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About Executive MBA

Welcome to Kozminski Executive Business School,

In these times of extremely dynamic changes, we all feel that changing our mindset and developing our competencies is the best, and even necessary, course of action. Constantly leaving our comfort zones allows us to reach higher, realize aspirations, become a better version of ourselves, and discover unknown but fascinating areas. Personal development is also a philosophy, a way of life, a path to achieving goals, and a goal in itself.

Guided by this belief, I invite you to Kozminski Executive Business School – a unique environment where transformational experiences, unlimited opportunities to acquire knowledge, exchange experiences and build exceptional relationships await you.

Using 30 years of experience in delivering the highest quality managerial education, Kozminski Executive Business School pursues an extremely broad mission, contributing to the development of managers and companies. The development programs, trainings, consulting, but also support in conducting research are all that modern companies may need to constantly improve.

I invite you to the best – according to "Financial Times" – business school in Central and Eastern Europe. To a place where business collaborates with science.

Sylwia Hałas-Dej, Ph.D. Kozminski Executive Business School Dean | Program Director


We wish to provide you with a holistic perspective on the most important managerial problems. Handling tactical and strategic decisions made at the executive level, monitoring performance and taking remedial action, addressing the changes taking place in the business environment, negotiating pivotal deals, designing flexible and efficient communication systems – all these responsibilities require diligence, technical proficiency, and emotional intelligence. Our Executive MBA is focused in particular on helping you grow as a leader and change your mindset. We place a big emphasis on the development of your leadership potential. This program aims at assisting you in challenging yourself in multiple dimensions and – as a result – helping you engineer smarter solutions for sustainable value creation.

Students of the Executive MBA conducted in English will benefit in class from using learning materials from Harvard Business Publishing Education.

The HBP Education catalog includes articles, case studies, podcasts, videos, and simulations. HBPE’s learning materials cover a wide range of disciplines – from accounting, business, economics, entrepreneurship, and marketing, to negotiation, management, strategy, or sales. That's more than 60,000 materials from more than 50 sources, making it an extremely comprehensive resource for students as well as faculty. More information


Kozminski University in the "Financial Times" business schools rankings:

FT 2024_07 en


"Financial Times" rankings

Since 2009, Kozminski University has been listed in the prestigious rankings published by the "Financial Times" with its executive education programs consistently occupying the leading positions in Europe.

Kozminski University's Executive MBA program has advanced to 51st place in the global "Financial Times" ranking. It is the only Polish program that has been present in this ranking for over 11 years and still holds a strong position among the top one hundred universities in the world. At the same time, it is the best and only Executive MBA program in Central Europe. The ranking is published annually by the "Financial Times".

Triple Crown of accreditations

Kozminski University holds three of the most prestigious international accreditations known as the ‘Triple Crown’ (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA). Only around 100 business schools globally (less than 1% of all business schools) can boast such an outstanding achievement. These accreditations attest to the highest internationally certified quality of education programs run by the University, and provide a guarantee that graduates will acquire up-to-date skills required to handle contemporary business challenges and recognized internationally in various industries.

National MBA ranking

KU’s Executive MBA is the best MBA program in Poland according to the latest “Perspektywy” national ranking.

Residential Week in ESCP Business School

Classes combined with company visits.

During the Residential Week, we visit two companies in order to become familiar with the best managerial practices, learn about their competitive advantages, and understand the challenges they face.

Additional opportunity – Double MBA with Porto Business School

Program participants have the possibility to complete additional courses and be awarded Executive MBA diploma by Porto Business School.

Additional session within the MBA Consortium framework
Executive MBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation is a group of 12 leading and elite business schools in the world. The session within the EMBA Consortium is provided as part of the tuition fee.
Fast track

The program lasts 3 semesters, classes are held in a blended format and meetings are scheduled once a month. This allows you to maintain a balance between classes and your private/professional life.

Access to Harvard Business Publishing Education’s resources

Thanks to the signed agreement, students of the Executive MBA conducted in English will benefit in class from using learning materials from Harvard Business Publishing Education. More information


ESCP Residential Week

During the Residential Week in Berlin, participants attend a range of courses taught by the leading faculty of ESCP Business School. The goal is to offer the participants an international perspective on entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation – factors that create industry champions.

