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Department of Management - Faculty

Dr Svetlana Gudkova is an Assistant Professor studying entrepreneurship, family business and quality assurance in higher education. Her teaching focuses on entrepreneurship, new venture development and creative ideation workshops. Her recent publishing includes editing a volume entitled "Exploring Entrepreneurship: Inspirations from the Field". Her current work focuses on a research project studying the process of entrepreneurial socialization in narrations of family business successors.

Dr Agata Jaździk-Osmólska is an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include systemic transport safety management with particular emphasis on tools to minimize road accidents' social and economic consequences. Agata is the author of two books on evaluating road accident costs. She is currently working on roles of culture in the organization in traffic safety culture.

+Prof. Witold Kieżun was a distinguished management scholar. His past employment included Temple University (USA) and leadership roles in the Polish Academy of Sciences and University of Warsaw. He is an author of over 300 publications, including books, journal articles and monographs. His books " ”Autonomization of Organizational Units. From Pathology of Organization" and "Management in Socialist Countries" are used as part of management teaching curricula worldwide. He passed away on June 12, 2021.

Katarzyna Kosy is a PhD student working on a dissertation on "giggers" (independent workers), studying their position on the labour market and managment-related issues. In her teaching, she values soft skills and real-life examples. Katarzyna has published on categorization of giggers and now works on a paper on their work identity.

Dr Łukasz Kowalik is an Assistant Professor and the Head of Strategy and Innovation Management major (Master in Management Programme). His experience includes more than 18 years as a manager at Intel Corporation, where he was responsible for PR, marketing communication and sales partner programs in CEE and EMEA region, as well as consultant roles in several enterprises. His main teaching interests are innovation strategy and change management. He has published a monograph in Polish, and his current research includes a project on temporal perspective of management, as well as studies of innovativeness.

Dr Antoni Kolek is an Assistant Professor. He holds a doctorate in social sciences in the field of public policy science. He specializes in issues related to management and public policy. His record includes numerous publications addressing issues of taxation, social security, demography, the labor market and entrepreneurship. Aside from his academic role he holds several leadership roles in business, including work as the CEO of Instytut Emerytalny.

Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński is the president of Kozminski University. An economist, sociologist and professor of management. The founder and former rector of Kozminski University. Member of Polish Academy of Sciences. He was a Fulbright Scholar, visiting professor at several universities, such as: University of California, George Washington University and Sorbonne. He is an author of 49 books and 450 publications. His achievements were recognised with awards such as Knight's Cross, Officer's Cross and Commander's Cross Orders of Polonia Restituta.

Dr Anna Królikowska-Tomczak is an Assistant Professor. Her research interests include: sustainable development, sustainability indicators and tourism management. She has published on these themes, including a chapter in a volume on Responsible Consumption and Production (Springer). Anna's teaching interests include: contemporary trends in management and organization, principles of management, innovation management as well as design thinking. She is an experienced design thinking moderator and tourism expert.

Prof. Dominika Latusek-Jurczak is a Full Professor and her main research interests include trust, interorganizational relations and organization theory. Her teaching concentrates on the issues of trust in organization theory. Dominika has published articles in outlets including European Management Journal, Management Learning and Kyklos, as well as books in Poland and abroad. Her experience includes leading a major project on case studies in business education in Poland ( Currently, she heads the Center for Trust Studies at Kozminski University, is a partner in Horizon 2020 consortium grant TiGRE (Trust in Governance and Regulation in Europe) and works on the >OPUS< Grant from the National Science Foundation.

Dr Miłosz Miszczyński is an Assistant Professor and his main research interests include organization theory, work and employment and critical management studies. His major publications include journal articles in  Organization and Critical Sociology as well as a book "Dialectical Meaning of Offshored Work" (Brill). Milosz is currently working on two grants from the National Science Foundation (>OPUS< and >SONATA<), writing a book addressing algorithmic alienation as well as expanding his research on open licensing in the music industry.

Dr Jacek Nożewski is an Assistant Professor with background in political science (University of Wroclaw). His main research interests include social-political communication and media agenda building. His research and academic experience rests on quantitative and qualitative research methods, including network analysis and statistics. Dr Nożewski particpates in research projects on new media and political communication and is a member of the Polish Society for Social Communication and the International Communication Association.

Prof. Tomasz Olejniczak is an Associate Professor studying business history, organization theory and Japanese management. His teaching interests include research methods, business history and organization theory. Tomasz is an author of two books on Japanese management and his key publications include articles in Journal of Management History and European Journal of International Management. Tomasz is a graduate from University of Warsaw and University of Tokyo and a recipient of scholarships of Japanese Ministry of Education and Japan Foundation. He is currently working on theory of historical continuity and popularization of business history and business archives.

Dr Anna Pikos is an Assistant Professor and her research interests include business history, longevity and public management. Her major publications include journal articles in Baltic Journal of Management and Journal of Management History. Her future plans include a project aimed at studying longevity of Polish centennial companies as well as studying how companies create narratives to construct their histories.

Prof. dr Włodzimierz Piotrowski is an Associate Professor and a distinguished employee of Kozminski University, including 25th Anniversary Medal of Kozminski University. His research interests include theory of organization and management, systems theory, organizational behaviour and structures and processes in organizations. His teaching concentrates on leadership as well as change and crisis management. He is an author and co-editor of books and key management handbooks in Poland.

Dr Marta Połeć is an Assistant Professor and currently she is leading a research project: ‘Organizational Ethnography of Festivals of Street Performers’ (Preludium, National Science Centre). In the past, she completed a project: ‘Ethnography of Informal Organization of Street Artists in Poland’ (Diamond Grant, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education) and received numerous scholarships. Her research interests are focused on informal organization, entrepreneurship, street performances, urban sphere and ethnography.

Zofia Przymus is a Doctoral Candidate and a Lead of Business Management major (Bachelor in Management Programme). Her research interests include hospitality, food and beverage management and experience economy. Zofia currently teaches principles of management, risk management and psychology of consumer behaviour. Zofia in engaged in student life, being a coordinator of student science clubs, innovation and research expert in Kozminski Business Hub. She also works with Coca-Cola Hellenic and Academia Restaurant.

Zuzanna Staniszewska is a PhD Candidate working on a dissertation addressing the personal branding of women in executive roles. She teaches principles of management and two subjects related to diversity in management. Zuzanna is a co-author of several scientific articles on the role of women in organizations, corporate social responsibility, and public management. Her research interests also include visual studies in management. In collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Zuzanna directs a graduate-level course at Kozminski on the intersection between art and business.

Rafał Staszek vel Staszewski is a PhD student working on a dissertation addressing trust and interorganizational relations. His teaching interests include public speaking, communication, manipulation and humanistic management. Rafał’s achievements include two-time vice-championship of Poland in Public Speaking and supervision of Ex Ante students club.

Paweł Zawiślak is a PhD student working on a dissertation studying organization of Polish co-operatives. Paweł’s research interests include social economy and cooperativism. Paweł teaches principles of management and is engaged in student life by working as a disability services consultant. Paweł is currently working on an article analysing business models of four co-operatives.

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