KU Student Council

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KU Student Council


KU Student Council

Get to know Kozminski Student Council!

Who are we?

The Student Council is a body representing and acting for all students of Kozminski University. Their representative is the Student Council Board, which consists of five persons elected by way of secret ballot:

- Aleksandra Godlewska - Member of the Management Board for Marketing and PR; a.godlewska@kozminski.edu.pl

- Miłochna Pawlic - Vicepresident, responsible for cultural, marketing and PR matters; mpawlic@kozminski.edu.pl

- Damian Kaczuba - Member of the Board to Financial matters; dkaczuba@kozminski.edu.pl

- Stefan Ćwikliński - Member of the Board to Didactic matters; scwiklinski@kozminski.edu.pl

-Igor Ryszyk - Member of the Board to Cultural matters;  iroszyk@kozminski.edu.pl

Additionally, it appoints committees, composed of creative and willing to take action people, which help them realize various activities. 

What we do?

The mission of the Student Council is to represent the interests of KU students. We want the students to turn to us for help if they have any problems. We don’t want anything to get in your way in the process of acquisition of knowledge. If you have any problems, we’ll do our best to solve them. 

We actively support all kinds of student ideas and initiatives. We organize the life of our student community together and always try to make studying at KU interesting and exciting. This is why we organize regular events – initiation ceremonies, halfway-through parties, the Kozminalia, but also different kinds of meetings and conferences featuring interesting guests such from the world of science, business, and the public domain.

We also act together with the university authorities – making sure that student rights are respected, and have a say in the distribution of scholarships, grants, and awards funded from the state budget.

Would you like to stay up-to-date?

You can find us on different social media websites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamorzadALK

Instagram: https://instagram.com/samorzad_alk

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@samorzad_alk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/74926181/


Do you have any ideas or questions? Write to us: samorzad@kozminski.edu.pl 

If you want to meet with us in person, you’ll find us in our office in Atrium in building D. 

You’re most welcome to drop by!