Read more

Additional session as part of the EMBA Consortium

Part of the courses at the partner campuses abroad is a proven way to gain an intercultural context for the knowledge gained and to establish contacts with students from around the world. KU's Executive MBA students have the opportunity to participate in the program already in the autumn of 2024.

Read more

Additional opportunity – Double MBA with Porto Business School

Program participants have the possibility to complete additional courses and be awarded Executive MBA diploma by Porto Business School.

The candidates will be accepted by the separate Double MBA Admission Committee and will be required to:

  • complete additional courses at PBS (Leadership, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Global Supply Chain Management) and obtain a settled amount of ECTS credits
  • prepare a joint MBA final project, complete a dissertation seminar and oral defense in front of the joint committee of both KU and PBS

This will be possible during two in-campus stays at PBS and additional online sessions.

Double MBA costs are additional with regard to the Executive MBA in English fee. The participants cover all the costs related to this option (including travel and accommodation).


"Financial Times" Global Executive MBA Ranking

Our Executive MBA program in the years 2009-2010 and 2012-2023 was featured – as the only Polish program – among the 100 best programs in the world. In the 2023 Global EMBA ranking, the program was ranked 51st.

The ranking is based on surveys sent to higher education institutions and their graduates. The main ranking criteria are: current earnings of graduates, the increase in these earnings, career progress, professional experience, and goals achieved. Other criteria: presences of courses covering CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues in the curriculum, international diversity, and the value of scientific research.

QS Executive MBA Ranking

We are among 100 universities included in the QS Executive MBA Ranking 2021. In this year's edition of this prestigious global ranking, a program from KU was included for the first time.

According to QS methodology, business schools are evaluated on the basis of such criteria as: career achievements (including salary growth after graduation and number of graduates who were promoted within a year after graduation), the reputation of the university among valued employers from various industries, the professional positions of MBA students, and the academic level of the staff.

KU's graduates ranked highest – 14th globally and 7th in Europe – in terms of professional positions of Executive MBA program participants.

Our University has been featured in the QS Executive MBA Ranking every year since 2021.


Each of our MBA participants is an exceptional and unique individual. This diversity translates into an extremely fruitful learning environment. Our students come from different industries, each with a different area of expertise and business experience, but they all share a desire to grow. We believe that when everyone shares their knowledge and experience with others, everyone benefits from it. You will see the world of business in a different dimension and discover new opportunities.

The program is designed for:

  • high-potential managers
  • people with experience working at senior management positions
  • owners of medium and big private businesses
  • people aspiring to become top executives

The requirement is to have at least 8 years of professional experience, including 5 years working as a manager.

Enjoy video highlights from the MBA Graduation Ceremony


Sylwia Hałas-Dej, Ph.D

Law  and Executive MBA graduate.

Dean of Kozminski Executive Buisness School at Kozminski University, Executive MBA program Director. 
My responsibility is area of MBA, Postgraduate Programs, Trainings, Conferences, relations with the MBA and postgraduate Alumni and cooperation with business. I have many years of experience in designing and implementing educational programs.

Simultaneously  I am member of the Supervisory Board of  International School of Management, Member of Scientific Council of LifeSkills High School,  Vice -President of the Koźmiński Foundation and also an assessor in  international accreditation of MBA programs - AMBA.

My research interest are related to higher education management, business-universities cooperation and management education. 


During 18 months of intensive classes based on workshops, live discussions, and advisory sessions, the program participants will delve through all dimensions of the duties and responsibilities of modern executives.

Hands-on projects, business simulations based on state-of-the-art solutions (software and databases), presentations, exams, and – most importantly – a comprehensive consulting project should equip the participants with a cutting-edge toolkit capable of advancing their careers or bringing pending business projects to fruition.

  • Orientation-Information Session
  • Self and Team Management, and Taking Responsibility for the Decisions Made

Module I: Fundamental Managerial Knowledge

Explore the trends shaping the economy of today. Learn about their consequences for your business across financial and managerial domains. Gain a strong grasp of corporate finance, strategic reporting, marketing, quantitative, and analytical techniques. Enhance your negotiation skills.

  • Managerial Economics
  • Management Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Statistics
  • Management
  • Civil and Commercial Law
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations

Module II: Strategic and Tactical Management

Draft a plan for managing all company resources. Understand and reverse-engineer the sources of competitive advantage. Explore the key value drivers and conduct a comprehensive analysis of a business performance record. Draw a timeline for important strategic decisions and equip yourself with an adequate toolkit to execute them.

