Education and Labor Market
 Wszyscy będziemy wolnymi strzelcami
We’re All Going to Be Freelancers
The long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will manifest themselves in a considerable amplification of the trend growing strong since the early 21st century – the increasing significance of the category of “freelancers” in the labour market or – speaking in...
Koordynowanie i organizowanie w sektorach wiedzy
Coordination and Organisation in Knowledge Sectors
The pandemic has not affected everyone in the same way, but it has changed a lot. Interestingly...
Kozminski Experts
What are Positive Organizations? Kozminski Experts #9
What are positive organizations? In this episode Miłosz Laska from Sun Investment Group shares his ideas on how to create a happy workplace. How important is work-life balance? How to make your employees feel good at work?
Kozminski Experts
Communication and New Technologies in HR. Kozminski Experts #1
Monika Sońta (Kozminski University) and her guest Miłosz Laska (Sun Investment Group) are discussing the influence of new technologies implemented in HR, as well as importance of communication at work.