About the University

Kozminski University is a business-oriented higher education institution offering a broad range of education programs, holding full academic rights, and considered to be the best business school in Central and Eastern Europe according to the “Financial Times” ranking. We also pride ourselves in having obtained three prestigious international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, held by only 125 business schools worldwide.


Our University was founded in 1993. It is one of the oldest non-public higher education institutions in Poland. The undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students and the participants of postgraduate and MBA programs studying at KU make up a population of 12,000. The population of KU graduates is currently over 70,000.

Accreditations and certificates

International and national accreditations awarded to KU are a guarantee of the highest standards of education and research, and a testimony to our responsible social attitudes. Among our most valuable awards there is the “Triple Crown accreditation”: AACSB – EQUIS – AMBA. Employers employing graduates of a higher education institution that holds awards of this rank can be sure that the employees joining their companies have not only thorough knowledge but also the skills that will make them perform their duties responsibly and effectively.

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Since 2009, Kozminski University has been featured in the "Financial Times" global education rankings as the highest-ranking business school in Central and Eastern Europe. The "Perspektywy" national rankings have ranked KU as one of the TOP 3 of Polish economic higher education institutions for more than 10 years now, and as the best of non-public higher education institutions for 24 years.

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A strategic alliance with ESCP Business School

In 2015, Kozminski University formed a strategic alliance with the oldest and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world – ESCP Business School, becoming – next to Paris, London, Madrid, Turin, and Berlin – its Central-European campus. The aim of this strategic alliance is to strengthen the established organizational ties, which leads, in turn, to joint initiatives and projects that can benefit students, scientists, and corporate partners.

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There are more than 1,500 students from 75 foreign countries studying at Kozminski University. We have signed cooperation agreements with 220 higher education institutions around the world. These include student and faculty exchange agreements. About 1,000 people a year take part in these exchange programs. Classes are taught by experienced visiting academics from all over the world. Our faculty members lecture and conduct research at many well-known and respected universities around the globe, including Harvard, MIT, and ESCP Business School, the oldest business higher education institution in the world – and our strategic partner.

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Business orientation

“Our graduates have to have the know-how and have to know how. Education needs to be practical and able to address the needs of the time” – this is the University’s mission as formulated by its first rector and co-founder, Professor Andrzej Koźmiński, when it was founded. These words remain valid to this day. We keep a keen eye on business trends. We often set them thanks to the research we conduct. We work with employers and business organizations, creating and delivering curricula together. Our students have a chance to serve their mandatory internships and traineeships in almost 150 companies which we have signed partnership agreements with.

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Orientacja na biznes


Since the beginning of our existence we have been investing in our own facilities. Our premises are currently a complex of 5 modernly furnished and well-equipped buildings, covering a total area of about 16,500 square meters. This makes it possible for us to organize all classes in one place – on 57/59 Jagiellońska Street. Every year we adopt innovative architectural and technological solutions which make it easier to study and use the facilities of the university – including to people with disabilities.

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Online university

The time of the coronavirus pandemic was a huge test for everyone. Organizations had to switch rapidly to a new way of functioning, change their strategies, adapt to new challenges. For us, COVID-19 was an additional incentive to create “a new school for new times”. Our entire team – researchers, academic teachers, and administrative staff alike, supported by students’ approval and willingness to collaborate, has engaged with great commitment in digital transformation in its broadest sense.

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Career support

Each academic year, there is an average of two thousand job offers, internship, and traineeship opportunities waiting for our students and graduates at our Career Development Office. We have signed over 200 fixed cooperation agreements with employers, including companies such as: Accenture, BNP Paribas, Citi, EY, Ferrero, JP Morgan, L’Oreal, P&G. Employers can register with KU’s "Career Service", which lets them recruit employees from our community for various positions in every industry.

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There are 70 thousand people having graduated from Kozminski University so far. Our graduates, students, and employees alike form a huge community, and most of them stay in touch with and support each other – be it in the field of business or education, or by maintaining semi-personal relationships during networking meetings as well as at orientation events and trips.

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Doctoral and post-doctoral qualifications

We have full academic rights. This includes the powers granted to us by the Central Committee for Degrees and Titles.

Our university has the right to confer doctoral degrees (‘doktor’) in 5 fields of science: management, economics, finance, law, and sociology. And the right to confer habilitation degrees (‘doktor habilitowany’) in 3 fields: management, finance, and law. At present, according to the new classification of fields of science and scientific disciplines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, these are the following disciplines of social sciences: management and quality sciences, economics and finance, legal sciences, sociological sciences.

Kozminski University runs its own doctoral school.

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uprawnienie doktorskie

Sustainable development

We teach responsible management, ethics, and sustainability. We make use of these principles ourselves in our daily practice. With tomorrow in mind, we focus on achieving business objectives while concentrating simultaneously on people’s well-being, healthy social relationships, and acting for environmental protection.

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More than lectures

Learning at Kozminski goes beyond mere lectures. We integrate technological innovations to enhance the teaching process. By utilizing solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gamification, we provide knowledge enriched with practical experience. Additionally, we complement the learning process and overall development with the availability of supplementary tools and licenses. Kozminski students enjoy unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning platform, which offers over 16,000 online courses spanning various areas of knowledge. Both undergraduate and graduate communities can also benefit from premium access to the "Financial Times" online service. Furthermore, all students have unrestricted access to "Rzeczpospolita" services, which encompass rp.pl content as well as legal and specialized publications.

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We attach great importance to sports because people who go in for sports have to show similar qualities to those typical of managers running their own companies: perseverance, responsibility, creativity, team spirit. We are a sports champion, a multiple non-public-university winner of the Academic Championships of Poland. At KU, you can pursue your sporting passions – on both semi-professional and amateur levels.

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Scholarships, grants, discounts

KU students can benefit from many scholarships, grants, and discounts. Even as an applicant to study at KU, when enrolling in full-time studies, you are already entitled to apply for the “Scholarship for the best”. Olympiad (all-Poland contests) winners get to study free of charge and benefit from the Rector’s special grant covering all tuition fees. Olympiad (all-Poland contests) finalists receive grants covering half of the tuition fees. Our outstanding students can become holders of scholarship awarded by the Kozminski Foundation. Moreover, according to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education regulations, KU awards also maintenance grants, special grants for disabled persons, scholarships for academic achievements, and Minister’s scholarships.

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Our Patron and history

4 June 1989 marked the end of the communism era in Poland. The country returned on the path of democracy and free market. New times called for new economic elites. At that time, a group of academics from the University of Warsaw launched the first MBA program in Poland in October 1989, with 42 participants enrolled. The success of the project encouraged a follow-up to it. In 1993, the Minister of National Education authorized those academics to open and run a higher education institution, where 254 students started studying management and marketing. Today, the institution boasts 12,000 students.

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Co-financed projects

For many years we have been successfully raising European funds to carry out projects contributing to the development of Kozminski University, to the strengthening of its potential, and to building relationships with our socio-economic environment.

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Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Partnerhsip projects

The International Relation Office (IRO) together with the Projects Office participates in European Union (EU) Projects under the Erasmus+ Program Action 2, which contributes to the development of Kozminski University, strengthening its potential, and building its position on the international market.

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