  • Strategic Management
  • E-business Strategies
  • HRM Strategies
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Strategic Negotiations
  • Simulation Business Game

Module III: Actionable Leadership

Learn to navigate disruptive transformations. Design a digitalization strategy for your company. Hone your team management skills. Learn how to convert personal leadership capital into a competitive advantage for your company. Appreciate the role of trust and ethics in modern agile management structures. Come up with improvements to internal communication systems.

  • Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence – Personal Leadership Asset
  • Digital Transformation
  • Building Strategic Advantage Through Ethical Behavior and Trust
  • Networking
  • Professional Public Presentation

Module IV: International Management and Entrepreneurship

Get an international perspective on contemporary managerial issues. Learn to leverage intercultural differences. Familiarize yourself with business practices from international industry leaders.

Module V: Elective courses

Choose the three courses of your interest (the choice is made together by the whole group).

Module VI: Consulting Project

Time to reflect on the upcoming business opportunities, on a pivotal project which will take your career to the next level. A plan for a new venture, a buyout, important operational restructurings, M&A... Your plans and assumptions will be confronted and reviewed by a panel of industry experts (with confidentiality guaranteed).

Total number of teaching hours: 580, including 92 hours of online classes (one teaching hour = 45 minutes)

ESCP Residential Week

During the Residential Week in Berlin, participants attend a range of courses taught by the leading faculty of ESCP Business School. The goal is to offer the participants an international perspective on entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation – factors that create industry champions.

During the Residential Week, participants visit two companies in order to explore the best managerial practices, learn about their competitive advantages, and understand the challenges they face.

Courses to be taken:

  • International Strategy
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Intercultural leadership

Participants receive a recognized credential from ESCP Business School: a certificate of completion of the International Management and Entrepreneurship program.

The program ends with a consulting project. Projects are prepared in groups of 3-4 participants, which encourages networking and the formation of cross-industry interdisciplinary managerial teams capable of delivering complex business solutions. Projects are prepared under the supervision of an experienced faculty member. Along the way, participants have an opportunity to receive several opinions on multiple aspects of their project. At the end of the program, projects are defended in front of a panel of experts. Any important tactical or strategic business decision taken at a senior level requires a thorough analysis and discussion. While some nurture the idea of finalizing some new business ventures, others manage complex hierarchical corporate structures requiring multi-level implementation procedures and reaching a consensus to bring any large-scale business project to fruition. The structure of the Consulting Project module makes it possible to accommodate the specificity of any and every business environment.

Additional opportunity – Double MBA with Porto Business School

Program participants have the possibility to complete additional courses and be awarded Executive MBA diploma by Porto Business School.

The candidates will be accepted by the separate Double MBA Admission Committee and will be required to:

  • complete additional courses at PBS (Leadership, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, Global Supply Chain Management) and obtain a settled amount of ECTS credits;
  • prepare a joint MBA final project, complete a dissertation seminar and oral defense in front of the joint committee of both KU and PBS

This will be possible during two in-campus stays at PBS and additional online sessions.

Double MBA costs are additional with regard to the Executive MBA in English fee. The participants cover all the costs related to this option (including travel and accommodation).

Organization of classes

The program lasts 3 semesters.

Classes take place once or twice a month, on:

  • Thursdays, 13:45 – 20:30
  • Fridays, 13:45 – 20:30
  • Saturdays, 8:45 – 15:45

Additionally, there are online sessions organized in-between.


Onsite sessions planned for the first semester 2024/25:






Additionally, there are online sessions organized in-between.


Month no. of sessions

  • October               1            
  • November           1          
  • December           1
  • January                1
  • February             1
  • March                  2
  • April                     Residential Week – Berlin
  • May                      1
  • June                      2
  • July                       1
  • August                 free
  • September          1
  • October               2
  • November           1
  • December           1
  • January                1
  • March                  Final project defense

Total no. of sessions: 17

Additionally, there are online sessions organized in-between.


Prof. Paweł Mielcarz

Head of the Department of Finance, the Substantive Coordinator of MBA studies for Financiers and postgraduate financial studies. He was also the deputy director of the College of Management and Finance, where he was responsible for the development of financial studies conducted in English.

