Economics and Finance
Policy implications podcast
The Rise of Finance Companies and FinTech Lender. Policy Implications Podcast #12
In this episode of the Policy Implications Podcast together with Manasa Gopal PhD from Georgia Tech we discuss the role of finance companies and FinTechs in the recovery from the 2008 financial crisis with a special focus on small and medium sized enterprises.
Policy implications podcast
The Way to Recovery: when can we expect the CEE regions to recover from COVID-19 crisis? Policy Implications Podcast #8
In this episode of Policy Implication Podcast together with prof. Paweł Gajewski we discuss...
Kozminski Experts
Traps of capitalism - how to catch a loser. Kozminski Experts #4
In this episode of Kozminski Experts Robert Krool, entrepreneur and integration decisions specialist, touches the subject of capitalism, morality, hunters and loser. Who is who?
Kozminski Experts
Polish startup market - Kobi Shkuri, Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak, Ph.D. (Kozminski Experts)
Within Kozminski Experts, PhD Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak from Kozminski Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, interviewed Kobi Shkuri – Principal of LT Capital, about the crucial topic of Polish Startup Market.
Policy implications podcast
Can social media shape political preferences? Policy Implications Podcast #5
We invite you to listen to the new episode of the Policy Implications Podcast - "Can social...
Policy implications podcast
Can Citizen Science increase trust in scientific research? Policy Implications Podcast #4
New episode of Policy Implications Podcast under the title "Can Citizen Science increase trust in scientific research?".
Inna rzeczywistość w tym samym świecie
A Different Reality in the Same World
Recently, we all have come to face a new reality. The things we once considered indispensable suddenly appear to matter quite little. What started to matter more was what we had undervalued in our recent chase for a better tomorrow. Bizarrely enough, when at home, we needed...
Policy implications podcast
What is the future of Polish cities? Policy Implications Podcast #3
In this episode of the Policy Implications Podcast, we discuss the urbanization processes in Poland and try to answer the question of what kind of future awaits Polish cities: are they going to shrink or expand into suburban areas. We also try to understand the socio-economic...