More than lectures


More than lectures

Learning at Kozminski is more than just lectures. We implement technological innovations supporting our teaching processes. By making use of solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gamification, we share knowledge combined with experience. The process of education and general development is supported by a possibility to take advantage of additional tools and licenses. For example, KU students have unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning platform. They can use the “Financial Times” website as premium users.


Virtual reality for law students

Imagine a prosecutor at a crime scene. He enters a spacious room. He carefully lifts a figure from a chessboard. He opens a drawer. He sees the body on a chair behind the desk, with a gun in its hand and a gunshot wound to the head. He goes deeper inside the room. He opens the safe. But didn’t he make a mistake on the way? This shall be decided by our expert during criminology classes. Because this isn’t happening for real. The man inspecting the crime scene is a student. The student learns proper conduct at a crime scene – but in a virtual reality setting. Our law students take part in an educational game that utilizes virtual reality technology. They wear VR goggles and have to act as if they were already forensic specialists. The VR-based game used within the framework of law studies at KU was the first such initiative in Poland.

vr - google wiecej niz wyklady

Bloomberg laboratory for finance and accounting students

Our finance and accounting students can make use of a financial laboratory based on Bloomberg technologies. They have access to the entire service and additional educational features of the largest news agency in the world. Thanks to this solution, education is based on real analyses, indicators, and information from all financial markets in the world. The same Bloomberg service is used by major banks, financial institutions, enterprises, and the media.

Thanks to special software, the Bloomberg terminal makes it possible to receive information from financial markets in real time and offers access to historical data. The agency’s journalists, working in 120 countries, provide business information and analyses on which companies and financial market institutions base their investment strategies. The service used by higher education institutions features also educational and research tools.

Laboratorium Bloomberga

Free access to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an education platform with online courses – offering the so-called learning on-demand. It is a solution that helps one improve their professional competence and acquire new skills.

Our students and employees get:

  • unlimited access to more than 16,000 video courses covering business, technology, and creative skills
  • personalized course suggestions based on professional experience
  • certificates proving the acquisition of particular skills, which can be made available immediately on one’s LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has been our strategic partner since 2018. The result is free and unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning offered to all KU students and staff members. We were the first higher education institution in Poland to have established such a high-profile partnership.

More info in the Knowledge Base


Free access to the "Financial Times’" premium content

Every student of our University gets free access to premium content of the "Financial Times".

The "Financial Times" daily is a reliable and trustworthy source of information on global business, international finance, political and economic events. It is a joint effort of over 600 journalists from 50 countries around the world.

    The "Financial Times' is read daily by over 2 million readers.

    • 60% of them are managers
    • 49% of them are members of boards of international corporations
    • 77% read FT on international business trips
    • 15% are millionaires
    • As many as 91% of readers admit that the "Financial Times" offers content they can’t find elsewhere.

    More info in the Knowledge Base

    ft signet

    Benefits of the "Financial Times" premium service:

    wydanie elektroniczne
    Everyday access to the electronic paper edition (editions: Europe, US, UK, Asia, Mid East)
    Access to markets data with a results analysis feature (Markets Data)
    archiwum mail
    Access to all archived content (searchable by topic and keywords)
    personalizacja mail
    Option to have personalized email alerts sent to your mailbox (Email Alerts)
    mail briefing
    Option to have summaries of selected topics sent to your mailbox (Email Briefings)
    Access to FT Special Reports, searchable by topic, region, publication date
    Access to a business English learning support tool (FT Lexicon)
    Access to FT reporters’ blogs (FT Blogs)

    Free access to content for KU students and staff

    "Rzeczpospolita" is a nationwide newspaper with an economic and legal focus. The subscription for the Kozminski University community includes a package that provides full access to content, as well as legal weekly publications and specialized services.

    The subscription includes the RP.PL PLUS package, which features:

    • content
    • full access to exclusive articles published solely on, as well as influential and specialized legal and economic content


    • the „Wskaźniki i Stawki” service
    • an online service containing calculators and tools for corporate and personal settlements
    • legal weekly publications: "Dobra Firma: Podatki i Księgowość", "Dobra Administracja", "Rzecz o Prawie", "Dobra Firma – Rachunkowość", "Dobra Firma – Kadry i Płace", "Dobra Firma – Biznes"

    To access the platform, you must be a student (also postgraduate and doctoral studies), or a person associated professionally or organizationally with Kozminski University and have an email address in domains subscribed to by the University.

    More information, access rules, and platform usage (in Polish). Service available only in Polish language.

    Free access to "Puls Biznesu"

    Students and postgraduate students, as well as employees of Kozminski University, have free access to the content of the daily newspaper "Puls Biznesu" in its digital version.

    This gives you access to information on trends in the global economy, activities of the largest companies and startups, programs for financing innovative solutions and bringing them to market, analyses, podcasts, reports and rankings. 

    Want to start your subscription? 1. Go to 2. Enter your email at your University domain.

    Service available only in Polish language.

    Psychological support

    We care for the well-being of the academic community. KU students and employees can benefit from psychological support from the Wellbeing Office and consultations with psychologists from the Mindmed Institute of Psychotherapy. All consultations are free and confidential.

    The first form of suport are consultations with employees of the Wellbeing Office.

    We also provide access to psychotherapeutic and psychiatric consultations in cooperation with the Mindmed Psychotherapy Institute as part of the "Accessible-Open-Creative Project. KU as a university of equal opportunities ”.

    More information

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