Corporate training programs – individual approach

Szkolenia dla firm – indywidualne podejście

Corporate training programs – individual approach

Corporate training programs

Our clients can benefit from our in-company training services. We design the scope and the program of every training course together with coaches and taking into account the needs of the company. Our academic teachers and coaches, apart from being engaged in teaching and scientific projects, have extensive practical experience in many industries thanks to having worked for global corporations and consulting companies.

They are therefore able to draw on their practical experience and their scientific work at the same time to familiarize training participants with both the techniques and the motivation behind their actions. They are also able to work with attitudes and behaviors, making use of real-life examples.

Classes are conducted in the form of intensive workshops based on a modern methodology of working with groups, utilizing many effective techniques to develop competence and improve skills.

Both the content and the methodology of the training are adapted each time to the issues and problems discussed. This way, we implement business solutions that blend in optimally with the needs of the client organization. The experience of our coaches guarantees is bound to make each training session highly dynamic.

The participants will surely appreciate the interactive way of conveying theoretical and practical knowledge, the responsiveness to the reported problems or suggestions, and the workshop and creative format of the training. Training sessions can take place in Warsaw – on the premises of our university or in any other agreed location in Poland.

Szkolenia dla firm

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