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About Executive MBA
Program objectives

We are online ready. If necessary, the classes during the first semester will be conducted online, with the highest quality of teaching maintained.



Join us for an ONLINE Information Session to find out more about the Executive MBA. 14.04.2021 CET Sign up



A new opportunity. Additional session within the MBA Consortium framework. A unique opportunity to implement a part of the program abroad at top universities around the world - in USA (Silicon Valley), Japan, Peru, Brazil or South Africa. The first exchange will take place in September 2021.




The goal of the program. We wish to provide you with a holistic perspective on the most important managerial problems. Handling tactical and strategic decisions made at the executive level, monitoring performance and taking remedial action, addressing the changes taking place in the business environment, negotiating pivotal deals, designing flexible and efficient communication systems – all these responsibilities require diligence, technical proficiency, and emotional intelligence. Our Executive MBA is focused in particular on helping you grow as a leader and change your mindset. We place a big emphasis on the development of your leadership potential. This program aims at assisting you in challenging yourself in multiple dimensions and – as a result – helping you engineer smarter solutions for sustainable value creation.

What makes us different.

Globally recognized programs ranked by Financial Times.  

20 ft
63 ft eng
Financial Times rankings

Since 2009, Kozminski University has been listed in the prestigious rankings published by the "Financial Times" with its executive education programs consistently occupying the leading positions in Europe. The primary factor contributing to the ranking is the students' career advancement following graduation.

Our Executive MBA program is the only Polish MBA program featured in these prestigious rankings.

Triple Crown of accreditations

Kozminski University holds three of the most prestigious international accreditations known as the ‘Triple Crown’ (AASCB, EQUIS, AMBA). Only 99 business schools globally (less than 1% of all business schools) can boast such an outstanding achievement. These accreditations attest to the highest internationally certified quality of education programs run by the university, and provide a guarantee that graduates will acquire up-to-date skills required to handle contemporary business challenges and recognized internationally in various industries.

National MBA Ranking

KU’s Executive MBA is the best MBA program in Poland according to the latest “Perspektywy” national ranking.

Residential Week in ESCP Business School

Classes combined with company visits.

During the residential week, we visit two companies in order to become familiar with the best managerial practices, learn about their competitive advantages, and understand the challenges they face.

Additional session within the MBA Consortium framework.
Executive MBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is a group of 12 leading and elite business schools in the world. The within the EMBA Consortium is provided as part of the tuition fee.
Further option – Master’s degree

We offer you a unique opportunity to expand your academic background. After finishing the Executive MBA in English, you may choose to take an additional semester and complete Kozminski University’s Master in Management Program, which is ranked 42nd in the Global Masters in Management Ranking published by the Financial Times.

Fast track

The program lasts for 3 semesters, and meetings are scheduled once a month. This allows you to maintain a balance between classes and your private/professional life.

Additional trips

ESCP Residential week

During the residential week in Berlin, participants attend a range of courses taught by the leading faculty of ESCP Business School. The goal is to offer the participants an international perspective on entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation - factors that create industry champions.

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Additional session as part of the EMBA Consortium

Part of the courses at the partner campuses abroad is a proven way to gain an intercultural context for the knowledge gained and to establish contacts with students from around the world. Kozminski's Executive MBA students have the opportunity to participate in the program already in the autumn of 2021.

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Targe audience

Each of our MBA participants is an exceptional and unique individual. This diversity translates into an extremely fruitful learning environment. Our students come from different industries, each with a different area of expertise and business experience, but they all share a desire to grow. We believe that when everyone shares their knowledge and experience with others, everyone benefits from it. You will see the world of business in a different dimension and discover new opportunities.

The program is designed for:

  • high-potential managers
  • people with experience working at senior management positions
  • owners of medium and big private businesses
  • people aspiring to become top executives

The requirement is to have at least 8 years of professional experience, including 5 years working as a manager.

Program Directors
Prof. Witold Bielecki

"Build you antifragility"

I have had the unique opportunity to watch our MBA program develop and evolve for the last 30 years.
The first MBA program was conceived 100 years ago, and it became the driving force behind the development of management practices in the world of business and inside many various organizations.
The number of managers holding an MBA diploma is definitely the highest in the United States, and it is certainly one of the most important factors which make the country’s economy the most powerful in the world.

