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Every year we hold prestigious international conferences. To better illustrate their rank and significance, we list some of them below:

Almost 200 participants from several dozen countries had the opportunity to listen to or give lectures, exchange experience, and learn about the latest trends in designing educational games. The five days of the conference featured several parallel panels focusing on issues related to the design and testing of simulation games, gamification, and knowledge acquisition supported by various applications. The attending researchers presented e.g. community projects, location-based games promoting environmental awareness and using public transport, business simulations, games used in recruitment processes, and a range of education-oriented projects applied successfully in the academic setting.

It was an event bringing together both the most outstanding scientists and top business practitioners in logistics and supply chain operations management. The conference offered an opportunity to promote research conducted in Poland in international JCR-listed journals.  The impact of the conference on the level of dissemination of science is also global – the articles presented during the conference were published in e.g. the Journal of Business Logistics (JBL) and the International Journal of Logistics Management (IJLM), as well as in journals from the CEE region.

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EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) is an international organization bringing together over 800 organizations and institutions from the scientific, business, and public administration communities from over 80 countries. It is an internationally recognized organization whose accreditation is a testimony to the quality of management and business education.


In 2001, we co-organized the EFMD conference for the first time. Its idea is to share new ideas and to exchange experience and practices between all entities involved in education, and to continuously improve the quality of management. In October 2018, the event took place at our university for the second time. Then, it focused on the geopolitical situation and its impact on development and management in education. The main theme was the development of higher education through the introduction and application of modern technologies.


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The international EURAM (European Academy of Management) conference, organized for the first time in Poland. Our university, in order to meet the demands of the market and the scientific community, got involved in the organisation of the event, the aim of which was to act as an opportunity for the exchange of mutual experience in the field of broadly understood management. 

The conference raised issues such as the functioning of organizations in conditions of uncertainty, with questions about e.g. the key resources needed by organizations, leadership, education of employees, and overcoming limitations in organizations being asked. We hosted more than 900 participants of the event itself and, at the same time, a several times larger audience of online content and publications created as a result of the debates. In addition to four days of scientific sessions, a two-day Doctoral Colloquium took place, bringing together almost 100 future doctoral students. 

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An international conference organized by our university together with ASTP (Association of European Science and Technology Transfer Professionals) and the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw. 

ASTP Proton is the European equivalent of the Polish Association of Academic Centers for Technology Transfer (Porozumienie Akademickich Centrów Transferu Technologii) and organizes annual conferences for professional organizations dealing with knowledge and technology transfer. Its aim is to offer an opportunity for the exchange of experience in the field of technology transfer policies. The conference was organized in Poland for the first time. It was attended by over 120 participants from all over Europe.

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