Regretful Announcement


„We were overcome with unspeakable grief upon learning of the sudden death of Professor Hu Biliang, member of the TIGER Scientific Advisory Board at Kozminski University. This outstanding scientist and academic teacher, an economist creatively engaged in studies on the issues of socio-economic development, left us so prematurely. We owe Him the establishment and effective management of the Belt and Road School at the renowned Beijing Normal University. His publications are known to many economists and policymakers not only in His native China, but also throughout the world. Thanks to His efforts, the Belt and Road School has educated many hundreds of students from all continents in the international MBA program. Professor Hu, always very busy, has created a network of eminent scholars from many countries around the world engaged in research on inclusive globalization, sustainable development, and peaceful international cooperation. He was also our great friend and spokesman for China's pragmatic cooperation with the West, including the European Union and Poland in particular. Although His scientific publications and students remain with us, we will miss Him very much.” - Grzegorz W. Kołodko

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