MBA programs are marked by their own philosophy and logic. These are very comprehensive programs that allow students to acquire knowledge and skills in a wide range of fields used in management in a broad sense. This versatility lets the participants of our MBA program build their “antifragility” (a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb), i.e. the ability to come out of an encounter with “black swans” with relatively little damage.

The MBA program is a unique opportunity for its participants to share and exchange their experience with each other, expressed by mastering a kind of lingua franca or a specific managerial jargon. This, in turn, allows for an excellent mutual self-understanding of managers from various departments of one company, which improves the efficiency of themselves and of the whole organization.
This is just a small fraction of the benefits you will get from embarking on our Executive MBA adventure.

Director of Executive MBA Program

Sylwia Hałas-Dej

Welcome to Kozminski Business School!

Personal growth is a philosophy, a way of life. It is a path to accomplish goals but also a goal in itself. Exploration of the unknown, innovation, and a drive to pursue new endeavors are what makes us prepared for the challenges posed by global transformations. Driven by this idea, Kozminski Executive Business School delivers a transformative experience by creating a unique environment where initiative and a proactive approach are welcome and appreciated.

With 30 years of experience in delivering the highest-quality managerial education, KEBS has now embraced a wider role by contributing to the development of businesses through trainings, consulting, and research assistance – everything a modern company may need to continuously grow and improve.

Director of Kozminski Executive Business School


During 18 months of intensive classes based on workshops, live discussions, and advisory sessions, the program participants will delve through all dimensions of the duties and responsibilities of modern executives.

Hands-on projects, business simulations based on state-of-the-art solutions (software and databases), presentations, exams, and – most importantly – a comprehensive consulting project should equip the participants with a cutting-edge toolkit capable of advancing their careers or bringing pending business projects to fruition.

  • Orientation-Information Session
  • Self and Team Management, and Taking Responsibility for the Decisions Made

Module I: Fundamental Managerial Knowledge

Explore the trends shaping the economy of today. Learn about their consequences for your business across financial and managerial domains. Gain a strong grasp of corporate finance, strategic reporting, marketing, quantitative, and analytical techniques. Enhance your negotiation skills.

  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Statistics
  • Management
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations

Module II: Strategic and Tactical Management

Draft a plan for managing all company resources. Understand and reverse-engineer the sources of competitive advantage. Explore the key value drivers and conduct a comprehensive analysis of a business performance record. Draw a timeline for important strategic decisions and equip yourself with an adequate toolkit to execute them.

  • Strategic Management
  • E-business Strategies
  • HRM Strategies
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Simulation Business Game

Module III: Actionable Leadership

Learn to navigate disruptive transformations. Design a digitalization strategy for your company. Hone your team management skills. Learn how to convert personal leadership capital into a competitive advantage for your company. Appreciate the role of trust and ethics in modern agile management structures. Come up with improvements to internal communication systems.

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence – Personal Leadership Asset
  • Digital Transformation
  • Building Strategic Advantage Through Ethical Behavior and Trust
  • Networking
  • Professional Public Presentation

Module IV: International Perspective

Get an international perspective on contemporary managerial issues. Learn to leverage intercultural differences. Familiarize yourself with business practices from international industry leaders.


Module V: Elective courses

Choose the three courses of your interest (the choice is made together by the whole group).

Module VI: Consulting Project

Time to reflect on the upcoming business opportunities, on a pivotal project which will take your career to the next level. A plan for a new venture, a buyout, important operational restructurings, M&A... Your plans and assumptions will be confronted and reviewed by a panel of industry experts (with confidentiality guaranteed).

Total number of teaching hours: 580* (including 92 hours of online classes) * one teaching hour = 45 minutes

ESCP Residential week

During the residential week in Berlin, participants attend a range of courses taught by the leading faculty of ESCP Business School. The goal is to offer the participants an international perspective on entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation - factors that create industry champions.

