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Leading with a Global Mindset

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6 miesięcy
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Pierwsze zajęcia
22.09 - 23.09.2023

About the program

We created this special learning experience to help post-MBA leaders to further expand their leadership competencies. Using experiential learning methodologies, delivered by expert Faculty in a purpose designed facility, participants explore, practice and design their own responses to global challenges.Our aim was to create an environment in which we close the gap between knowing how to be a leader and being a leader. - dr Sylwia Hałas-Dej , Kozminski Executive Business School Dean


  • Are you ’damn’ curious about what is going on – on the micro, macro and meta levels?
  • Are you ready to test and challenge your current beliefs and assumptions?
  • Do you have the courage to face complexity and turn this to opportunities and actions?
  • Do you really love people with all the diversity and chaos they bring to your teams and projects?
  • Do you understand your key stakeholders and how to navigate shared and conflicting goals?
  • Do you know how to engage with different generations of employees and clients?
  • Do you have mental toughness to handle fear of the unknown and stay resilient?
  • Do you know how to let go of the past and lead from what emerges in the moment?  

These are just a few examples of questions the globally minded Leader should ask himself.  We will challenge and guide you to answer “Yes” to these questions with confidence!



"At Experiential Learning Hub we believe Leadership is an ART and SCIENCE. You will bring YOUR ART to it. ELH will provide SCIENCE i.e. inspiration and methodologies to help you make progress in your leadership work. We will achieve it by inviting you to different "Leadership Workshops" „Laboratories" „Action Learning Groups", in which will test and enhance your skills.  In this self-directed and experiential learning environment you will get support of executive coaches,  inspiring faculty members and a group of other international leaders. "



Dorota Szkodny Ciołek
Dorota Szkodny-Ciołek

While teaching a class on Leadership at the ALK ExeMBA for about 15 years and working individually with a large number of leaders, I learned a few things. One of them is that each leader is unique. You will never be able to duplicate any leader you may be admiring, and you will never learn how to lead by reading leadership manuals. Your leadership development will always stem from your personality, personal resourcefulness, unique experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Any leadership style you will develop will need to be refined over time. You will definitely need to modify how you think about leadership and how to upgrade your skill set. That’s a given in the practice of exercising leadership.

Our Program serves that purpose - it helps you elevate your leadership to another level by offering space, know-how and tools. Ultimately, it provides you with what’s most important - trainers and coaches whose passion is to work with leaders to lead them to success, help them sustain themselves over time, and most of all to make the world a better place.


The science of Leadership lies in the mastery of a wide range of important competencies.

Our framework identifies key competencies in three distinctive areas of responsibility that are essential for leaders to divide their time and energy:

  • Creating the future
  • Creating Environment for success
  • Managing the Present and the Past  

We encourage you to consider:

  • How much time you spend weekly in each of these 3 areas of leadership responsibility?
  • What level of mastery do you have today for each of the competencies illustrated here?


This Programme is for Polish and international leaders who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in managing people and teams.  

Because our Labs are designed to be experiential and reflective, they require participants to be highly curious and open to learn. Participants should be ready to step out of their comfort zone to explore new ways of thinking and acting, to look critically at existing practices and experiment with new approaches.

We have a selection process to ensure that each person will add value to the learning experience for the cohort as a whole.  This process includes a 1-1 conversation with one of our coaches to confirm your motivation, needs and expectations


Essence of experience in each workshop!


In the first workshop you will explore the mindset and skills of globally minded leaders, and your own. 6 Leadership Labs will simulate and stretch your leadership capabilities.

This experience will act as self-diagnosis, supported by feedback from peers and Faculty, resulting in a better understanding of your strengths and areas for development.

You will work on the following competencies

  • Leading self with emotional intelligence and humility
  • Fostering innovation, growth mindset and ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Recognising elements of the past to keep (and to change)
  • Learning, un-learning and adaptability
  • Building resilience/anti-fragility



In the same climate of experiential learning you will strengthen your individual leadership style and impact within the whole system.

You will learn how to apply different influencing styles and be adaptable to shape your stakeholder environment and mobilise others.

Building on the previous workshop, this one will focus on the following competencies:

  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Mobilising – influencing and engaging others •Collaborating/working in diverse teams Empowering others for growth
  • Mastering self-discipline and execution


This workshop will consolidate your leadership journey in the global context. During an intense two days, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone and learn how to lead and create in chaos.This immersive learning experience will profoundly impact your leadership and thereby the future of your organisation.

Pulling everything together, this workshop will focus on the following competencies:

  • Embracing the global context
  • Inspiring with vision and building adaptive strategies
  • Leveraging technology
  • Leading change
  • Acting for greater good/being purpose driven



The course is preceded by an individual coaching session (1,5 h)

Module 1: 22-23.09.2023 GLOBALLY MINDED LEADER - 2 Days Workshop with learning labs

ACTION LEARNING - 20.10.2023 4 hrs in groups

Module 2: 24-25.11.2023 ART OF MOBILISING - 2 Days Workshop with learning labs

ACTION LEARNING - 12.01.2024 4 hrs in groups

Module 3: 16-17.02.2024 CREATING FROM CHAOS - 2 Days Workshop with learning labs

COACHING SESSION 1,5 hr with Your Coach

Where classes are held?

