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How can we help you?

Our Career Development and Alumni Relations Office offers a wide range of professional services and tools to help our students and graduates develop and support them in entering the job market.

Our partners are market leaders, which lets us give you direct access to the best employers.

Career counselling

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified specialists, who will professionally diagnose your needs and come up with solutions tailored specifically to you. We believe that everyone has their own unique talents, predispositions, and skills, which can be put to use to design a real plan of action translating into a satisfying career.

Trust our experience and you will be up-to-date with current trends on the job market in selected industries and well-prepared to enter the job market.


A platform with job opportunities

An employer and student friendly platform with job opportunities.

The refreshed portal with job, internship and apprenticeship offers built thanks to Salesforce enables not only an intuitive and user-friendly search for interesting job offers but above all a simple application for selected offers. The portal is available only to students of Kozminski University, which gives them access to exclusive and prestigious offers and the priority of applications. In order to make it as easy as possible for employers to publish their offers in our system, we have deprived it of the need to register.

To access job/internship offers, please log in to my.kozminski portal and select Job Offers in the Application Catalog.

Studentki w pracowni


Internships give you this unique opportunity to gain your first professional experience while still studying. Moreover, internship appears to be a mandatory subject within the first cycle program which must be completed between the 4th and 6th semester of studies.

Therefore, it is worth taking care of the right place for your internship early enough, as it will allow you to gain experience related to the field of your study - the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office offers the above forms of support, in the search of the right internship.

Information on the internship registration procedure is available at – log in to the portal and choose Knowledge Base in the Applications Catalog.


In case of any questions regarding the internships issues, please contact the Careers Office, Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. We recommend to make an appointment with us, via Bookings.


Narzędzia doradcze

Personal and Professional Development Program

We would like invite you to the first edition of the Kozminski University Personal and Professional Development Program.

The aim of the program is to support talented KU students in discovering their resources (talents, predispositions, passions) and plan their career paths with the use of latest development tools and in cooperation with the prestigious organizations.

It is an elite program addressed to students of the last year of undergraduate studies, who are particularly involved in the activities of the University. About 25 KU students will participate in the 1st edition of the Program. The project is coordinated by the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office.

What do you gain by participating in the program:

  • You will discover your new preferences, talents and learn how to develop your strengths
  • You will learn what are the competences of the future
  • You will have the opportunity to meet recruiters and other HR representatives from prestigious organizations
  • Create an action plan for your career path

The recruitment has already finished.

Program regulations.

program rozwoju

Mentoring Progam

From October 2021, we have started the new project for Kozminski Univeristy students and graduates.

The main and primary purpose of the Program is to support young, talented students of our University in planning and implementing the chosen career path, deriving from the knowledge and experience of KU graduates.

It is an exclusive program addressed to students of the final years of undergraduate and graduate studies. It assumes the annual cooperation of Mentors - KU graduates with Mentee - KU students, selected in the recruitment process.

The project is coordinated by the Career Development and Alumni Relations Office.

Student recruitment to the Program has ended.

More information about KU Mentoring Program.


program mentorski

Students with disabilities

Career and Development Alumni Relations Office offers a wide range of support in the career development of people with disabilities. We work with organizations that specialize in supporting people who have difficult access to the labor market. Moreover, the student and the graduate have the opportunity to undergo career consultations, taking into account their individual needs and requirements in the job search process.

All helpful information you will find by contacting our career advisor - Łukasz Olszta

Łukasz Olszta
Career Counsellor
Łukasz Olszta
Monika Bożko
Internship specialist
Monika Bożko
Agnieszka Krawczyńska
Career Office Manager
Agnieszka Krawczyńska