Management and Marketing
Myślenie strategiczne w czasie i po COVID-19
Strategic Thinking During and After COVID-19
Most enterprises design their strategies by conceiving a vision of the desired future and the path leading to it. Such a strategy features goals, key performance indicators, budgets, and strategic projects marking the milestones on the way to success. Most believe that they...
 Kolejny poziom wirtualizacji
The Next Level of Virtualisation
When it comes to the new normal, I believe that its main indicators are the phenomena involved...
(Nie)zmienność – czy stare jest lepsze niż nowe
(Un)changeability – Is the Old Better than the New?
Taleb’s black swan – being the pandemic – has ravaged humankind in all possible aspects of its existence. The virus has turned out to be democratic, impacting both developed and developing economies, both the well-off and the poor. Economic data reveals a significant...
Efekt brody, czyli to samo, tylko trochę inaczej
The Beard Effect – Same But Slightly Different
I’d like to start from my own experience. In 1969 (and then in two following autumn-winter periods), we went through the Hong Kong flu epidemic. We had six million cases in Poland. Fifty thousand people died. What are my memories of the situation?
Wszystko pędzi coraz szybciej
No Sign of Slowing Down
The time of the pandemic gives rise to a question about what will stay for good. Surely enough, COVID-19 has accelerated all sorts of processes of digital transformation in both social and economic aspects. Remote work will be a modern day standard – to a different degree....