Co-financed projects

Co-financed projects

For many years we have been successfully raising European funds to carry out projects contributing to the development of Kozminski University, to the strengthening of its potential, and to building relationships with our socio-economic environment.


What do we offer

The Project Management Office has been successfully raising external funds to carry out projects contributing to the development of Kozminski University, to the strengthening of its potential, and to enhancing its position its position both domestically and internationally. In recent years, we have obtained funds to implement IT systems, adapt the University’s infrastructure to the needs of people with disabilities, improve the overall level of competencies of the University’s staff, further students’ careers, launch new majors, and undertake many other activities involved in the co-creation of the Kozminski University ecosystem. Each new initiative is guided by the following idea: meaningful and comprehensive development, consistent with the University’s Development Strategy. 

In addition to acquiring funds, the Project Management Office supervises the entire project life cycle, i.e. it handles comprehensive project implementation in cooperation with other University units, including coordination, reporting, and monitoring. The experience we have gained so far has let us work out a set of internal rules of cooperation that bring expected results and make it possible to achieve synergy between the activities initiated and pursued by various organisational units of our University. 

Since May 2021, our activities have additionally focused on promoting a project management culture among the University community (e.g. through training), in accordance with the methodology we have developed, and on transplanting this idea on to the implementation of internal activities. 

At each stage of our work, we are guided by values forming the universal foundation of the identity and operations of Kozminski University, referred to as the “Kozminski’s Decalogue”.


We act based on 4 mottoes that guide us in our initiatives:

Praktyczna wiedza


  • by showing the opportunities to fund ideas consistent with the strategic goals of the University
  • by encouraging ideas related to improving the competencies of students, faculty members, and administrative staff
  • by stimulating efforts aimed at undertaking joint initiatives for the development of the University and its community


  • by striving for excellence, which is one of KU’s key values
  • by adopting state-of-the-art solutions, which improve the functioning of the University and contribute to its development
  • by promoting the idea of cooperation between different units of KU


  • by setting standards in project management, knowledge sharing, and building competitive advantage 
  • by acquiring funding for activities consistent with the University’s Development Strategy 
  • by implementing educational and developmental projects that have a positive impact on the day-to-day operations of the University


  • the development needs with the possibilities of acquiring external funds 
  • people with passion and ideas, offering them extensive support in making their projects reality 
  • staff with students, building our strength as an academic community

Ongoing projects

orientacja lokalna.jpg
EFEKT-EDU: Doskonalenie Jakości Kształcenia przez Rozwój Kompetencji i Kwalifikacji Kadry
WellCome to Warsaw, WellCome to Kozminski!
Academy 4.0 - Integrated Quality Improvement System at Kozminski University

Finished projects

summer school
Poland, Warsaw, Kozminski - a Place of Opportunity!
International network for research support and knowledge transfer
MORE - Evidence-based regulatory impact assessment
Academy of entrepreneurship
Team building platform
Capital Business Forum
Warsaw – the Capital of Ambitious Business
Creative Specialist in the Humanities
Entrepreneurship in Creative Industries
Developing and Investing in Managers
Radom Center for Innovation
Wars & Sawa Playing Chess
Comprehensive Professional Activation Program for People Aged 50+
Comprehensive Professional Activation Program for People Aged 50+
How to start your own business
Get to Know Us, Get to Know Yourself
Double Degree Bachelor in Management
Masz na staż - Your Internship Opportunity
Wsparcie uczelni niepublicznych w zakresie prowadzenia zajęć z wykorzystaniem metod i technik kształcenia na odległość
Health Economics and Big Data Analytics
Academy 360 - Integrated Quality Improvement System at Kozminski University
University teaching excellence
Discover us and be yourself in Poland!
Finance - a dialogue between scientific disciplines
Between Law and Economy – Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies
Management in New Technologies
BIZNES.AI, studia sztuczna inteligencja, sztuczna inteligencja studia warszawa
The Heart of AI: AI and Data Science Training Hub in the Center of Europe (HAI)


Edyta Siuda

Director of the Office of Financed Projects

Within the Office, he is responsible for obtaining financing (creating new projects, coordinating the work of substantive teams) and managing projects. A graduate of Polish philology at the University of Warsaw and postgraduate studies in European Integration at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. She has many years of experience in working in projects co-financed by the European Union, mainly coordination. She has also cooperated with non-governmental organizations, acting as the President of the Foundation. Among her professional interests, apart from project management and training in this field, there is also evaluation of EU projects. She relaxes in the gym, covering kilometers on a treadmill. She likes a good book, music, film and resting outdoors.

