Department of Accounting

The Department of Accounting conducts research and classes in the field of financial accounting, management accounting and auditing. The staff of the Department are specialists with both academic and practical experience. The department develops cooperation with national and foreign centres through joint organization of conferences. Moreover, it promotes scientific cooperation of employees. In addition, the Department maintains contacts with practitioners. As it works with the best audit and consulting companies. The employees of the Department belong to professional associations like Polish Accounting Association, European Accounting Association, EURAM or IESE Alumni Association. Furthermore, the Department of Accounting offers BA, MA and PhD seminars in accounting. Department staff conduct classes at all levels of education at KU. Classes are taught in Polish and English. The curriculum is adapted to the requirements of international certifying organizations in the profession of accountant.

Head of the Department
Prof. dr hab. Dorota Dobija
prof. dr hab. Dorota Dobija
Kucharczyk Małgorzata
dr Małgorzata Kucharczyk
Dr Iwona Cieślak
dr Iwona Cieślak
dr Renata Dylag Prodziekan Zarzadzania ALK
prof. ALK dr Renata Dyląg
prof. ALK dr hab. Giuseppe Grossi
dr Magdalena Koczuba-Sobieraj Prodziekan zarzadzania ALK
prof. ALK dr Magdalena Koczuba-Sobieraj
Kondratowicz-Garbarska Irena
dr Irena Kondratowicz-Garbarska
dr Grygorii Kravchenko
dr Grygorii Kravchenko
mgr John Mulenga
dr Karolina Puławska
prof. ALK dr hab. Narcyz Roztocki
dr Adrian Struciński
dr Wojciech Strzelczyk