Business orientation

Business orientation

“Our graduates have to have the know-how and have to know how. Education needs to be practical and able to address the needs of the time” – this is the university’s mission as formulated by its first rector and co-founder, Professor Andrzej Koźmiński, when it was founded. These words remain valid to this day. We keep a keen eye on business trends. We often set them thanks to the research we conduct. We work with employers and business organizations, creating and delivering curricula together. Our students have a chance to serve their mandatory internships and traineeships in almost 150 companies which we have signed partnership agreements with.

Study programs delivered in collaboration with employers

When designing study programs, we consult them with employers, who often become their co-creators and join us to teach selected classes. The partners of our studies include companies such as: Accenture, Amazon, City, Discovery, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Oracle, Santander Bank.

Students can also make use of the tools provided by our partners and become proficient in using them, e.g. those studying marketing programs will become familiar with the Brand24 platform designed for Internet monitoring and the NapoleonCat suite created with social media content management and analysis in mind.

Our program portfolio is updated every year and adjusted to the reality of the labor market, which is highly appreciated by employers who employ our graduates.


Academics with experience in business practice

Our lecturers have valuable scientific achievements and are experienced teachers. Many of them have extensive experience in economic practice or public sphere.

Our staff includes former Deputy Prime Minister, 3 former Ministers of Finance, current advisors to the Minister of Finance, former Deputy Minister of Ownership Transformation, presidents, directors and chairmen of supervisory boards of banks, consulting firms and corporations, former chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Polish Radio, director of the Public Opinion Research Center, current judges of the Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and common courts, active advocates, prosecutors, legal advisors and corporate lawyers.

Grupa studentów studiów podyplomowych

Practice-oriented postgraduate studies

Each study program is a perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical classes. Our instructors are experienced teachers, experts in their fields, business practitioners with vast experience in transferring knowledge.

Many of the programs in our portfolio are delivered in partnership with Polish market leaders.

Apart from lectures, our classes involve mostly workshops, simulation games, case studies, and classes conducted in the form of computer workshops or laboratories, during which our students exchange their experience not only with the instructors but also with other course participants.

The gained knowledge can be very quickly implemented and applied in professional work.

praktyczne zajecia


CFA Society Poland, EY Academy of Business, Deloitte, PWC, Giełda Papierów Wartościowych, ACCA, Centrum Obsługi Zamówień Publicznych,  Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych, Kancelaria Prawo Gospodarka Zdrowie, Akademia Biznesu MDDP, Sotrender, Brand24, Craftware, Gemius, NapoleonCat, Sales Manago, Kancelaria Maruta Wachta, LiderShe, Grupa Doradcza OCKHAM, Tooploox, Sages, Centrum Badawczo-Edukacyjne Psychologia Biznesu, Polskie Forum HR, Employer Branding Institute, Kirov Strategic Negotiators, Hitlon, Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza, OptiBuy, PSML, GFKM, AgilePMO, Bayer, HUAWEI, Commvault, Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne, THINKTANK, No Fluff Jobs, Codilime, NetGuru, It-Leaders, Transition Technologies, Atlassian, Devinit, Octigo, Managed, Gaming 5.0, Totalizator Sportowy, CIES, FIFA, PGE Narodowy, Ekstraklasa, Polska Izba Spedycji i Logistyki, CSCMP Poland Roundtable.

Internship and traineeship opportunities at Polish and international companies and a database of job offers

We spare no effort to support our community of students and graduates in the development of their careers. KU Career Development and Alumni Relations Office will gladly help each KU student and graduate in finding the right internship, traineeship, or job opportunity. We have our own job offers browser based on the Salesforce system, thanks to which searching for jobs, internships and apprenticeships is intuitive and simple. We are constantly expanding our database of partner companies based primarily on cooperation agreements.

Thanks to the cooperation with our career advisors, students are able to perfectly match their application documents such as CV or cover letter to the offer they are interested in and determine the level of their competence. This allows the student to increase their awareness and build a solid foundation on which to build professional experience.

Twice a year we organize job and internship fairs, during which our students can meet and talk to representatives of companies from various industries, both Polish and international. For an employer, participation in the Job and Internship Fair is an excellent way to effectively implement employer branding and above all recruitment activities.

