Division of Mathematical and Statistical Method

Research is conducted in various fields but primarily the focus is placed on applications of mathematical, statistical  and econometric methods in different economic phenomena. 

Teaching programs for mathematics, statistics and econometrics  are designed for different majors such as: 

- Economics 

- Finance and Accounting 

- Management 

- Psychology in Management 

- Administration 

We offer the following courses: 

- Mathematics 

- Quantitative Methods  

- Financial Mathematics 

- Econometrics 

- Descriptive Statistics 

- Mathematical Statistics 

- Economic Statistics 

- Statistical Methods 

- Statistics with Demography 

Almost all the courses are a mix of lectures, workshops, discussions and computer labs for both undergraduate and master programs. 

Particular attention is paid to applications of taught methods into real life situations. 
The courses are conducted in Polish and English. 

We also supervise students individually if there is such necessity. 

Many of the courses offered are conducted also during Summer School. 

All the courses are constructed to equip students with skills useful in the industry that is  to apply different mathematical, statistical and econometric methods in business, economics, management and other social sciences. 

Head of the Division
Nowakowska I., dr
dr Iwona Nowakowska
dr hab. Agnieszka Bezat-Jarzębowska
prof. ALK dr Anna Bielecka
Bojanowski M., dr
dr Michał Bojanowski
prof. dr hab. inż. Gerard Cybulski
Ćwil M., mgr
mgr Małgorzata Ćwil
dr Alicja Maksimowicz-Ajchel
dr Marcin Malawski
dr Katarzyna Piotrowska
dr hab. Piotr Zalewski