Job and Internship Fair

Job and Internship Fair

Job and Internship Fair

The spring edition of the Job and Internship Fair has been held on March 12 - 13, 2024.

More details about the event can be found here.

The fall offer of the Job and Internship Fair scheduled for October 22- 23, 2024 will be ready in April.

Companies and Organizations interested in receiving a trade fair offer are welcome to contact us through the form.

The Job and Internship Fair organized by Kozminski University is an event looked forward to by our community of 7,000 undergraduate and graduate students and partner companies deciding to showcase themselves and present their job and internship opportunities designed specifically with the students of our university in mind.

The Job and Internship Fair is an event organized with great attention to every detail:

  • we make sure that students are familiar with the companies that take part in the planned event, so that they can prepare themselves in advance to their first encounter with their potential employers

  • we organize training sessions and workshops that help students improve their CVs or create them from scratch, share tips and advice on how to make a good first impression

  • the intimate and friendly space favors conversations and guarantees a pleasant atmosphere throughout the whole event

  • we provide the necessary technical support to make our guests feel safe throughout the entire event

Find out what some employers who have taken part in the Job and Internship Fair in the last few years have to say about the event:

Karolina Malicka, Accenture Operations Recruitment Lead

Accenture is already one of the regulars of the Job and Internship Fair held at Kozminski University. The event is an ideal opportunity to familiarize students with the company’s operations and the career paths they can follow at Accenture Operations. Students not only get a chance to consult their CVs and selected job offers with a recruiter, but also learn more about the ins and outs of working in different areas of the company's operations from a business representative. We consider the Job and Internship Fair as a good occasion for people taking their first steps in the job market to see what is expected of them and what they can expect of it.


Natalia Rejchert - Talent and HR Specialist

Participation in the Job and Internship Fair organized by Kozminski University is an ideal opportunity to draw the attention of potential candidates and establish positive relationships with students in an intimate and professional atmosphere. Good organization of the event and cooperation with the organizers contribute to the success of our company in the search for new employees. Participation in the last edition allowed us to verify what development opportunities students are looking for and what they pay attention to when choosing a future employer.

Maja Olczak, Talent Attraction&Acquisition Specialist HUB

The Kozminski University Job and Internship Fair is a very important initiative for the university, one which lets students meet their potential employers in an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The organizers do their best to make sure that the format of the event is in line with the changing trends and expectations of both visitors and the business world.


Zuzanna Czarnecka, Talent Acquistion & Employer Branding Specialist

Participating in the Job and Internship Fair at Kozminski University is a great opportunity to build an employer image among young people. During the fair, we met with a great deal of interest from students about development opportunities in our company. KU students are ambitious and open to offers allowing them to take their first professional steps in their careers. The event, thanks to its atmosphere, fosters a thorough and detailed presentation of the company, values, culture and opportunities for internships or work. I also appreciate the professionalism in coordination and the comprehensive care during the event from the organisers. Thanks to this, everything went smoothly and pleasantly.

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Senior Coordinator for Students and Alumni Relations
Paulina Kowalska
Career Development and Cooperation with the Environment Manager
Agnieszka Krawczyńska