More than lectures


More than lectures

Learning at Kozminski is more than just lectures. We implement technological innovations supporting our teaching processes. By making use of solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and gamification, we share knowledge combined with experience. The process of education and general development is supported by a possibility to take advantage of additional tools and licenses. For example, KU students have unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning platform offering 12,000 online courses in various areas of knowledge. Both students and graduates can use the “Financial Times” website as premium users.


Virtual reality for law students

Imagine a prosecutor at a crime scene. He enters a spacious room. He carefully lifts a figure from a chessboard. He opens a drawer. He sees the body on a chair behind the desk, with a gun in its hand and a gunshot wound to the head. He goes deeper inside the room. He opens the safe. But didn’t he make a mistake on the way? This shall be decided by our expert during criminology classes. Because this isn’t happening for real. The man inspecting the crime scene is a student. The student learns proper conduct at a crime scene – but in a virtual reality setting. Our law students take part in an educational game that utilizes virtual reality technology. They wear VR goggles and have to act as if they were already forensic specialists. The VR-based game used within the framework of law studies at KU is the first such initiative in Poland. It is co-created and developed by KU’s graduates. The authors are already working on new scenarios.

About law classes at KU with the use of VR in “Polska i Świat” on TVN24

vr - google wiecej niz wyklady

Bloomberg laboratory for finance and accounting students

Our finance and accounting students can make use of a financial laboratory based on Bloomberg technologies. They have access to the entire service and additional educational features of the largest news agency in the world. Thanks to this solution, education is based on real analyses, indicators, and information from all financial markets in the world. The same Bloomberg service is used by major banks, financial institutions, enterprises, and the media.

Thanks to special software, the Bloomberg terminal makes it possible to receive information from financial markets in real time and offers access to historical data. The agency’s journalists, working in 120 countries, provide business information and analyses on which companies and financial market institutions base their investment strategies. The service used by higher education institutions features also educational and research tools.

Laboratorium Bloomberga

Free access to LinkedIn Learning

Since 2018, LinkedIn has been our strategic partner. The result is free and unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning offered to all KU students and staff members. We were the first higher education institution in Poland to have established such a high-profile partnership. LinkedIn Learning is an education platform with online courses – offering the so-called learning on-demand. It is a solution that helps one improve their professional competence and acquire new skills.

Our students and employees get:

  • unlimited access to more than 12,000 video courses covering business, technology, and creative skills
  • personalized course suggestions based on professional experience
  • certificates proving the acquisition of particular skills, which can be made available immediately on one’s LinkedIn profile

Free access to the "Financial Times’" premium content

Every student of our university gets free access to premium content of the Financial Times.

The Financial Times daily is a reliable and trustworthy source of information on global business, international finance, political and economic events. It is a joint effort of over 600 journalists from 50 countries around the world. The Financial Times is read daily by over 2 million readers.

  • 60% of them are managers
  • 49% of them are members of boards of international corporations
  • 77% read FT on international business trips
  • 15% are millionaires
  • As many as 91% of readers admit that the Financial Times offers content they can’t find elsewhere.
ft signet

Benefits of the Financial Times’ premium service:

archiwum mail
Access to all archived content (searchable by topic and keywords)
personalizacja mail
Option to have personalized email alerts sent to your mailbox (Email Alerts)
mail briefing
Option to have summaries of selected topics sent to your mailbox (Email Briefings)
wydanie elektroniczne
Everyday access to the electronic paper edition (editions: Europe, US, UK, Asia, Mid East)
Access to markets data with a results analysis feature (Markets Data)
Access to FT Special Reports, searchable by topic, region, publication date
Access to a business English learning support tool (FT Lexicon)
Access to FT reporters’ blogs (FT Blogs)

Free access to a wide range of content for students and staff of Koźmiński University

Rzeczpospolita is a nationwide newspaper with an economic and legal focus. The subscription for the Koźmiński University community includes a package that provides full access to content, as well as legal weekly publications and specialized services.

The subscription includes the RP.PL PLUS package, which features:

  • content,
  • full access to exclusive articles published solely on, as well as influential and specialized legal and economic content,
  • the „Wskaźniki i Stawki” service,
  • an online service containing calculators and tools for corporate and personal settlements,
  • legal weekly publications: "Dobra Firma: Podatki i Księgowość," "Dobra Administracja," "Rzecz o Prawie," "Dobra Firma – Rachunkowość," "Dobra Firma - Kadry i Płace," "Dobra Firma – Biznes."

To access the platform, you must be a student (also postgraduate and doctoral studies), or a person associated professionally or organizationally with Kozminski University and have an email address in domains subscribed to by the University.

More information, access rules, and platform usage

Free access to "Puls Biznesu"

Students and postgraduate students, as well as employees of Kozminski University, have free access to the content of the daily newspaper "Puls Biznesu" in its digital version.

This gives you access to information on trends in the global economy, activities of the largest companies and startups, programs for financing innovative solutions and bringing them to market, analyses, podcasts, reports and rankings. 

Want to start your subscription? 1. Go to 2. Enter your email at your university domain.

Service available only in Polish language



Professional psychological support

We care for the well-being of the academic community. KU students and employees can benefit from psychological support from the Wellbeing Office and consultations with psychologists from the Mindmed Institute of Psychotherapy. All consultations are free and confidential.

The first form of suport are consultations with employees of the Wellbeing Office.

We also provide access to psychotherapeutic and psychiatric consultations in cooperation with the Mindmed Psychotherapy Institute as part of the Accessible-Open-Creative project. KU as a university of equal opportunities ”.

More information

Wellbeing office ALK Marzena Indra Michal Godlewski Akademia Leona Kozminskiego.png

Kozminski is much more than college - we care about your growth.

