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We succeed in attracting foreign students. Their study environment is a tolerant, open-minded, multicultural community. KU offers a number of programs taught in English – at all levels of education. Those who run courses in English are e.g. teachers and scientists working on a regular basis for such prestigious foreign higher education institutions as MIT, Harvard University, or ESCP Business School. The University also invites outstanding business scientists e.g. from MIT and Northeastern University to participate in guest lectures and fellowships. Our academic teachers include representatives of global companies and banks, such as Citi, Oracle, Goldman Sachs.  Our students can take advantage of a foreign exchange program by going to one of our partner universities for half a year or a full year, with destinations including Japan, France, Iceland, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Portugal, the UK, and many more. Students and graduates have also an opportunity to serve internships and traineeships with international companies such as Google, Hilti, or Nike. 

Erasmus+ program mobility opportunities

Incoming students and staff

Partner universities

Cross-boarder internationalization – what makes us different


International student exchange

Kozminski University students can choose from 221 partner higher education institutions on 6 continents, where they can study for a semester or two as part of international exchange programs. Many people choose distant destinations such as Singapore, Mexico, USA, Australia. Every student deciding to take part in an exchange program and go to a EU country has an opportunity to receive an Erasmus+ grant. We encourage you to become familiar with the rules of admission, the program, and the choice of trip destinations – here


Internship and traineeship opportunities all over Europe

Every student or graduate of Kozminski University leaving abroad to serve an internship receives an Erasmus+ grant. It is an extraordinary opportunity to go abroad for a few months and get involved with foreign companies or institutions to gain professional experience in an international setting. Our partners include, among others: Nintendo, Lenovo, DHL, Procter&Gamble. We encourage you to become familiar with the rules of admission, the program, and the choice of internship opportunities – here

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Short courses for students

In addition to exchange trips, students can take part in additional international intensive courses within the framework of a partnership established between higher education institutions across the whole world. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity because it is a great chance to gain additional ECTS credits and at the same time broaden their horizons and establish new relationships.

The current selection of short programs, courses, and international schools organized by KU partners can be found on FB and in this folder.


Staff and faculty mobility

Every employee of the University is offered a chance to visit and stay at a foreign institution of their choice: faculty members – to teach classes, and administrative staff – to take part in training to improve their skills and competence.

Details regarding the program and the application procedure can be found here

Staff week 3

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – partnership projects

The International Relation Office (IRO) together with the Projects Office participates in European Union (EU) Projects under the Erasmus+ Program Action 2, which contributes to the development of Kozminski University, strengthening its potential, and building its position on the international market.

The University implements Erasmus+ Projects Action 2 in the form of partnerships, bringing together institutions from the EU and institutions from outside the EU. The University also implements a mobility program for academic, administrative staff and students with many partners from around the world – Action 1. The basis for these activities is financial support under the Erasmus+ Program, the Higher Education sector.

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Badanie pilotażowe
IRO Kozminski
prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska

Vice-Rector responsible for International Cooperation and ESR

Doctor of Social Sciences, Associate Professor in the Department of Management in Networked and Digital Societies, philosopher, researcher of the development of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, social robots and dressing technologies.

Valentyna Gumińska

Director of International Relations Office

Responsible for the IRO activities, initiation and cooperation with international institutions, international projects run at IRO (International School, International Staff Week, Erasmus+ Actions). She is a first contact for the visiting professor program. 

Ewa Buczyńska

Erasmus+ Institution Programme Coordinator

Responsible for raising and settling EU funds allocated to university for students mobility under Erasmus+ and PO WER programs. Prepares and settles Erasmus+ and PO WER scholarships agreements for students. Allocates and monitors mandatory language licenses (OLS) for Erasmus+ students on the EU's Online Linguistic Support Platform. Responsible for converting students grades into a polish grading system on the base of transcripts of records received from EU partner universities.

Paulina Ufa

EU Outgoing Students Coordinator

Helps students with applications for Study Exchange, supports during and after selection process, nominates to the partner universities. Prepares the documents for visa application, health insurance and scholarship confirmation.

Michał Godlewski

Non-EU Outgoing Students Coordinator

Master's Degree in Psychology, coach, trainer

In IRO is responsible for the administration of KU students’ mobility to non-European destinations, cooperation with coordinators from partner universities and organisation of the international school program.

He prepares KU students for study visits to non-EU countries, stays in direct contact with students and cooperates with universities - organizes the process of formalities from recruitment to settlement of the exchange.

Together with Marzena Indra, an expert in psychological support for KU students and offers his help to KU community in current difficulties, needs and development.

Marzena Indra

International Internships coordinator

Coach, trainer, journalist. On daily basis, responsible for the process of international internships (EU countries) by students and graduates of the university, as part of the Erasmus + program. Runs coaching processes as part of so-called life coaching. Support students and graduates of the university in the area of ​​personal development, also provides help in psychological functioning for people who are in emotional need.

Aleksandra Ryniewicz

Digitalization of Mobility Manager

Taking care of incoming students in regard to academic and formal aspects of their mobilities, including courses selection, coordinates the process of registration for courses, verifies and approves LA.
She is also responsible for implementation of systems and platforms oriented on digitalization of mobilities, following recommendations of European Comission and Erasmus Without Paper initiative.

Together with that Aleksandra is also coordinating International Summer School program - prepares courses offer and their schedules, is responsible for the admission proces and all the formal and academic aspects of the program, prepares final documents. She's also responsible for the promotion of the program.

Sylwia Kuszmierek

Incoming Students Coordinator

Responsible for the application process of incoming exchange students – receiving nominations from partner universities, first contact with the students. Handles the documentation of students and formalities related to the exchange program prior to their arrival.

Coordinator of Warsaw Summer School for Pupils program

Support for pupils applying for the program. Receives and verifies applications. Coordinates the program and recruitment process. Responsible for the contact between university and candidates.

Kalina Błaszkiewicz

Staff Mobility Coordinator

At IRO, she deals with comprehensive support and organization of the process of international staff mobility. Supports the organization of KU guests arrivals. Prepares documentation and coordinates departures and arrivals of academic and administrative staff within the Erasmus+ KA 103 and KA 107 programs. Organizes and coordinates the International Staff Week. Administrator of the IRO website.

Lucjan Chilmon

Project Manager
Responsible for comprehensive coordination as well as financial and administrative management of partner projects, implemented as part of Erasmus+ Programme, mainly KA2 Action. He also supports project participants, makes arrangements with both current and potential foreign partners who are willing to implement innovative practices and carry out common initiatives to promote cooperation, peer learning and exchange of experience at the European level. The Project Manager provides advice and guidance on formal issues related to the establishment of new multilateral projects. Supports the initiation of projects and contacts with international institutions in the field of higher education.

Mykola Voronin

Student Mobility Coordinator

In IRO is responsible for the administrations proces of short-term mobilities - Short Term Mobilities, Blended Intensive Programs.

He is responsible for the preparation of KU students for short-term mobility, direct contact with students coming for short-term exchanges and cooperation with partner universities.