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Solidarni z Ukrajna



#Financial support for victims of the war in Ukraine - apply

In the face of the struggle and fighting that the citizens of Ukraine are waging against the enemy, we remain in solidarity.  We have launched a fundraiser, so that we can financially assist those who turn to us for support. This particular fundraiser is dedicated to our students, graduates, and employees coming from Ukraine and who have suffered in this raging war.  We assure you that we will make every effort to provide you with real help at this difficult time.

1. Financial aid (donation) in the amount of up to PLN 3,000 may be awarded to a student, employee or graduate of Kozminski University coming from Ukraine. 2. The donation will be used to cover:

  • costs of living (accommodation, food);
  • costs of transportation tickets;
  • costs of medication and medicines.

3. The request for a donation should be submitted electronically (the only way). 4. The donation is awarded by the Committee appointed by the Kozminski Foundation Board and determines the amount individually. 5. The Committee meetings are held once a week, starting from 21 March 2022. 6. The Foundation communicates its decisions as regards the donations via e-mail. 7. The donation is paid on the basis of the agreement signed by the Kozminski Foundation and the Beneficiary. 8. Decisions of the Board are made in the form of resolutions, available at the Kozminski Foundation Office. 9. The amount and number of granted donations depend on the amount of funds raised by the Kozminski Foundation. 10. The decisions of the Committee as regards the donations may not be appealed.

#Solidarity with Ukraine

24 February 2022 is the date which will go down in the history of Europe and the whole world. Independent Ukraine, the free country waking up to a new day, got under massive Russian missiles attack and so, the darkest scenario, which none of us believed to come true, has been unfolding before our very eyes.

What seemed beyond our imagination only a few days ago is just happening. Cruel and bloody war is taking its toll on innocent human beings right behind our eastern border. Ukrainian nation suffers from brutal violence. All goodwill people around the globe unite over this terrible drama and suffer alongside our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

We do not know what the days, weeks and months to come will bring. Polish people have experienced the time when we were in need of a friendly, sympathetic and helping hand. Therefore, we cannot remain indifferent to human suffering, harm and despair. We want to help.

This is our call for solidarity with our Ukrainian neighbours, engaged now in desparate fight for their mother country. At KU, we start raising funds to aid KU Ukrainian members in need. We intend to offer financial support to Ukrainian students, staff members and their families.

Money can be transferred to the Koźmiński Foundation account with annotation: Solidarity with Ukraine.


Kozminski Foundation Bank Account (for transfers in PLN): 14 2130 0004 2001 0673 5369 0001 SWIFT: VOWAPLP1

Kozminski Foundation Bank Account (for transfers in EUR): PL68 1090 2590 0000 0001 4986 4743 SWIFT/BIC: WBKPPLPP

Kozminski Foundation

Established on 12 August 2004.

The Foundation is an expression of Kozminski University employee involvement in development of local communities and business.


Active support for entrepreneurial attitudes and initiation of intercultural exchange of experiences. We Build the Future Together!



Prof. Andrzej K. Koźmiński

Co-founder and first Rector of Kozminski University (1993-2011).

Economist and sociologist specializing in the issues of management and political transformation. Fulbright scholar, lecturer at Polish and renowned American and European universities, including the University of California (UCLA), Washington University and the Sorbonne. Honorary Doctor of the University of Szczecin (2015) and ESCP Europe Business School (2017). Corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and member of many national and international organizations (e.g. Leopold Kronenberg Banking Foundation, Global Foundation for Management Education, Polish Rectors Foundation).

He was a member of editorial boards in many journals (e.g. Transformations, Central European Management Journal, International Encyclopedia of Business and Management, International Management). From 2014 to 2018 he was the Chairman of the Team for Identifying Members of the Council of the National Science Center.

Former member of the National Development Council to the President of Poland, National Development Council (2010-2015). Decorated, among others, with the Knight's Cross, Officer's Cross and Commander's Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland. In 2016, by the decision of the Prime Minister of France, he was decorated with the Order of Academic Palms. Chairman and member of supervisory boards of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Prezydent Andrzej Koźmiński

President of the Foundation

Sylwia Hałas-Dej

Graduate of law and Executive MBA studies. Director of the Center for Consulting and Management Training, Deputy Director of the Executive MBA Program. She is also President of Kozminski Foundation which supports the best students of Kozminski University. 

