Nauka zarządzania i biznesu dla społeczeństwa: Koźmiński w RRBM
Management and business science for society: our University is a member of the RRBM - Responsible Research for Business and Management
Social usefulness, credibility and reliable assessment of scientific research in the area of business and management are the basic values guiding the Responsible Research for Business and Management (RRBM), a virtual organization and community of scientists from all over the...
Why is it worth studying business in Poland?
Our student, Piotr Zbroja, shares his experience from an international exchange to Portugal.
Piotr has decided to participate in the Erasmus + program at Universidade Europeia in Lisbon in the winter semester...

Economics and Finance

Kozminski Experts
Traps of capitalism - how to catch a loser. Kozminski Experts #4
In this episode of Kozminski Experts Robert Krool, entrepreneur and integration decisions...
Kozminski Experts
Polish startup market - Kobi Shkuri, Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak, Ph.D. (Kozminski Experts)
Within Kozminski Experts, PhD Piotr Kaczmarek-Kurczak from Kozminski Department of...

Management and Marketing

Psychology and Sociology or Society

Policy implications podcast
"Can folklore shape attitudes towards trust, risk-taking and gender norms?". Policy Implications Podcast #6
In this episode of the Policy Implications Podcast we discuss how oral traditions (such as...

Education and Labor Market

 Wszyscy będziemy wolnymi strzelcami
We’re All Going to Be Freelancers
The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will manifest themselves in a considerable amplification of the trend growing strong since the early 21st century – the increasing significance of the category of “freelancers” in the labour market or – speaking in...
Koordynowanie i organizowanie w sektorach wiedzy
Coordination and Organisation in Knowledge Sectors
The pandemic has not affected everyone in the same way, but it has changed a lot. Interestingly enough, the last few...
Kozminski Experts
What are Positive Organizations? Kozminski Experts #9
What are positive organizations? In this episode Miłosz Laska from Sun Investment Group shares his ideas on how to...