As a consultant, he took part in several hundred consulting projects and training sessions in the field of broadly understood corporate finances. As a court expert, he also prepared expert opinions in court, prosecutor's and arbitration proceedings and those conducted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. In his professional career, Professor Mielcarz was a member of several supervisory boards of companies.

He is the author or co-author of several dozen scientific articles and two books. Professor Mielcarz has taught at several European business universities and permanently cooperates with ESSCA - School of Management. He completed, among others, Global Colloquium on Participant - Centered Learning and Case Study Workshop programs organized by Harvard Business School.

Prof. Mariola Ciszewska-Mlinarič

Doctor habilitated in economic sciences, KU Professor in the Department of Strategy. Lecturer in doctoral studies, EMBA, postgraduate and graduate studies, also at foreign universities in France, Austria and Slovenia.

Specializes in the theory of strategy and internationalization of enterprises. She is a consultant in the area of strategic consulting in the field of corporate growth strategy and implementation of a balanced scorecard for leading chemical and energy companies and non-profit organizations. Since 2004 she has been working with business in student projects. Since 2017 she has been conducting consulting projects at the Koźmiński MBA studies. She also acts as a scientific supervisor of doctoral students.

Her research interests focus on the strategy and internationalization process of companies from emerging economies, decision making processes and the role of distance in foreign expansion.

She is a member of several scientific organizations, including the Academy of International Business, Strategic Management Society and European International Business Academy (EIBA). She is the author of several dozen publications in the field of international strategy and management, publishing in recognized foreign journals such as Journal of Business Research, Business History, Journal for East European Management Studies, European Journal of International Management.

Prof. Grzegorz Mazurek

Kozminski University Rector, professor at the Department of Marketing and leader of studies related to the digital area (master's degree: Management in a virtual environment, Master in Digital Marketing, postgraduate: Internet Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Transformation of Business). Director of the CYBERMAN Digital Transformation Research Center. Founding member of the Institute for Information Society Development. Independent consultant and trainer, online marketing practitioner, associated with the internet industry since year 2000.

His portfolio includes a number of e-marketing projects for brands such as m.in: Mars, Nikon, Nokia, IKEA, Michelin, PZU Życie, Egmont, NBP, Nikon, Kredyt Bank, Eden Springs, CH Beck, Aquanet, Majonez Kielecki, Polpharma, Unizeto Technologies. He was also responsible for PR and marketing communication for K2 Internet S.A. and advisor in the field of internet communication of the Chancellery of the Senate of the Republic of Poland. Author of several dozen scientific and popular science publications and several books. Member of the Council for Digitization at the Minister of Digital Affairs in the years 2016-2018.

Prof. Robert Rządca

Deputy Rector of Kozminski University, Vice Rector for Research and Personnel Development. Co-founder of the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Management, currently Kozminski University. Between 1993-2015 Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ALK.

Head of the Negotiations Department. Chairman of the Committee for Accreditation of The Human Resources Excellence in Research and the Council for Academic Staff Development. Since 2011 member of the Research Council. Long-term research and didactic employee of ALK and the University of Warsaw. He has completed internships at Harvard University and DePaul University, among others.

Specializes in negotiations, strategic management, research and development management. An experienced mediator.

He was the scientific supervisor of more than two hundred diploma projects at the Executive MBA studies. He has conducted over one hundred and twenty consulting and training projects for such organizations as: Netia, NBP, Gaz System, M. st. Warszawa, Metro Group, PKN Orlen, Medicover, LOT, PZU, KGHM. He is an expert in implementing the concept of Industry 4.0 in enterprises. He is the author and co-author of several dozen articles in scientific journals and two monographs - Negotiations, 1997 (together with Paweł Wujec) and Negotiations in Business, 2004.

Co-founder and Vice President of the Management Board in Scott Tiger SA, an IT company offering tailor-made solutions for telecommunications, insurance and banking. Member of the Supervisory Board of K2 Internet SA. And Omig S.A.

Prof. Ilona Hunek
Prof. Krzysztof Obłój
Prof. Jacek Tomkiewicz

Doctor of Economics, Dean of the College of Finance and Economics, professor of ALK in the Department of Economics. Scientific Director at the TIGER Research Center for Transformation, Integration and Globalization in KU. 

Lecturer with many years of experience, conducts classes at graduate, post-graduate (including MBA) and doctoral studies, he is also a visiting professor at several European universities. He has completed several research internships in foreign institutions, including Stanford University in the USA, Columbia University in the USA, Harvard University in the USA, OECD in Paris and Brighton University.

