Global Thinking in Leadership - How a Leader Can Expand Their Competencies?

The business of the future requires a new type of leaders who can manage change, create unconventional business models, and think globally. Individuals with highly developed management skills who can also challenge their beliefs and think critically have a decisive impact on the development and success of organizations. Is leadership a set of skills or a choice? How can a leader become a true visionary?

Step out of your comfort zone and overcome barriers

The ability to push one's own boundaries and overcome barriers is incredibly important in the global business environment. Such an approach requires great flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions. According to many advisors in the training industry, every manager can become an innovator. It only requires favorable circumstances, an environment that stimulates creative thinking, and the willingness to go beyond the accepted norms. Stepping out of the comfort zone involves learning new skills and acquiring knowledge in areas that are unfamiliar to us. It is worthwhile to set goals and tasks that require effort. To constantly develop and exceed limits, it is essential to gradually increase the difficulty level of actions. Managers should strive to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs. Being aware of our emotions and identifying what holds us back from crossing boundaries is valuable.

Create an atmosphere that supports creativity

Innovation is based on the culture of an organization, and teamwork is a part of it. A leader should be an example for their team, engaging in innovative projects and pursuing continuous improvement. It is important to remember that being a leader is not just about delegating tasks. A manager should lead by example, motivate employees, and discover their talents. While focusing on self-improvement is crucial for every leader, the success of the organization depends on the entire team. It is worth giving employees the opportunity to share ideas and support them in implementing new initiatives. Managers should be open to various approaches and solutions, as well as be able to respond quickly to changes and, above all, set their direction. Working with the creative teams with different perspectives, skills, and cultural backgrounds requires openness, communication skills, collaboration, support, and empathy.

Design an innovative future

The world is changing faster than ever before. Managers can choose whether they want to lead these changes or follow them. Sometimes it is worth forgetting about our beliefs and stepping out of our comfort zone. This allows us to learn new things about ourselves and bridge the gap between knowledge of being a leader and being a true visionary. There is a significant difference between these two concepts. A leader takes full responsibility for their team, while a visionary does not just focus on the company's results but primarily analyzes its functioning in relation to the environment. A visionary perceives the world holistically, not as separate fragments. One of their main traits is the ability to persuade others of their vision. This means that they can look beyond, contribute to innovative solutions, step out of their comfort zone, and create in chaos. How to transform from a leader to a visionary? In addition to a focus on continuous learning, openness to new ways of thinking and experimenting with previously untried approaches is essential. Each leader has their own style and different impact on the surrounding world.

Find new areas for development

Employee development is market development, so to keep up with progress, an attitude of continuous learning is needed. Employers attach increasing importance to soft skills of employees. They expect an innovative approach to problem-solving, unconventional thinking, and a wealth of creativity. Such requirements are mainly placed on leaders in international corporations. Nothing prevents managers from acquiring and developing key skills. Aspiring to be a leader is a choice; one needs only to focus on continuous learning. In this way, managers can discover their talents and predispositions.

In response to the demand for change innovators, we have created a special educational program for MBA graduates called "Leading with a Global Mindset." This unique training aims to equip managers with leadership competencies. The program uses experiential learning methodology in a specially designed environment. Training participants explore, practice, and design their own responses to global challenges. The workshops are experimental and reflective in nature, requiring managers to be highly open and ready to discover new ways of thinking and stepping out of their comfort zone. The educational experience can change the perception of leadership and have a significant impact on the future of the organization and its environment.

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