· Best business school in Central and Eastern Europe according to the "Financial Times" ranking – ranked 40th in Europe
· On TOP3 list of economic higher education institutions in Poland according to the "Perspektywy" ranking
· Best non-public higher education institution for 24 years according to the "Perspektywy" ranking

"Financial Times" (FT) rankings

Since 2009, our University has been featured in the "Financial Times" global education rankings. These include:

  • Global Masters in Management
  • Global Masters in Finance
  • European Business Schools
  • Global Executive MBA
  • Global Executive Education (since 2021)

Main ranking criteria:

  • Percentage of foreign faculty members
  • Percentage of academics with a PhD (“doktor” degree)
  • Graduates’ earnings and the increase in their earnings within three years after graduation

​​​​FT European Business Schools Ranking

According to the 2023 "Financial Times" ranking, Kozminski University is the leader among business schools in Central and Eastern Europe.

The ranking of universities is based on four detailed lists showing the quality of programs and achievements of graduates of MBA, EMBA, MSc in Management, and postgraduate studies, published by "FT" successively throughout the year. A prerequisite for inclusion in these sub-rankings as well as in the main ranking of universities in the possession of international accreditation – AACSB or EQUIS. 

Higher education institutions from Central and Eastern Europe:

  • Kozminski University, Poland – 40th
  • Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic – 52nd
  • University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, Slovenia – 64th
  • Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary – 89th 


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FT Global Masters in Management Ranking

In 2023, Kozminski University ranks in the top 3 in Central & Eastern Europe among the top 100 business schools worldwide - according to the Global Masters in Management Ranking published by the "Financial Times".

The "Financial Times" compiles its education rankings on the basis of its own surveys conducted in groups of graduates who graduated not later than three years after each survey. There are 17 evaluation criteria taken into account by FT. One of them that is particularly worth mentioning is the progress the surveyed graduates make in their careers.

The rankings feature also our foreign partners. One of them is ESCP Business School, the oldest business school in the world. Our joint Master in Management program ranked 4th in the world.


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FT Global Masters in Finance Ranking

Kozminski University is the only one in the CEE region and Poland to be featured in the Global Masters in Finance 2023 "Financial Times" ranking.

Our University has 32nd position worldwide in the ranking.

For a program to be ranked, strict requirements must be met. Full-time studies with an annual minimum of 30 graduates are considered, and the HEI that offers the program must be accredited by AACSB or EQUIS. The highest-weighted evaluation criterion is the earnings of the graduates.


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FT Global Executive MBA Ranking

Our Executive MBA program has been ranked 1st among universities in Central and Eastern Europe in the "Financial Times" ranking in 2023.

As the only one from Poland, it has been present in this ranking for over 10 years and still has a strong position among the hundred best universities in the world, 51st position in 2023.

The ranking is based on surveys sent to higher education institutions and their graduates. The main ranking criteria are: current earnings of graduates, the increase in these earnings, career progress, professional experience, and goals achieved. Other criteria: presences of courses covering CSR, ethics, social and environmental issues in the curriculum, international diversity, and the value of scientific research.


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    FT Global Executive Education Ranking

    Kozminski University has been recognized as one of the top business schools for postgraduate studies and corporate development programs in the world, according to the "Financial Times" Executive Education 2023 rankings.

    In both rankings evaluating open and closed development programs, we are the only university from Central and Eastern Europe, thus confirming our position as the best partner for business and individual clients in the region.


      Link to the ranking FT Executive Education Open 2023

      Link to the ranking FT Executive Education Custom 2023


      Perspektywy Rankings


      Our University has been placed as the vice-leader of all Polish economic higher education institutions in the 2023 ranking of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation.


      In 2023, Kozminski University was ranked FIRST among non-public higher education institutions for the twenty-fourth time.


      We’re number 16 among all Polish academic institutions of higher education!

      The high score is mainly the effect of the accreditations we hold, the staff consisting of experienced teachers and business practitioners, and the level of internationalization. The professional achievements of our graduates were also a significant factor.


      Perspektywy MBA ranking

      According to the 2024 Perspektywy MBA ranking, KU’s Executive MBA is the best MBA program in Poland.

      5 key ranking criteria:

      • rank and renown of the program
      • career support
      • quality of the students
      • teaching staff
      • program’s content


      “Rzeczpospolita” ranking of law programs

      Our University was named the best non-public higher education institution in the 2023 “Rzeczpospolita” daily Ranking of Law Faculties and Programs.

      The ranking position was determined, among others, by the rate of being accepted to a legal apprenticeship, the number of applicants per 1 place, and the presence of the competition winners among the high school students. Also: collaboration with foreign partners, including staff mobility, enrolled students-foreigners, and scientific potential.

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