Sport and e-sport

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Sport and e-sport

Kozminski University supports sports and a healthy lifestyle among students. If you want to develop your sports passions, we give you a chance to do so in Kozminski. Every year, we try to adapt to the preferences of our students. We are open to ideas and suggestions. 


Physical education classes

The students of full-time Bachelor studies must participate in compulsory physical education classes. Classes are held once a week for two semesters, in the second and the third semesters of your studies. Students choose the sport they want to take part in. You can choose from:

* basketball * volleyball * futsal (indoor soccer) * running * aerobics * tabata * healthy spine * table tennis * pilates * stretching * boccia * chess * bridge * e-sport

We practice in a multifunctional sports hall for team games, aerobics as well as a modern and well-equipped gym. Students have professional trainers at their disposal who will take care of the training plan, proper performance of individual exercises and well-being.


Academic Sports Association (AZS)

KU Academic Club of the Academic Sports Association has been operating at Kozminski University since 1995. Initially, our students played soccer and basketball, and each year there were more sections. Thanks to the University's authorities and the focus on sports development, Kozminski University Sports Association sections win numerous medals in academic competition on the Warsaw, Mazovian, Polish and European arenas.

At KU you can play sports as an amateur. You can represent KU at competitions – it doesn't matter if there is a sport section within the discipline you practice or not. We support every student. We appreciate their passions and interests.

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Sport Sections

Currently, there are semi-professional sections at KU:

Amateur sections:

  • running
AZS Kozminski koszykowka mezczyzn


Game enthusiasts have their own e-sport section. "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" and "League of Legends" players meet in the Lions for Gaming (L4Gaming) section, where they train their skills together.

The most talented L4gaming players represent KU in the E-AMP, or E-sport Academic Polish Championships, organized by the Academic Sports Association. E-AMP is a rivalry of e-sport sections, which exhibit players representing the University in a given tournament. Additionally, KU competes in the eduleague, which runs an academic e-sport league.


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Kozminski Sport Club

Kozminski Sport Club is a unique place where you can practice sports throughout the academic year under the supervision of professional coaches.

Club members have an unlimited number of entries and unlimited participation in classes.

At Kozminski Sport Club you can find:

  • a modern gym: aerobic part, body building and cross-fit
  • a fitness room: fat burning classes, TBC, ABT, pilates, stretching, tabata, aeroboxing
  • a room for team games: handball, volleyball, basketball
  • table tennis


Kozminski Sport Club

Integration Camps for Students

Summer Camp

Traditionally, in September, before the beginning of the academic year, Kozminski students go to a sports camp to the Mazury lake district – in Zabinka. There, they carry out not only a sports and entertainment program, but also a scientific one, allowing them to pass a part of the classes in a semester. Participation in the camp also relieves them from attending PE classes.

Winter Camp

In the winter, an integration camp is organized in the Alps, during which students acquire or polish their skills on skis or snowboard. The program also includes: volleyball games in the snow, après-ski parties, and a wellness area available every day.

Summer and winter camps are organized by the KU Sports Center. More info HERE

Studenci na obozie narciarskim


Kozminski TRIO Basket is a street basketball tournament organized for high school students from Warsaw and its surroundings. Every year about 700 students take part in it, supported by their trainers or physical education teachers.

The best players receive the Kozminski University index, the KU Rector's Scholarship and material prizes.

In addition to the competition of school teams, the tournament is a show of skills of basketball stars performing tricks with balls, such as batting or slam dunk.

The 20th edition of the event took place in March 2024.

Kozminski TRIO Basket