An expert in the field of economics, economy and public finances. Author of studies and expert opinions in the field of macroeconomics and public finance prepared for the Ministry of Finance, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, National Bank of Poland and commercial companies. In 2002-2003 he served as an advisor to the Vice President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of Finance, and was a member of the team responsible for structural reforms within the public finance system. 

Author of publications in the field of macroeconomics, economic policy and public finance.

Dr Andrzej Kuśmierz
Dr Paweł Wnuczak

Assistant Professor in the Department of Finance at Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland.

His research interests include profitability assessment, the valuation of business and controlling systems. He has published articles on corporate finance and valuation. He was appointed the director of the Financial Analysis program at Kozminski University.

He has delivered lectures covering: mathematical finance, finance, corporate finance management, financial analysis, financial planning, controlling, value management and corporate valuation, capital structure and cost, international finance, derivative market on undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and MBA studies at Kozminski University, ESSCA School of Management,  Warsaw University, Pope John Paul II State School Of Higher Education, and the University of Finance and Management.

He has delivered training in the scope of development of documentation to apply for UE funds (development of feasibility studies, business plans, applications), management of corporate finance, budgeting, controlling, valuation, and management of company value, financial analysis, evaluation of profitability of investment projects.

He has been involved in a number of consulting projects, including the valuation of companies, financial analysis, implementation of controlling systems and preparing feasibility studies. He has taken part in over 100 consulting projects.

Dorora Szkodny Ciołek
Dr Dorota Szkodny-Ciołek
Dr Maciej Madziński
Dr Marcin Awdziej

An assistant professor in the Marketing Department of Kozminski University. His research interests include areas such as consumer behaviour, marketing in creative industries, marketing communications and critical marketing, in which he authored and co – authored many publications. In 2002 he was awarded Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing by Chartered Institute of Marketing, in 2009 – diploma of International Faculty Development Program at IESE, Barcelona. He has extensive teaching experience, gained in Poland and abroad, for example France, China, and Mexico. In the years 2018-2020 he served as National Representative of Poland in EMAC Executive Committee.

Prof. Dorota Dobija
Dr Kaja Prystupa-Rządca
Dr Grzegorz Dzwonnik
Dr Grzegorz Dzwonnik
Prof. Dr. Claus Köhler, LL.M.

Claus Köhler is specialized in corporate law, M&A, joint ventures, antitrust law, restructuring and arbitration. His emphasis in these areas is also on transborder issues, with a particular focus on the USA, Poland and the UK. He also gained special expertise in trademark law and copyright law while working at a multinational firm based in the USA. Claus Köhler also advises on compliance, especially relating to company law and antitrust law, and on D&O liability. 
He represents clients before the courts and arbitration panels in these areas. Claus Köhler is President of the Permanent Arbitration Panel of the German-Romanian Chamber of lndustry and Commerce in Bucharest and is Vice President of the Permanent Arbitration Panel of the German-Polish Chamber of lndustry and Commerce. He has been an arbitrator or party representative in numerous arbitration proceedings (ICC, UNCITRAL, DIS and ad hoc). Claus Köhler is a founding partner of MEISTERLAW (2010). Prior to this, he was a partner in international law firms in Munich for a total of 15 years. He founded and was managing partner of foreign branches in London and Warsaw. Claus Köhler worked four years in a multinational US-based firm, and was as a lawyer in Munich for two years prior to that. 
He studied law at the University of Munich (Dr. jur., 1990), the University of Geneva and at Georgetown University (LL.M., 1989) and is a professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw (2001). Claus Köhler is admitted to the New York bar and to the United States Supreme Court. He is a certifled specialist in trade and company law (Fachanwalt für Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht).

Dr Christine Naschberger

Dr. Christine Naschberger is currently a full professor at the Department of Organizational Studies & Ethics at Audencia Business School in France. She holds a PhD in Human Resource Management (HRM) from the Technical University of Munich (Germany) and an MSc in Business Administration from Leopold-Franzens University in Austria. She is a visiting scholar at the Maastricht University (Netherlands) and the ISCAE Business School in Casablanca (Morocco). Her research focuses on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DEI) and Managerial Careers in an Organizational Context. Her research has been published in European Management Review; Gender, Work & Organisation; Question(s) de Management; and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): An International Journal. Christine published several books and practical guides.