Within the Center for Counseling and Management Training he is responsible for post-graduate and MBA studies, preparation and implementation of development programs, training, cooperation with business. She also develops Career and Alumni Relations Office. 

She has many years of experience in designing and implementing educational programmes, including development programmes for companies. 

Member of the Marketing Board of the Euro*MBA program, member of the Supervisory Board of the International School of Management. Member of the Programme and Scientific Council of LifeSkills High School.

Sylwia Hałas-Dej

Members of the Management Board

Prof. Witold T. Bielecki

 Head of the Department of Quantitative Methods and IT Applications. Former rector of Kozminski University (2011 - 2020), currently Chairman of its Board of Trustees. Former Chairman of the Conference of Rectors of Non-Public Academic Universities.

Author of 3 books, over 80 articles in Polish and foreign scientific journals, co-author of two computer simulation management games (MANAGER and ADMINIST) and a multimedia package for training entrepreneurs. He managed large international and national projects. He lectured at universities in the USA and Great Britain, among others. He is a co-founder and lecturer of the Executive MBA program in Minsk (IPM BY).

Member of the Consultative Council for Foreign Economic Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Member of scientific organizations: International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA), Association for Business Simulation & Experimental Learning (ABSEL), Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning (ABSEL). Member of accreditation committees: AACSB, EQUIS and IQA and IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence. He was a member of the boards of The European Fundation for Management Development (EFMD) and Euro*MBA.

Currently he is a member of the Management Board of the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies (CEEMAN) and the Supervisory Board of the Polish Educational Union. He sat on the supervisory boards of such companies as Bank BGZ, PZU, ZBM Investor, PTR Development, EnergoPlazma. For many years an active participant of the Economic Systems Simulation School. Member of many chapters related to awarding achievements in business, management and education.

His research interests include: IT, managerial (business) simulation games, simulation modeling, operational management, decision support systems and entrepreneurship in virtual environment. He is involved in academic sport. Academic vice-champion of the country of sports bridge in pairs - together with Przemysław Janiszewski (2019).


Bogusława Białowarczuk
Edyta Siuda
Edyta Siuda

Director of the Office of Financed Projects

Within the Office, he is responsible for obtaining financing (creating new projects, coordinating the work of substantive teams) and managing projects. A graduate of Polish philology at the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in European Integration at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. She has many years of experience in working in projects co-financed by the European Union, mainly coordination. She has also cooperated with non-governmental organizations, acting as the President of the Foundation. Among her professional interests, apart from project management and training in this field, there is also evaluation of EU projects. She relaxes in the gym, covering kilometers on a treadmill. She likes a good book, music, film and resting outdoors.

Room A/16

Iga Bala

Foundation Board

Prof. Robert Rządca

Deputy Rector of Kozminski University, Vice Rector for Research and Personnel Development. Co-founder of the Higher School of Entrepreneurship and Management, currently Kozminski University. Between 1993-2015 Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ALK.

Head of the Negotiations Department. Chairman of the Committee for Accreditation of The Human Resources Excellence in Research and the Council for Academic Staff Development. Since 2011 member of the Research Council. Long-term research and didactic employee of ALK and the University of Warsaw. He has completed internships at Harvard University and DePaul University, among others.

Specializes in negotiations, strategic management, research and development management. An experienced mediator.

He was the scientific supervisor of more than two hundred diploma projects at the Executive MBA studies. He has conducted over one hundred and twenty consulting and training projects for such organizations as: Netia, NBP, Gaz System, M. st. Warszawa, Metro Group, PKN Orlen, Medicover, LOT, PZU, KGHM. He is an expert in implementing the concept of Industry 4.0 in enterprises. He is the author and co-author of several dozen articles in scientific journals and two monographs - Negotiations, 1997 (together with Paweł Wujec) and Negotiations in Business, 2004.

Co-founder and Vice President of the Management Board in Scott Tiger SA, an IT company offering tailor-made solutions for telecommunications, insurance and banking. Member of the Supervisory Board of K2 Internet SA. And Omig S.A.

