Strategic cooperation and scholarship funds




We have bold and ambitious plans to develop world-class business education together with our Partners and thus have an increasing impact on the entrepreneurship of the future. Thinking about supporting companies in their development, we have prepared a new offer of cooperation, thanks to which your organization will realize strategic business goals, overcome the barrier to growth and find answers to current questions and future challenges.


is a new form of long-term cooperation, which means an opportunity to position a company not only around our brand, but also around the values and achievements of Kozminski University. This is much more than substantive cooperation, presence in the community of students and alumni of the university, or sponsorship of an event or a selected program. It is the sponsor's image presence in all our areas of activity.

Half of the funds raised from patronage and sponsorship will be transferred by the university to the ALK Development Foundation, and then included in the pool of funds of the ALK Perpetual Fund. In this way, we secure stable, long-term financing for the university's development for the future.



Forms of cooperation

Chief Patron is the highest and most prestigious level in the structure of ALK's sponsorship benefits, guaranteeing exclusive titular rights. The title of Chief Patron can only be given to a company whose goals and mission are similar to the university's mission and values. The benefits and visibility here are the broadest - both at the university and online. These include auditorium branding, logo display with the title of patron in the lobby at each entrance to the university, and attractive discounts and rebates for MBAs, postgraduate studies, courses and training. In addition, the university honors its largest donors and sponsors, whose support for the university will exceed 1 million pln, by perpetually placing the company's name on ALK's Wall of Patrons.

Thanks to long-term cooperation with ALK, sponsors have access to attractive benefit packages. They range from granting the title, through cooperation launch events, branding of a selected lecture hall, to displaying the logo on video screens at the entrances to the university. In the case of the Strategic Sponsor Title, industry exclusivity is also guaranteed.

The Academy's educational facilities include nearly 15,000 sqm of teaching rooms - equipped with multimedia projectors and hybrid rooms. The branding of the room guarantees permanent exposure of the partner's logo among students and graduates of the academy. The selected space will also include information about the company's profile, and the sponsor will additionally gain a package of image benefits, including multimedia display.

  • Branding of the auditorium 
  • Branding of a large teaching hall
  • Branding of the small teaching hall

Named funds are accounting segregated funds that have information about the company - the funder - in their name. This means that each of the university's activities supported by funding from a given named fund will be described: "The activity was financed from the fund of company XYZ." The possibility of creating named funds applies to sponsorship agreements and donation agreements with a net value of more than PLN 300,000. For example, we offer the possibility of creating a named scholarship fund for the best and most enterprising university students. The scholarship criteria can be tailored to the profile of your company, thus attracting the right candidates - future employees. Scholarship funds can be spent entirely on the payment of scholarships or, in agreement with the company, transferred to an endowment fund. Then the annual profit generated by the fund will be used to support the scholarship recipients. An additional option is to create a named fund to support a company-designated field of study, selected scientific and research areas, or a Sports Center or Library.


As of January 2022, the sponsorship tax credit applies. Investing in cooperation with a higher education institution, you can deduct from tax an amount representing 50% of tax deductible expenses incurred for activities supporting higher education and science, including: financing scholarships, fees for postgraduate studies for an employed employee, salaries for students completing internships and apprenticeships provided for in the taxpayer's study program, financing dual studies - studies with a practical profile conducted with the participation of an employer, salaries of an employee - a graduate employed through an academic career office for 6 months.

In these difficult and uncertain times, we want to build stable and long-term partnerships that will support the development of modern, responsible and innovative business education. Together, we can tailor a cooperation model to meet the needs of your organization.


Deputy Director of the Development Office
Iga Komar
Project and corporate client coordinator
Joanna Sawicka-Golcz