Since the beginning of our existence we have been investing in our own facilities. Our premises are currently a complex of 5 modernly furnished and well-equipped buildings, covering a total area of about 16,500 square metres. This makes it possible for us to organize all classes in one place – at Jagiellońska 57/59. Every year we adopt innovative architectural and technological solutions which make it easier to study and use the facilities of the university – including to people with disabilities.


Kozminski University is located in Warsaw at Jagiellońska 57/59 in the Praga Północ district. You can reach the city centre from our university in about 15 minutes. Trams 20 and 18 and bus 509 (on request) stop right next to our premises. KU owns also the areas behind the university buildings, where you’ll find a sports field, resting areas, and a car park. Right next to the main building there is a Veturilo city bike station and a parcel machine.


Library The KU library offers an online catalogue access system. The library features a reading room as well as rooms for individual and team work, equipped with computers and offering access to the Internet.

The library collection comprises over 70,000 items. It also makes it possible to use electronic databases with access to a total of tens of thousands of books and magazines.

Study facilities With comfort and satisfaction of our current and future students in mind, we keep on modernizing our lecture rooms and laboratories. We currently have 64 multimedia lecture rooms, including 6 lecture theatres, 19 hybrid classrooms and 7 computer laboratories, available to students 7 days a week.

All of our students can use a number of software programs free of charge (including Office 365 ProPlus, other Microsoft programs and operating systems, professional statistical programs).

Wireless internet is available on the entire premises of the university.


Hybrid classrooms

There are 19 classrooms prepared for hybrid learning at our University. Among them are: 

Huawei Idealab classroom

This is a hybrid classroom equipped with an interactive whiteboard IdeaHub, which combines the advantages of a traditional whiteboard with an advanced video conferencing system and the ability to work with students using their own mobile devices. The IdeaHub room uses technology that allows the entire room to be viewed by those participating in the classes online.

Logitech classroom

This is a hybrid room equipped with two LCD monitors, and thanks to the applied technological solutions it is possible to show both the lecturer and the room in different configurations. The room also uses an innovative method of writing on the whiteboard in the traditional way while transmitting the image directly to the MS Teams application, allowing participants to read the content directly on their computers.

See all our hybrid classrooms

Sala hybrydowa

Bloomberg Laboratory Our students can make use of a financial laboratory based on Bloomberg technologies. They have access to the entire service and additional educational features of the largest news agency in the world. Thanks to this solution, education is based on real analyses, indicators, and information from all financial markets in the world.


A courtroom for simulated court hearings With the students of the College of Law especially in mind, we’ve designed and built a room where students take part in simulated court hearings – just like at renowned law schools in the world.


Facilities for students with disabilities Our campus is fully accessible to students with physical disabilities, who can take advantage of lifts, elevators, and ramps.

Some classrooms feature induction loop amplifiers – a solution aimed to help students with hearing impairment. Hearing-impaired students can also request the university to offer them the assistance of a sign language interpreter. In justified cases, a disabled student may take advantage of the support of an assistant in class.

The Office for Scholarships and Students with Special Needs can be found in building D, room D-213.


Nursing room and children's play area

There are two child- and parent-friendly spaces at our University - one is the nursing room, and the other is the children's play area.

The nursing room is an area designated for feeding. It is equipped with a changing table, a toilet, and a bottle warmer. This gives every student, alumni, employee, or guest a private space to take care of their baby in peace and quiet.

The children's play area is located in our library. To the right of the entrance, you can find a separate play area where children can have full access to a variety of books, board games, blocks, and a selection of coloring books and crayons. The corner is open during library hours. You can check the exact hours HERE

Both places are available to every member of our community and can be used free of charge.

Kącik dla dzieci

Sports at KU  

Our campus has been fully adapted for students with mobility disabilities with elevators, elevators and ramps.

The university is located in a complex of 5 buildings - A, B, C, D and NA, connected by connectors. There is an elevator in each building. There are two main entrances to buildings A and D from Jagiellońska Street, and two main entrances to buildings B, C, D and NA from the parking lot. The entrances to buildings D, B, NA are equipped with automated door systems. A ramp leads to each building so that people with mobility disabilities have easy access to the building complex. Passenger traffic at the main entrances is controlled by a monitoring system.

There are 6 computer laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment at ALK. Two laboratories are equipped with one station each with specialized equipment for the blind and visually impaired also such a computer station is located in the library. The university owns sports facilities: a sports field, a hall for team sports, aerobics and combat sports, and a fully equipped gym. In the sports part of the building there are locker rooms and showers. In justified cases, a student with a disability can also count on the assistance of an assistant during classes.

The Office for Scholarships and Students with Disabilities is located in Building D, room D-213.

For matters related to facilities, please contact the Central Service Desk, e-mail:


Small catering outlets

There are three catering outlets in our university building complex. They are open on all days when there are classes taught. In the atrium of building C there is a special dining area where you can enjoy food served by Bistro Bracia Wiśniewscy and Rice Bistro. The third catering outlet – Ministerstwo Smaku – is found near the entrance to building A.

For your daily dose of coffee head to Barista or Grand Coffee. There are also vending machines with cold and hot drinks and snacks on the premises of the university.

    punkt gastronomiczny

    Bookshop Located in building C, it operates during the academic year, except on public holidays. It sells books on and dealing with: economics, management, economic law, accounting, finance, marketing and advertising, foreign languages. The product portfolio includes also new publications related to the fields of study taught at the university. Also, publications by our academics are always in stock.

    Copy points There are two copy points available to our students. One of them is found in building D, right next to the library. You can also bind your bachelor’s and master’s theses there. The second copy point is found in building A.

    Post office A Poczta Polska local office can be found near the entrance to building A. Opening hours:

    • Monday: 14.00-20.00
    • Tuesday - Friday: 12.00-18.00
    • 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month: 11.00-15.00



    Bank and cash machines There is a branch office of Santander Bank in Atrium in Building D. Opening hours: Monday – Tuesday: 9:00-17:00

    There are also two cash machines on the premises of the campus. The Euronet cash machine is found in Atrium in building D, and the Pekao cash machine is found in building A, next to the entrance to the building.

    Kiosk Located in building C. Visit it if you’re after the latest press, small stationery, cosmetics, or food products.

    Parking The university has a free guarded car park for over 400 cars. The entrance to the car park is located between buildings A and D.


    On our roof there are city hives, which will be colonized by bees at Spring, 2022.

    The aim of city hives is to support the growth of the bee population. In urban areas, many honey-bearing trees such as linden, maples and acacia trees grow, from which bees extract nutritious nectar and then turn it into honey.

    In Warsaw alone, there are already several hundred city hives, which are located in parks, public facilities or on the roofs of the highest skyscrapers.

    We promise to keep you informed about the settlement of the city hives and its further development.

    pasieka 510 alk

    Kozminski University uses ecological solutions and renewable energy sources – photovoltaic panels. We introduce solar energy into the electricity network of KU, which translates into savings and power supply from renewable energy sources. Currently, the installed devices enable the production of approximately 50 MWh of energy per year. If you want to imagine it better, this amount of energy can power nearly 15 apartments with an area of 100 m2 all year round.

    Moreover, from next year, 100% of the energy used in our University will come from renewable energy sources. 

    panele 510

    Kozminski Boutique

    For all of you who identify with their Alma Mater and want to manifest their belonging to the Koźmiński community, we have created our shop!

    At Kozminski Boutique you will find T-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, outerwear and accessories. Check the website regularly, because we prepare some new items soon :)

    We wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

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