Tomasz Olejniczak
dr hab. Tomasz Olejniczak

W Radzie, reprezentując środowisko akademickie, dzieli się wiedzą i przygląda się działaniom Fundacji w obszarze kultury, tradycji i dziedzictwa narodowego. Jest stypendystą japońskiego Ministerstwa Edukacji i Japan Foundation. Jego zainteresowania badawcze obejmują zarządzanie japońskie, długowieczność organizacyjną i historię biznesu.

mgr Magdalena Malicka

Absolwentka Wydziału Filologii Romańskiej Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Ukończyła magisterium i podyplomowe studia (DEA) ze specjalizacją teatrologia na Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III oraz studia MBA w dziedzinie zarządzania i marketingu przy Szkole Biznesu Politechniki Warszawskiej i Wyższej Szkole Handlowej HEC w Paryżu (Haute Ecole de Commerce). 
W latach 1997-2000 pracowała w Fundacji Francja – Polska (FFP) przy Ambasadzie Francji w Warszawie. Była m.in. odpowiedzialna za PR i zarządzanie francusko-polską współpracą w zakresie szkolnictwa zawodowego i uniwersyteckiego oraz programami służącymi rozwojowi demokracji lokalnej w Polsce. 
W 2000 roku rozpoczęła pracę w mediach: w jednym z największych wydawnictw prasowych G+J Polska, będącego częścią międzynarodowego holdingu mediowego Bertelsmann (telewizyjno-radiowa Grupa RTL, wydawnictwo prasowe G+J, wydawnictwo książkowe Random House, Sony MBG, Direct Group, firma usługowa Arvato, drukarnie). 
Była brand managerem w dziale marketingu, dyrektorem wydawniczym i wydawcą. W 2006 roku, w wieku 35 lat, jako pierwsza kobieta w historii G+J objęła stanowisko Prezesa Zarządu wydawnictwa, które piastowała przez 8 lat. 
W latach 2013-14 była odpowiedzialna za fuzję wydawnictwa G+J Polska i Hubert Burda Media Polska. W maju 2014r. po zakończonym procesie fuzji dwóch firm, integracji zasobów ludzkich oraz procedur i procesów, postanowiła zakończyć karierę w korporacji, stawiając na rozwój drugiej pasji zawodowej jaką jest coaching i rozwój osobisty. 
Coachingowe doświadczenie nabywała najpierw pracą własną: Business & Live Coaching, Mistrzowska Akademia Executive Managera, Sztuka Prezentacji, System Body-Mind, Hipnoza w Life Coachingu, Quantum Brainpower Coaching (Norman Benett Group), Mastering the Leadership Challenge (Harvard Business School & Bertelsmann University), Sleight of Mouth (Robert Dilts), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Richard Bandler), Zarządzanie Zmianą (Akademia G+J), Reiki 1. i 2. stopień (Usui Shiki Ryoho), Racjonalna Terapia Zachowań RTZ (Simontowski Instytut Zdrowia), a potem zdobywając kolejne tytuły: Coach Praktyk Biznesu (2008), Master Coach Biznesu (2008), Coach Supervisor (2011), Asystent Psychodramy (Krakowskie Forum Psychodramy) (2015). 
Zasiadała w Zarządzie Izby Wydawców Prasy. Była przewodniczącą Rady Programowej firmy doradczo-szkoleniowej Norman Benett, prelegentem w seminarium FACE „Trendy i najlepsze praktyki w komunikacji w Polsce i na świecie”, prowadziła warsztaty dotyczące zarządzaniem zmianą i komunikacją dla studentów MBA Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego w Warszawie, należała do grona menadżerów CEO Round Table by Nail International oraz stowarzyszenia kobiet biznesu Leadershe. Od 2009 roku jest członkiem stowarzyszenia EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), a od roku 2011 należy do elitarnej międzynarodowej organizacji YPO (Young President’s Organization). 
W 2009 roku znalazła się na 11 miejscu listy "50 najbardziej wpływowych kobiet w Polsce", przygotowanej przez magazyn ekonomiczny "Home&Market".

Ewa Barlik
Ewa Barlik

W Radzie przygląda się z uwagą działaniom Fundacji w obszarze realizacji jej celów związanych z budowaniem wizerunku i promowaniem działań. Dziennikarka, pisarka, od 2011 roku rzeczniczka prasowa Akademii Leona Koźmińskiego, z doświadczeniem w zarządzaniu i marketingu, absolwentka EMBA, warszawianka, która wolne chwile spędza w Sudetach wędrując i jeżdżąc na nartach.

Patrons of the Foundation

Kozminski Family.

has always been involved in supporting local communities and business.

The Kozminski family is a well-known Warsaw professor family famous for its support of science, culture and art circles.

For almost a century it has been shaping the views of youth and adults.