Ecosystem of Change - Responsible Companies and Positive Impact Startups Ranking Gala

We will soon find out which companies have joined this year's Ranking of Responsible Companies (ROF) and the Report of Positive Impact Startups (RSPW). During the upcoming event, the Jury, i.e. the Characters of Positive Influence chaired by Professor Bolesław Rok, will announce the two lists of honoured companies.

The Responsible Companies Ranking Gala and the Positive Influence Startups Report is a unique meeting devoted entirely to a young market trend that makes more and more smaller and larger companies engage in issues important to us all. At the intersection of different worlds, e.g. the world of profit and the world of common good, the world of technology and the world of environmental activism, organisations emerge which are focused on creating positive change while achieving their business goals. It is precisely such companies that the group of Positive Influence Characters has been looking for over the last few months in order to distinguish them in two lists.

The first one is the Report "Startups of Positive Influence. Radical Innovation", which, as the name suggests, is dedicated to young companies. The publication features a number of opinion leaders and presents selected startups and their business models in detail, in the form of case studies. It is available to the public and is an increasingly important reference point for scientific, business, non-governmental and public centres, as well as for incubators, accelerators, investment funds and grant programmes. Partners of the Positive Impact Startups programme include BNP Paribas, Orange, Samsung, Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder and Żabka.

The second list, the Ranking of Responsible Companies, is the result of an analysis of responses received from the largest companies in Poland on the basis of a specially prepared questionnaire. The publication lists large enterprises from various industries, which often became interested in the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) many years ago and gradually undertook various changes to implement it. These are companies that have put in place detailed policies and procedures to ensure that they take their responsibility towards customers and beyond seriously.

We invite you to watch the KBH Facebook Live broadcast of the Gala, which will summarise this year's work on the ecosystem of positive change in business.                                                                            

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