Management and Marketing
Myślenie strategiczne w czasie i po COVID-19
Strategic Thinking During and After COVID-19
Most enterprises design their strategies by conceiving a vision of the desired future and the...
 Kolejny poziom wirtualizacji
The Next Level of Virtualisation
When it comes to the new normal, I believe that its main indicators are the phenomena involved in the virtualisation of unexpected areas of our life. We’ve seen the emergence of new areas. Areas of the so-called experience economy. New technologies enable people to enjoy an...
(Nie)zmienność – czy stare jest lepsze niż nowe
(Un)changeability – Is the Old Better than the New?
Taleb’s black swan – being the pandemic – has ravaged humankind in all possible aspects of its existence. The virus has turned out to be democratic, impacting both developed and developing economies, both the well-off and the poor. Economic data reveals a significant...
Efekt brody, czyli to samo, tylko trochę inaczej
The Beard Effect – Same But Slightly Different
I’d like to start from my own experience. In 1969 (and then in two following autumn-winter periods), we went through the Hong Kong flu epidemic. We had six million cases in Poland. Fifty thousand people died. What are my memories of the situation?