We settle the hives of Kozminski University!

Our University has joined the initiative to support the growth of the bee population. There are already 5 hives on the roof of the academy, which have just been populated!

Each hive (depending on the period) will house between 30 and 50/60 thousand bees. This gives about 200-250 thousand bees in the whole ALK apiary. These are urban bees, which unlike wild (forest) bees are very gentle. For their peace and quiet, hives in built-up areas are placed - as they are here - on the roofs of buildings.

The first harvest is still planned for this summer.


The aim of urban apiaries is to promote an increase in the bee population. In urban areas, there are many honey-growing trees such as lime trees, maples and acacias, from which the bees extract the nourishing nectar and turn it into honey. In Warsaw alone, there are already several hundred urban beehives, located in parks, public buildings and on the roofs of the highest skyscrapers.