Our alumni – our pride

Jarosław Dudoń

Finance Site Lead. Cisco Systems Poland

Executive MBA in English at Kozminski University was a choice I do not regret. The passionate teachers, who in addition to theory also have business experience, systematized my knowledge and opened up more areas that I should explore. My EMBA group turned out to be extremely harmonious and inspiring. I consider the 18 months of MBA studies to be one of the best investments in my career.

Sebastian Gawelowicz

Global DBS Manager – Consumer Activation, BAT

Thanks to the Kozminski top-notch Executive MBA program, you will learn a lot about business, but you will also learn a lot about yourself as a person and as a leader. It is a journey through the complexity of both numbers and human interactions with courses in economics, corporate finance, negotiations, leadership and emotional intelligence. It is a practical experience. During the program you will make many strategic choices throughout case studies, business simulations, practical group exercises and eventually the final project that ties everything together.

Importantly, the Executive MBA is a multi-player adventure with a cohort of like-minded, and yet so interestingly different professionals. Your colleagues will challenge you, inspire you, support you and help you create unforgettable memories along the way.

Yes, the journey won't be easy. Yet as Aristotle once said, "the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet". True. The Kozminski Executive MBA provides remarkable opportunities for growth. And that’s half of the success. The other half is up to you.

Marta Kowalczyk-Rompała

Sales and Marketing Manager, Global Polska

I was looking for inspiration in the business world. An environment of like-minded people ready to discuss, argue, dispute. I thought I’d find them by taking up an MBA program, and that is exactly what happened. Since graduation we’ve been keeping in touch, exchanging opinions, helping each other in solving business problems. Our relationships are all about mutual respect and work ethics. There is no competition between us.

The program met my expectations. Additionally, it gave me something extra, which I did not expect – a strong dose of motivation, a push into action.

Who does an Executive MBA?

MBA statystyki


63rd edition – admission is open until 15.09.2024, and the program is scheduled to start in October 2024.

The admission process is based on competition and consists of two stages:

  1. an admission GMAT-type test taken on the premises of the University
  2. an admission interview with faculty members and educational advisors

The admissions committee invests a considerable effort in making sure that the group of participants is diverse, representing different industries, life paths, executive positions, and backgrounds in education. Blending multiple perspectives is the source of the program's uniqueness.

The requirement is to have at least 8 years of professional experience – including 5 years working as a manager – and a diploma of higher education. The knowledge of English is checked during the admission test.

GMAT-type test and interview for 2024 intake: 24 September 2024

  • Copy of one’s diploma of higher education – degree diploma at least on Bachelor level or higher. In case of the diplomas issued outside Poland the candidates are kindly asked to provide also a copy of the diploma supplement (transcript of records) and an official translation of both the diploma and the supplement into English.
  • CV
  • Motivational letter
  • Photo in a digital format (JPG)
  • National ID card or a passport
  • Proof of payment of the admission procedure fee
General information

Please check the application rules and the description of the MBA program your choice.


Fill in our online application form.


Admission fee should be transferred to the University account or could be settled during online application.

The program finishes with a written final project covering a solution to a specific management problem. The diploma project is developed in groups of 3-4, and is to be defended before an examination board.

An additional condition to finish the studies is to pass all courses taught during three semesters of the program.

Marciniuk Agnieszka KEBS
If you have a question, please contact me
Agnieszka Marciniuk

Tuition fees

Table of fees
Admission procedure fee 950 PLN
Price (an option to pay in three installments, 32 900 PLN each) 98 700 PLN
Price including discount for KU graduates* (an option to pay in three installments, 29 610 PLN each) 88 830 PLN
Price including discount for one-off payment* 95 700 PLN

An additional option – Double MBA with Porto Business School

Program cost: 2000 EUR

The participants cover all additional costs related to Double MBA option, including travel and accommodation.

Bank account details:

Kozminski University 03-301 Warsaw, ul. Jagiellońska 57/59 BANK PEKAO SA in Warsaw 20 1240 1024 1111 0010 1646 0637


Anyone interested in receiving an INVOICE, please contact Ms. Agnieszka Fabiańska: agaf@kozminski.edu.pl We kindly inform that editions of studies are launched with the specified number of participants, allowing proper group dynamics.

* The offered discounts (discount for graduates, discount for one-off payment, any additional discounts) are not cumulative.