can be provided with a shared office space (if available), as well as full access to Kozminski University’s institutional resources. In addition to that, they will benefit from interaction in a supportive, interdisciplinary community of scholars and have opportunities to present and discuss their research.Please note that Kozminski University and Department of Management do not provide financial and institutional support regarding visa application.

To apply for a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Graduate Student position, please email your most current Curriculum Vitae (CV), Research Project Title and Abstract of about 2 pages, and the desired dates of stay to dr Milosz Miszczynski ( Depending on the circumstances of each prospective applicant, the approval process may take up to 4-6 months to complete.