MBA Studies - Another Step Towards a Managerial Career

MBA studies (Master of Business Administration) are the most prestigious form of education for managers worldwide. The aim of the program is to prepare business leaders for managerial roles in the international business environment. Managers have virtually unlimited opportunities to gain advanced knowledge, develop skills, and establish business relationships. What other benefits can MBA graduates gain?

What are MBA Studies?

MBA studies are an advanced educational program that focuses on acquiring knowledge and skills in management and business. They are designed for mid and senior-level managers with extensive professional experience who wish to enhance their management skills at a higher level. The programs are structured to provide students with comprehensive business knowledge and skills essential for effective management in the private, public, or non-profit sectors. The goal of MBA studies is to prepare managers to make strategic business decisions, solve problems, analyze data, build teams, and improve leadership skills. MBA programs allow students to develop interpersonal, communication, negotiation skills, and the ability to work in teams. Students are equipped with tools to increase their own and their team's efficiency and productivity.

Universal Managerial Skills

Completing MBA studies is a turning point in managers' professional careers. The management knowledge and skills acquired during the classes have a universal character, regardless of the industry or sector. Educational programs allow for a holistic view of business, including understanding the significance of various areas in an organization, such as human resources management, marketing, finance, or project management. The best MBA programs can lead to changes in attitudes, behaviors, and thinking patterns of graduates. Managers get to know themselves better through confronting their beliefs, knowledge, and skills. This is one of the main benefits derived from participating in an MBA program. Students undergo a kind of transformation and become initiators of changes in the business environment.

Development of High-level Competencies

MBA programs encourage students to continuously step out of their comfort zone. They require participants to work in groups, make public presentations, participate in debates, and solve problems in different contexts. Students have to face challenges and cope with time pressure, competition, and high expectations. This helps them develop resilience, adaptability, and stress management skills. MBA studies also encourage seeking new experiences and acquiring knowledge beyond their specialization, which broadens horizons and leads to continuous personal and professional development. The programs aim to change the way participants think. They focus on critical thinking, data analysis, evidence-based decision-making, and a strategic approach. Students learn to solve business problems holistically, considering different factors and perspectives.

MBA studies also promote innovation and creativity, encouraging students to think "outside the box" and seek brand new solutions. Practical knowledge and skills gained during the studies can be immediately applied in real business situations. Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences and solve real business problems, contributing to the enrichment of the educational process. An important aspect of MBA programs is the development of leadership skills. These programs focus on building communication, negotiation, and motivation skills. Participants have the chance to develop skills in team building and management and learn how to influence an organization as leaders. This helps them become more effective and inspiring leaders in their workplaces.

Dynamic Career Development for Managers

It is essential to remember, that the completion of MBA studies is not an end in itself. MBA is a means to develop a managerial career. Educational programs offer unlimited opportunities for deepening knowledge and personal development. The experience of many graduates confirms that MBA studies are a strong stimulus for their professional development, enabling faster career advancement and higher remuneration.

In the face of dynamic changes in the business market, the development of future competencies is a necessary direction of action. Our university offers managers unlimited opportunities for deepening knowledge and developing key skills. In response to the high demand for qualified managers, we have created unique and innovative educational programs in various business sectors. We create a diverse environment that allows for gaining valuable knowledge, exchanging experiences, sharing practical knowledge, and building new business relationships. Graduates receive an MBA diploma, recognized and valued within the executive and entrepreneurial community. It confirms possessing high managerial qualifications, conducive to further career development at the highest levels. MBA studies include educational programs in several management areas:

Executive MBA - conducted as part of the Koźmiński Executive Business School program. The program aims to provide participants with unique management knowledge, emphasizing leadership, negotiation, and change management skills. Koźmiński BCC MBA for the Future - intended for individuals and companies affiliated with the Business Center Club. The program's goal is to equip participants with unique managerial knowledge and practical skills. The classes focus on the analysis and development of methods for solving company problems, formulating development strategies, efficient decision-making, negotiation, and communication. Executive MBA in English - conducted as part of the Koźmiński Executive Business School program. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire modern knowledge, exchange experiences, strengthen management skills, and build relationships. The program also focuses on business simulations based on state-of-the-art solutions that managers can apply in practice. Koźmiński MBA for Medical Staff - recommended especially for individuals managing healthcare units, healthcare entrepreneurs, medical professionals, or healthcare sector managers. The main goal of the studies is to equip participants with modern knowledge and practical managerial skills, including formulating business strategies, efficient decision-making, negotiation, and communication. Koźmiński MBA - Digital Transformation - a unique educational program that allows participants to expand knowledge and skills related to the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, social media, big data, or mobile devices. The studies are recommended for managers who want to improve their competencies in strategic organizational management. Koźmiński MBA - Finance - aims to provide participants with unique knowledge in the broad field of management and practical managerial skills. The study program is recommended for managers in the area of financial management. Participants will learn modern tools, strategies, and methodologies that support enterprise management processes. Koźmiński MBA - HR - recommended for managers who want to expand their knowledge and skills in strategic organizational management with a particular focus on HR. Participants will gain competence in building, developing, and managing the HR department. The studies emphasize strengthening managerial self-awareness and developing leadership skills necessary for co-creating an effective work environment. Koźmiński MBA - IT - intended for managers who want to enhance their qualifications in managing IT areas. Participants will gain modern managerial knowledge and skills using innovative educational tools such as simulation games and VR. Koźmiński MBA for Engineers and Entrepreneurs - aims to provide participants with modern knowledge and skills in management, which form the basis for further professional career development. The program focuses on strengthening competencies related to leadership, change management, negotiation, and communication. Koźmiński MBA - Logistics and Supply Chains - recommended for managers who want to expand their competencies in strategic organizational management in the logistics sector. The main goal of the studies is to equip participants with modern knowledge and skills that contribute to further career development. MBA in International Management - in English - a unique program conducted in two selected countries aimed at acquiring and strengthening competencies conducive to further professional career development in the international environment. The studies cover all areas of management, providing a multicultural experience. Participants will take part in lectures, workshops, seminars, individual and group sessions. The program focuses on making strategic decisions, using technology in business, economics, accounting, business strategies, and problem-solving in multicultural teams.



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