During the residential week, participants visit two companies in order to explore the best managerial practices, learn about their competitive advantages, and understand the challenges they face.

Companies visited in the previous editions of Executive MBA:

2017 - BMW Motorcycles and hub:raum

2018 - APX Axel Springer Porsche, Talentwunder, KORSCH AG

2019 - Bridgemaker and IC!Berlin.

Courses to be taken:

  • International Strategy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural leadership

Participants receive a recognized credential from ESCP Business School: a certificate of completion of the International Management and Entrepreneurship program.

The program ends with a consulting project. Projects are prepared in groups of 3-4 participants, which encourages networking and the formation of cross-industry interdisciplinary managerial teams capable of delivering complex business solutions. Projects are prepared under the supervision of an experienced faculty member. Along the way, participants have an opportunity to receive several opinions on multiple aspects of their project. At the end of the program, projects are defended in front of a panel of experts. Any important tactical or strategic business decision taken at a senior level requires a thorough analysis and discussion. While some nurture the idea of finalizing finalizing some new business ventures, others manage complex hierarchical corporate structures requiring multi-level implementation procedures and reaching a consensus to bring any large-scale business project to fruition. The structure of the Consulting Project module makes it possible to accommodate the specificity of any and every business environment.

Further option: Master's degree

Those willing to expand their academic background and obtain a recognized credential from Kozminski University may choose to extend their studies by taking one additional semester which covers the curriculum of the Master in Management program. Master in Management is a rigorous academic program run by Kozminski University. It is organized in the form of a graduate-level degree program. Normally, the studies last 4 semesters. However, Executive MBA students would need to complete only one semester of additional studies to qualify for the degree.

Courses to be taken:

  • Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • Dissertation Seminar
  • New Product Development Process
  • Design Thinking in Innovation Processes & Innovative research techniques

Master's Dissertation

The Master in Management program ends with a defense of a master’s dissertation – an academic project prepared under the supervision of an experienced KU faculty member. Methodological correctness and academic rigor are the primary distinguishing features of a master’s dissertation.

Following a successful defense of the dissertation and the completion of all mandatory courses, the graduates will be awarded the Master in Management degree.

Organization of classes

The program lasts 3 semesters.

Classes take place once or twice a month, on:

Thursdays, 13:45 - 20:30

Fridays, 12:00 - 20:30

Saturdays, 8:45 - 15:45


Month No. of sessions

October               1            

November           1          

December           1

January                1

February             1

March                  2

April                     residential week - Berlin

May                      1

June                      2

July                       1

August                 free

September          1

October               2

November           1

December           1

January                1

March                  Final project defense

February-June    Additional semester for Master in Management students*

June or July          Master’s dissertation defense

Total no. of sessions 17


Our alumni - our pride
Dolczewski Dariusz
Dariusz Dolczewski

Delivery Manager for Web & Mobile +Cloud Enterprise Solutions, LINGARO

If I were to choose once again whether to take up an executive MBA course, I would definitely make the same decision immediately. I still benefit from what I’ve learned and – most of all – from whom I’ve met. These are two undeniable strengths of KU’s Executive MBA – the quality level of the program and its community, which combined together give its participants great opportunities not only to grow their careers and business, but also to grow in life as people. We are all at different stages of our development and coming from different backgrounds, and exactly this mixture of highly motivated individuals makes the Executive MBA experience so unique.


Żurawski Sławomir
Sławomir Żurawski

Commercial Director – International and Intermodal, PKP CARGO S.A.

The Executive MBA program was a challenging and very inspiring experience for me. Challenging – because I had to combine professional and private life with studying for two years; the level of involvement it took was enormous. Inspiring – because these are practical studies, based on a continued exchange of experience between high-class managers and entrepreneurs. The high teaching standards of the faculty members (always open to discussion) – in many cases market practitioners – allowed us to look into the future through a rapidly changing environment. This atmosphere favored entrepreneurship.

The program was also a chance for me to meet very interesting people and to significantly expand my professional network. Kozminski University is a great place to gain knowledge, become familiar with practice, establish business contacts, and often even make friends. Using this opportunity to the fullest depended only on us alone.


