Kozminski University - The Best Business School in Central & Eastern Europe!

KU is the only Polish university classified in this "Financial Times" ranking and it has advanced by 3 positions in comparison to last year.

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The best business school in CE Europe according to the "Financial Times" ranking


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Global Masters in Finance
Financial Times 2020
Master in Finance
Master in Management
Financial Times 2020
FT 2020 min ranking
Executive MBA
Financial Times 2020
FT Ex MBA 2020
European Business School
Financial Times 2020
european busines school FT 2020
Economic universities in Poland
Perspektywy 2020
Ranking perspektyw 2020
Non-public university in Poland
Perspektywy 2020 National Ranking
Ranking perspektyw 2020
Law at non-public universities
"Rzeczpospolita" 2020
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About Kozminski University

We educate managers and business leaders – with the right practical, extensive background to pursue a career in the areas of their choice, equipped with the ability to think creatively and independently, understanding the challenges of the modern world, acting with respect for ethical principles, in the spirit of tolerance, sensitivity to the needs of society and to environmental concerns.

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Science and Research

Kozminski University is an international knowledge center and research facility conducting studies in areas such as management, finance, economics, law, and other related fields. 

In addition to our extensive research activity, we are also engaged in initiatives aimed at promoting science, involving e.g. organization of local – all-Poland – and international conferences, regular seminars, and publishing activity.

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studenci alk biznes

For Business

Kozminski University is the place where business begins. We work with many companies and institutions from both Poland and around the world to create conditions favorable to taking advantage of the creative potential of our community. We design tailored development programs, organize events, and engage in other non-standard activities as part of cross-sectoral collaboration. 

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Kozminski University Decalogue
Kozminski University Decalogue
Managerial education professionals educate management professionals.
Kozminski University Decalogue
Shaping an Entrepreneurial Mindset
The ability to innovate and take calculated risks.
Kozminski University Decalogue
Striving for Excellence
We act inspired by the world’s best models of education.
dążenie do doskonalości.jpg
Kozminski University Decalogue
Global Orientation
We educate managers and entrepreneurs, helping them become able to compete in global markets and work with global leaders without bias, inhibition, or difficulties in communication.
Kozminski University Decalogue
Local and Regional Orientation
We strive to make sure that our graduates are really well-prepared to perform at a top-notch level in both Poland and Central and Eastern Europe alike.
Orientacja lokalna i regionalna
Kozminski University Decalogue
Social Responsibility
We educate people who feel responsible for the economic and social development of their country and for the quality of life of its citizens.
Kozminski University Decalogue
Orientation on Ethics
We educate managers and entrepreneurs who act guided by the principles of business ethics adopted in modern democratic societies in their competitive efforts.
orientacja etyczna.jpg
Kozminski University Decalogue
Active Approach
Our system of education aims to create managers able to cope with the most difficult situations and always determined to look for constructive solutions.
Kozminski University Decalogue
Team Orientation
We strive to teach teamwork and leadership skills as well as effective team-leading abilities.
Kozminski University Decalogue
The University is a Common Good
and a joint undertaking of our students, graduates, faculty, and employees alike.
orientacja globalna
21 January
Webinar on the Master in Management Program
27 January
Webinar on the Master in Finance & Accounting Program
10 March
Trust and distrust in transformations

Kozminski Review

Our graduates are in need of our help!
November 28, 2020 is the day when the lives of two of our graduates turned into a nightmare. A nightmare which the Kozminski University community may partially turn into a hope for a better tomorrow. Kasia and Igor, graduates of Kozminski University are in need of our help....
AWS - Acade,u
We are proud to announce that Kozminski University has become a member of Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) Academy!
KU Job & Internship Fair 2021 - Summary
A summary of the first online edition of the event in the history of our University!