Villa Poranek is dedicated to helping leaders and their teams to succeed in our rapidly changing world. Everything at Villa Poranek has been designed to provide the best environment to enjoy quality time together - to talk, reflect and learn and develop new ideas and strategies

Villa Poranek, dating back to 1910, was one of the first residences built in Konstancin. Its first owner Wilhelm Rubin was the founder and first president of the Polish Association of Medical Doctors. In the post-war years, the building was neglected to the extent it became uninhabitable. The Villa is located in the natural beauty of the park surrounded by pine trees, the river, cycle paths and many outdoor facilities.

Wiodący wykładowcy

Olga Grygier-Siddons

Business Advisor and Mentor, former Regional CEO PwC CEE

Having spent 30+ years in consulting and senior international leadership roles at PwC, I love helping my individual and business clients to grow and transform their businesses, manage stakeholders and become more resourceful leaders. 

Throughout my career, whether in the UK, Poland, CEE or as part of the global leadership team, I could see how important it was for people at the top of organisations to bond and mobilise people around them. Without this ability to connect, even the smartest strategy or the most needed business change could not be implemented. 

Dorota Szkodny Ciołek
Dorota Szkodny - Ciołek

Being a leadership coach is who I am and what I love to do most. With over 20 years of experience running experiential EMBA programs, leadership workshops and having conducted hundreds of coaching hours,
I came to believe that teaching and learning leadership can only be done through experiential learning and courageous (self)reflection. Such processes strengthen character as well as improve leadership competencies more rapidly .

Think about leadership as an ‘instrument’ that you can use to increase the capacity to adapt quickly to the changing world and to making dreams come true. In each leadership endeavour there is a combination of art, science and a bit of magic that when put together, increase personal and organisational capacity, making the world a better place. ELH’s ambition means to be a part of that growth and magic.


Jonathan Siddons
Jonathan Siddons

Co-founder of Villa Poranek, Strategy Consultant, Facilitator and Mentor.

My professional purpose is to help ambitious leaders to transform their organisations and unlock the potential of their people.  After 20 years as a business leader in telecommunications and IT, I started my second career after moving to Poland from the UK. 

I love to help leaders to step back from the chaos of daily operations and lead their organisations with clarity of purpose, a compelling vision and adaptive strategies to be successful.  Most of my work involves building ‘human centric' leadership to influence key stakeholders and mobilise people to make an impact.   Today, I feel proud of the achievements of our global alumni of leaders who continue to thrive with confidence, courage and resilience.

Piotr Stankiewicz
Piotr Stankiewicz

Philosopher and writer, promotor
He authored a number of books about Stoic philosophy, its applications in modern life and about life in general. He is a member of the international team “Modern Stoicism”.

Marta Dratwa-Wasyłek

My core values are growth and empathy. I work at my best when designing, coaching and facilitating high-impact learning experiences for leaders and their teams, which support them in achieving ambitions and becoming more fulfilled and empowered. I have over 20 years of experience in leading projects focused on leading change, people engagement, leadership development, coaching and action learning.

My work is inspired by a full range of professional experiences I have gathered: being a manager and OD consultant at PwC CEE, a partner in a consulting firm Fluent, a Gestalt psychotherapist, a meditation guide and a DJ. . They help me see more possibilities and think out of the box. I bring joy, optimism and authenticity to my work.

Małgorzata Kalisz
Małgorzata Kalisz

Executive Coach and Facilitator
My purpose is to enable others to thrive. I enjoy accompanying others in their development journey and helping them to become more fulfilled and impactful. Having worked with leaders and leadership teams for over 20 years (PwC and Fluent), believe leaders can truly make a difference. 
I help them to achieve tangible business results through unleashing the potential of their organisations.  I work with executives and teams, increasing their self-awareness, helping them to discover their talents and inspiring them to grow as authentic and influential leaders. I’m work as an executive coach, team facilitator and architect of high impact learning experiences for leaders.

In my work I balance inspiration, challenge and support.
I create a safe environment for learning, based on trust and mutual respect.


Dagmara Seliga-Krawczyńska

HR expert, executive coach, facilitator.

I’m career counseling and organization psychologist , certified life and business coach as well as human skills trainer. I have more than 16 years of experience in international companies, having performed various HR roles. I was a management teammember for B2C& B2B in the EMEA region; the HR Director for Poland and HR Business Partner for the CEE region.

My passion is to support leaders in authentic leadership, to achieve their business goals in a sustainable manner and create the culture where people thrive and. I’m devoted to empowering women to take up challenges and make this world a better place foreveryone. I completed postgraduate studies in Psychosomatics and Playing Big Tara Mohr certification to work with clients on their journey to become better versions of themselves. 

I advise and mentor in various organizations such as Sukces Pisany Szminką, Her Impact Femme Palette and I’m invited to speak in the media.