What can you get involved and take part in:


  • TYGRYSKI Student Scientific Club at the TIGER Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research Center
  • Student Scientific Club
  • “KREATYWNI” Marketing Scientific Club
  • Simulation Games Scientific Club
  • “SPINKA” Process, Project, and Change Management Scientific Club
  • “WELL-BALANCED” Sustainable Development Student Scientific Club
  • “Kapitalni” Financial Markets Scientific Club
  • “Audytor” Financial Accounting Scientific Club
  • Tax Law Scientific Club
  • “Actio Efficiens” Intellectual Property Law Student Scientific Club
  • Ex Ante Student Scientific Club
  • Lex Medica Scientific Club

The problem of the Polish education system is the excessive dogmatic approach to certain issues, as well as teaching things that became a thing of the past long ago. When developing our Student Legal Clinic, we follow a completely different approach. Our Student Legal Clinic operates on a pro bono basis. Legal advice is offered here to those worse off, who cannot afford the services of a law firm. Students learn by dealing with case studies. They look for solutions to specific legal problems. The Clinic draws up legal opinions and submissions. These activities are a proper form of preparation to pursuing legal professions. Students have an opportunity to get to know the ropes of working with clients. The KU College of Law offers special psychological training to the members of the Clinic, which involves teaching the basic skills required to work with clients – including so-called difficult clients. The following sections operate within the framework of the Student Legal Clinic:

  • administrative law
  • criminal law
  • civil law (three sections, including a family law section)
  • labor and social security law

Contact: The Clinic is managed by Mateusz Woiński, PhD, from the Department of Criminal Law, Vice-Dean of the College of Law.

TOP 15 is a program aimed at the best KU students. Such students work with a student adviser of their choice to conduct research and then present its results in the form of scientific papers published in special journals. The TOP 15 program has been running since 2007. Students also participate in a series of seminars and workshops aimed at developing their research competence.

TOP 15 is open to second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students, regardless of their field of study or type of studies. A maximum of 15 persons are accepted to take part in the Program each year. Applicants are expected to be interested in research, as well as to be independent, systematic, and self-disciplined, as this is what is prerequisite for scientific work.


An inseparable element of studying at Kozminski is taking part in an international exchange program. Every student who has completed their first year of studies, whose level of proficiency in English is at least B2, and whose academic performance has been good, can apply to take part in an international exchange program.

We have signed agreements with over 200 foreign higher education institutions on six continents. KU runs the exchange program within the framework of the European ERASMUS+ Program, which supports mobility initiatives, including co-financing student mobility for a semester or a year of study at a European HEI, and within the framework of bilateral agreements signed with HEIs from outside the European Union.


One of the most promising opportunities to gain international professional experience we offer is the chance to serve a student internship abroad as part of the Erasmus Placement program. Each student and graduate who decides to go to one of the European countries for two months (or longer) has a chance to receive a grant for the duration of the internship.

Kozminski University has signed several dozen agreements with international organizations which offer the opportunity to serve internships with them, based in such countries as: United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Greece, Portugal, and many more.

Kozminski Venture Lab offers our students and graduates:

  • An incubation and acceleration program
  • Provision of innovative solutions for businesses
  • Counselling and mentoring for start-ups and innovative undertakings

It also has a crowdfunding platform within its ecosystem.

Find out more here

  • Student Council

The Student Council is the voice of the entire student community. Its members are involved in making important decisions by e.g. participating in meetings of the KU Senate, providing opinions on the curricula, delegating students to sit in the Grants Committee and in disciplinary panels.

They are the originators and organizers of many scientific, cultural, and sports events. They support interesting student initiatives and charity projects. They organize or co-organize traditional student events – initiation ceremonies, halfway-through parties, juwenalia, and orientation trips. The Student Council is composed of the following sections: marketing section, event section, teaching section, and a so-called support group. Any student who wants to have a real impact on the functioning of the university can apply to join them. The Student Council represents all KU students in regional, national, and international student organizations, including the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland (PSRP).


Samorząd 2020


  • Kozminski International Society

KIS is a student organization (operating under the name Kozminski Erasmus Student Network from 2008 to 2020) whose activity consists in providing assistance to and representing the interests of incoming students from abroad. The KIS motto is: “Students helping students”. KIS members take care of newcomers from the moment of their arrival to Poland. They help them in all matters related to their stay and studies. They provide them with all necessary information. They offer recommendations on how to spend free time. They familiarize foreigners with Polish culture, customs, and tradition. They organize orientation meetings and trips. They spare no effort to make newcomers feel like home in Poland.

If you want to pursue a sport while studying, Kozminski gives you a chance to do so. Each year we do our best to meet the preferences of our students. We always welcome any recommendations and suggestions.

At present, we have the following semi-professional sports sections at KU:

  • men’s basketball
  • women’s volleyball
  • men’s volleyball
  • chess
  • sports bridge
  • e-sports
  • cheerleading

Amateur sections:

  • men’s futsal
  • racing section. 

In addition to the above, you can attend aerobics classes, practice exercises for healthy spine, play table tennis, learn self-defence or aikido. The university has a well-equipped gym.

More at:

Traditionally in September, before the start of the academic year, KU students go to a sports camp to Masuria – in Żabinki. There, they not only take advantage of sports activities and entertainment but also get some studying done, which lets them pass some part of courses in the coming semester. Taking part in the camp also exempts them from physical education classes.

In winter, there is an orientation trip to the Alps, where students learn or perfect their skiing or snowboarding skills. The planned attractions include also: volleyball in the snow, après-ski parties, and a wellness area available daily.

The summer and winter camps are organized by KU Sports Center.

The Student Council organizes, in turn, a summer sailing trip in the Mediterranean.

Studenci na obozie narciarskim


Watch a short video from the Żabinki Summer Camp 2021: