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How can we help you?

Our Career Development and Alumni Relations Office offers a wide range of professional services and tools to help our students and graduates develop and support them in entering the job market.

We offer solutions tailored to your needs and current market situation, including: career counselling, career coaching, career aptitude testing with the use of modern tools, job and internship offers, trainings and workshops, job fair events.

Our partners are market leaders, which lets us give you direct access to the best employers.

Career counselling

Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified specialists, who will professionally diagnose your needs and come up with solutions tailored specifically to you. We believe that everyone has their own unique talents, predispositions, and skills, which can be put to use to design a real plan of action translating into a satisfying career.

Trust our experience and you will be up-to-date with current trends on the job market in selected industries and well-prepared to enter the job market. We will review and improve your CV, and you will be able to take part in simulations of a job interview.

A platform with job opportunities

An employer and student friendly platform with job opportunities.

The refreshed portal with job, internship and apprenticeship offers built thanks to Salesforce enables not only an intuitive and user-friendly search for interesting job offers but above all a simple application for selected offers. The portal is available only to students of Kozminski University, which gives them access to exclusive and prestigious offers and the priority of applications. In order to make it as easy as possible for employers to publish their offers in our system, we have deprived it of the need to register.

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Talent diagnosis

There’s no guesswork in what we do to examine your strengths and abilities. We have the best diagnostic tools available on the market, ones most frequently used in recruitment practice, including:

FRIS®: The FRIS® model will help you discover the resources that will let you perform as efficiently as possible – and in favourable circumstances, not only will your performance be much greater, but you will also get much more satisfaction from what you do!

Master Person Analysis: MPA: Master Person Analysis describes one’s preferred behaviour in 9 different areas. MPA is used in recruitment and development processes.

SHL: SHL assessment tools are used to select students and graduates for internship and job programmes. Our Career Development and Alumni Relations Office will give you free access to SHL tests to diagnose your numerical, deductive, and inductive skills.

Moreover, we use CliftonStrengths 34 (Gallup) tests, Holland’s Multi-Aspect Assessment of Career Preferences, Schein’s Career Anchors, and other solutions.

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Why is it worth it

I've worked with Katarzyna for a couple of months. She was providing me with career consultancy and coaching. I'm amazed her unique expertise in career consulting, career planning and coaching. She equipped me with a set of skills that I successfully implemented and already I can see the results. Katarzyna is broad minded coach. Excellent and results driven. She works toward maximal customer satisfaction. I could always depend on her to set the best example as career consultant at ALK. She definitely shines in a busy environment. Definitely worth recommending. 

Maciej Mordal

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Career counsellor
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Career counsellor
Łukasz Olszta
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Specjalista ds praktyk i organizacji wydarzeń
Monika Bożko