Edward (Konrad) Stanoch

International Strategy Executive Consultant & Academic Lecturer.

My purpose is to build open, engaging and healthy, human centric organisations effectively leveraging new technologies and business models.  My driving force is curiosity (e.g. attending Singularity University programs, running my own start-up) and adventure (e.g. taking part in polar expeditions, training triathlon). They make me take up new challenges, testing the limits of my own endurance and striving to increase my personal effectiveness and awareness.
I translate the acquired knowledge and experience into business, to solve strategic problems with my corporate clients and develop their leaders and executive teams, working closely with the ecosystem of passionate professionals who share the same purpose and aspirations. My work is focused mainly on top executive teams of traditional and start-up organisations to increase their strategic alignment and engagement through a set of strategic interactive workshops as well as being an independent member of supervisory board

Tomasz Królikowski
Bartosz Lipnicki

Founder, Managing Partner

 My purpose is to inspire and support high-impact high-growth tech entrepreneurs to make a global impact. That is possible through building trusted relationships, experiential

learning opportunities and connection to the global tech finance ecosystem. I have lived and worked in 6 countries on 3 continents as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, board member and mentor with a passion for supporting businesses and people. I am a Founder and Managing Partner at Alfabeat, a micro venture capital fund for technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe, with a track record including a unicorn and backed by successful founders who have built global companies.

Michał Nowak
Michał Nowak

CEO & Founder of Okaeri Consulting, Consultant   

I have over 17 years of professional experience working in the communications and business consulting industries.  As a specialist in investment, crisis management and corporate communications, I have led projects in numerous sectors including energy, manufacturing, telecommunications, finance, sport, NGO and start-ups.

I conduct workshops on communication, difficult communication, crisis management and working with values in the company. Together with my team, we were the authors of one of the first studies in Poland on the topic of values in achieving success in professional life. I fulfil myself by giving 10% of my time and income to good causes including running „world-changing” classes with the wards of the Fundacja Szczęśliwej Droga.

Tomasz Królikowski

Researcher, Facilitator and Executive Coach.

I truly believe that leadership is about making the world a better place in systemic ways which requires a seamless blend of inspiring direction, contagious integrity and insightful professionalism. I built and managed teams of a few to hundreds - successfully developing strategies and implementing transformational projects on six different continents. Over the years, I have experienced a fascinating journey of co-creating strategies, developing and managing people, successes, failures, inspirations, ups and downs - thanks to which I have learned a lot.

Any development process typically begins with formulating an aspiring vision and clear goals - and this is just the beginning of the adventure!

Maria Juraszczyk
Maria Juraszczyk

Executive Coach.
My experience from work in the humanitarian sector showed me that making our world a better place requires much more than just a beautiful heart, passion, or even technical expertise. Above all, it requires leadership that is authentic, empathetic and responsible for every action. I truly believe that responsible leadership and openness to diversity are essential to create a healthy environment for life.
I have 13 years of experience working in the non-governmental sector. I have been a leader of teams that have delivered humanitarian aid in the most remote areas around the globe. 

Currently, as a certified coach, I work mainly with humanitarian aid workers worldwide. My greatest passion is to support leaders from impact organisations and businesses to help them grow and discover the essence of humanity as they develop their leadership.

Bogna Płachecka
Bogna Płachecka

Digital, Art and technology specialist.

 In my 15 years experience I was working on the border of art, new technologies and user experience,
I have been helping start-ups, NGO’s and companies to apply the best of their potential, supporting them in creative strategies, building new products and services based on values and focused on user experiences.

I had opportunity to work on visualizations of theatre pieces, art exhibitions, visual communication for the events of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland in Social Communication Office where I was responsible for preparing various events, exhibitions  and educational applications which bring knowledge to all. I love helping people unlock their creativity  as I deeply believe  with responsibility and respect of diversity will help build a better environment for earth and for all of us.

Marcin Rudawski
Marcin Rudawski

Mentor and Performance Coach

 My purpose is to shorten the time needed to become a top performer for people I work with, either in sport or in their business or simply focused on professional career.

6 World Champion’s titles and over 20 years of professional athlete career have given me experience and know-how what qualities, skills and approach to sport and life in general are necessary to be successful. Today, as a mentor, I pass this knowledge to other athletes and entrepreneurs. I share my experience and strategies also via Akademia Mistrzów Świata, which I co-founded this year.

This educational platform aimed at athletes participating in any level of competition. Akademia is the place where you can find ready-made technics and solutions to sports problems successfully tested by top athletes, World Champions, Olympic medallists. As part of Akademia, subscribers also receive access to knowledge and advice of experts in the field of psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition, technology, media and sponsorship.

Admission rules

  • minimum of 3 years of experience in managing people and teams


Table of charges
Basic price 35 500 PLN
Price with discount for ALK alumni 31 950 PLN

Tuition should be paid to an individual account number provided during admission to the program.   

Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska e-mail:

We kindly inform that editions are launched with the specified number of participants, allowing proper group dynamics.