Targi pracy i praktyk


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Goldman Sachs
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Meetings and conferences of business practitioners

Our university is a place where science and business meet and merge. We organize seminars and conferences to present the results of the latest research in the field of management, finance, economics, and law – and confront them with business practice. Representatives of many different companies and institutions are regular participants of these meetings.

The university often hosts its graduates, who are willing to share their experience from their professional life with students, offering advice and talking about good practices.

Our Career Development and Alumni Relations Office runs regular training courses in various areas for our students – co-organized by our partner companies, as well as inspirational and networking meetings attended by our graduates.

We also support and make our premises available to event organizers from outside our university to hold meetings with business practitioners. For instance, for many years, KU has been the venue of regular meetings of the online industry organized by Aula Polska.


We support our students and graduates in the strengthening of their cooperative and networking attitudes, also after their graduation.

We pursue this goal successfully by organizing networking and inspirational meetings, alumni reunions, occasional meetings, and running a dedicated group for our graduates on LinkedIn, where we publish unique, valuable content and encourage exchange of experience.


Advisory boards

In order to adapt curricula to the practical needs of the market as much as possible, we have established advisory boards that advise KU authorities on the strategy of development of the university, on the demand for fields/paths/forms of study, as well as on the matters regarding international scientific and teaching contracts. The members of these boards are representatives of the worlds of business and science from Poland and abroad.

  • The International Corporate Advisory Board was established at KU in 2003.
  • The International Advisory Board of Kozminski Law School was established in 2007.

In 2020, we established the Marketing and Digital Transformation Board to act as a platform of collaboration of science and business in the field of marketing and digital transformation with the aim to develop and promote research and education.

Research project: COVID-19 – challenge for managers

Research project by Prof. Krzysztof Obłój and the Department of Strategy is a long-term research program, which aim is to systematically analyze how Polish managers are dealing with the coronavirus. Research teams analyze threat assessments for companies and the first actions undertaken by people working in managerial positions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The respondents are represented by 1000 of KU's MBA graduates. Results of the study will show a picture of how threats, reactions and moods are changing in Polish companies.

The respondents received a questionnaire, in which they answered, e.g., the following questions:

  • When did you feel the first effects of the pandemic?
  • What were the first disruptions in everyday work?
  • What were the first actions you took?
prof. Krzysztof Obłój

They were also asked to provide a qualitative assessment, e.g., to describe which disruption turned out to be the most important and which was less severe for their business in the last two weeks, and why. They will also assess the effectiveness of their own crisis response and the overall level of coping with the pandemic.

  • The first report - April 2020 (pdf – in Polish)
  • The second report - May 2020 (pdf – in Polish)
  • The third report - June 2020 (pdf – in Polish)
  • The fourth report - October 2020 (pdf – in Polish)

The study will be repeated and reported periodically until the end of the pandemic.

Kozminski Venture Lab

Acceleration program for KU students and graduates.

Kozminski Venture Lab was created to support students and graduates in their entrepreneurial efforts, especially in the area of new technologies. We provide them with business advice and help them attract investors to fund the most promising projects.

The mission of Kozminski Venture Lab is to share knowledge, experience, access to the market, and capital with those who need it the most when they take their first steps in business.

Every year, Kozminski Venture Lab organizes an event named Leothon. It is a university business hackathon during which nearly 100 students, mainly from KU, get together for 24 hours to engage in intense efforts aimed at finding a practical solution to a set business task – under the supervision of experts.

kozminski venture lab


Every year, Kozminski Venture Lab organizes an event named Leothon. It is a university business hackathon during which nearly 100 students, mainly from KU, get together for 24 hours to engage in intense efforts aimed at finding a practical solution to a set business task – under the supervision of experts.

We invite prestigious partners to take part in the event: in 2018, it was Millennium Bank, in 2019 – Rondo 1 (the office skyscraper at Rondo ONZ in Warsaw). In 2020, two companies became partners of the online edition of the event – Leothon Recycle AI. These partners are: Microsoft and Polpharma. The winners of the event receive cash prizes and an opportunity to have dinner with the CEOs of the companies co-organizing the hackathon.