Durlej Agnieszka
Agnieszka Durlej

Director, Financial Markets Sales Office, Bank Pekao

The Executive MBA program at Kozminski University allowed me to organize my knowledge and professional expertise by putting them in a completely different framework. Both the workshops conducted by industry professionals and networking with my fantastic colleagues have resulted in excellent new insights. KU’s Executive MBA gives its participants a unique opportunity to expand the network of relationships both within and outside one’s own area of expertise. Within two years, I managed to build a team of trustworthy experts with diverse backgrounds. Having demanded substantial effort and dedication, the decision to pursue the studies paid off with new skills, knowledge, enhanced self-confidence, and a solid foundation for further career steps.


Marta Kowalczyk-Rompała

Sales and Marketing Manager, Global Polska

I was looking for inspiration in the business world. An environment of like-minded people ready to discuss, argue, dispute. I thought I’d find them by taking up an MBA program, and that is exactly what happened. Since graduation we’ve been keeping in touch, exchanging opinions, helping each other in solving business problems. Our relationships are all about mutual respect and work ethics. There is no competition between us.

The program met my expectations. Additionally, it gave me something extra, which I did not expect – a strong dose of motivation, a push into action.


Who does an Executive MBA?

25% - Women

38,5 - Average age

8-30 - Years of work experience

15 - Average number of years of work experience


The first semester of the program is ONLINE ready. If necessary, classes can be delivered in a virtual environment.

2nd edition - admission is open until 15.09.2021, and the program is scheduled to start in October 2021.*

The admission process is based on competition and consists of two stages:

1) an admission GMAT-type test taken on the premises of the university;

2) an admission interview with faculty members and educational advisors.

The admissions committee invests a considerable effort in making sure that the group of participants is diverse, representing different industries, life paths, executive positions, and backgrounds in education. Blending multiple perspectives is the source of the program's uniqueness.

The requirement is to have at least 8 years of professional experience - including 5 years working as a manager - and a diploma of higher education. The knowledge of English is checked during the admission test.

Required documents
  • a copy of one’s diploma of higher education*
  • a CV
  • a motivational letter
  • a photo in a digital format (JPG)
  • a national ID card or a passport
  • a proof of payment of the admission procedure fee

* This program is classified as postgraduate studies and there are separate regulations regarding the recognition of the diplomas of higher education issued in another countries, for candidates, who would like to continue the education in Poland on postgraduate level. Please check the details here in order to find out whether your diploma would need any additional recognition process to enable you to start a postgraduate/MBA progam in Poland:  Click here

How to apply
General information

Please check the application rules and the description of the MBA program your choice.


Admission fee should be transferred to the University account or could be settled during online application.

Requirements for graduation

The program finishes with a written final project covering a solution to a specific management problem. The diploma project is developed in groups of 3-4, and is to be defended before an examination board. An additional condition to finish the studies is to pass all courses taught during three semesters of the program.

Tuition fees

Early Bird discount of PLN 1000 for MBA studies. Only until June 10th. Read more

The tuition fee includes both classes taught at Kozminski University and classes taught abroad - at ESCP in Berlin (including costs of travel, board, and lodging).

A further option: master's degree costs:

Price: PLN 15 000 - an option to pay in three installments, PLN 5 000  each

Price including discount for KU graduates:  PLN 13 500 * - an option to pay in three installments, PLN 4 500  each

Price including discount for one-off payment: PLN 13 850

The offered discounts (discount for graduates, discount for one-off payment, any additional discounts) are not cumulative

Table of fees
Admission procedure fee 950 PLN
Price (an option to pay in three installments, 26 500 PLN each) 79 500 PLN
Price including discount for KU graduates* (an option to pay in three installments, 23 850 PLN each) 71 550 PLN
Price including discount for one-off payment* 73 400 PLN

Bank account details:

Kozminski University 03-301 Warsaw, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59 BANK PEKAO SA in Warsaw 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637


Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska e-mail: agaf@kozminski.edu.pl We kindly inform that editions are launched with the specified number of participants, allowing proper group dynamics.

*The offered discounts (discount for graduates, discount for one-off payment, any additional discounts) are not cumulative.