Katarzyna Kwapińska

Project Management and Funding Manager

Within the Office, she is responsible for obtaining financing and managing projects. Graduate of Polish philology and speech therapy at Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin, as well as postgraduate studies in evaluation and didactic measurement at the University of Gdansk. She has many years of experience in projects co-financed by the European Union - their development, implementation and evaluation. Member of the Polish Evaluation Society. Socially active. In the years 2005-2007 - vice-president of the board for development of the largest Polish non-governmental organization gathering children, youth and adults (deputy head of the Polish Scouting Association for development), initiator and implementer of numerous projects for non-governmental organizations and universities. Lover of good literature. She is passionate about finding dependencies, correlations, discovering paths and connections between different - seemingly completely different - elements.


Monika Karakula

Project Manager/Financial control consultant

Within the Office he deals with the implementation of projects, their settlement and reporting. A graduate of management and marketing at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Kozminski University. She has many years of experience in reporting and accounting for projects co-financed by the European Union. She likes jazz, bicycle trips, mountains in summer and winter.

Elżbieta Jasińska

Project Manager/Financial control consultant

Within the Office she deals with the implementation of projects co-financed from the EU, their settlement and reporting. She has many years of experience in obtaining, implementing and reporting projects co-financed from the European Union funds. Graduate of Physics and Mathematics at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. She likes bicycle trips, long walks and a good book and film.


Agnieszka Markowicz

Project Manager / Project Finance Control Consultant

Employee of Kozminski University since 2008. In the Office of Financed Projects since October 2018. Her duties include co-creation, coordination and settlement of projects co-financed from EU funds. Graduate of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies and postgraduate studies at the Center for European Regional and Local Studies at the University of Warsaw. In March 2017 she completed a year-long post-graduate studies at the "Academy of Managerial Competence" run by Kozminski University. She has ten years of experience in cooperation with academic staff of ALK. Among the institutions with which she has cooperated over the last ten years are research funding institutions such as the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Science Centre, the Polish-German Foundation for Science and foreign institutions (leaders of international projects). It likes challenges and is open to new tasks and experiences. She likes physical activity and contact with nature, hence her love for walking on little frequented hiking trails and her new passion for skiing.


Alina Zymerman

Project Manager

Her role in the Project Management Office is to coordinate projects co-financed from external and national funds. She’s the manager and a member of teams carrying out projects financed from the University’s own resources. She popularises knowledge from the area of project management in accordance with the methodology adopted at KU. 

Holder of an IPMA-D project management certificate. Graduate of first-cycle studies in economics and postgraduate studies in development and training at Kozminski University. 

In her free time, she enjoys reading literature of manners and being out in the nature.

Marta Rudnicka

Project Finance Controlling Consultant / Project Manager

Her role in the Project Management Office is to handle accounts, draw up reports, and provide support in the implementation (mainly by preparing requests for proposals) of projects co-financed mainly from EU funds.  Graduate of management at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, having completed a number of training courses in public procurement and finance, including a course in basic accounting at Instytut Certyfikacji Zawodowej Księgowych (Institute for Professional Certification of Accountants). She has many years of experience in implementing EU projects. She’s an analytical minds, keen on searching for cause and effect relationships, and approaches difficulties as challenges to be overcome.

Ph.D. Maja Walczak-Kowalska

Project Manager / Fundraising Specialist

Her role in the Project Management Office is to raise funds and implement projects. She has many years of experience in the implementation of community and environmental projects co-financed from EU funds, mainly in the field of substantive, informational, promotional, and reporting activities. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies and the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science of the University of Warsaw. She also holds a PhD degree in Earth Sciences from the Polish Academy of Sciences.

She loves travelling and photography. Her passions are long hikes in the mountains, following less-travelled paths, and discovering the less-known attractions of particular regions. She enjoys reading travelogues and tries to keep up to date with news and interesting facts from the world of science.

Malwina Styczeń

Project Portfolio Manager

Her role in the Project Management Office is to coordinate internal projects, both large and small. She is a tutor, manager and member of projects teams. She spreads knowledge in the field of project management methodology among the community of University. She has been associated with the University for several years. She is a graduate of bachelor's studies in European studies and master's studies in management at Kozminski University.


Natalia Kosikowska

Project Finance Controlling Consultant

Her role in the Project Management Office is to handle accounts, draw up reports and provide support in the implementation of project. Graduate of the History Department of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. For 8 years she has been involved in grant activities and comprehensive service at every stage of the project life: from application to reckoning. She appreciates procedures, she likes to learn and face challenges.

She loves French fries with mayonnaise, the sea and long walks and listening to podcasts.