Kozminski University is a partner of this year's "Women in Tech Summit" conference

Kozminski University has become a partner of this year's conference organized by Perspektywy - "Women in Tech Summit", which will be held on June 7th-8th, 2022 in the Warsaw Expo XXI. You can also participate in the event online.

This will be an international gathering of women of science, business, and technology who will share their stories, scientific achievements, and visions for the technological future of the world.

The conference includes:

  • 4 scenes: Inspiration, Tech, Future Labs, Career,
  • 150 talks by female tech experts and leaders,
  • 100 workshops and tech talks,
  • 60 leading TECH & IT Partners,
  • 12 thematic events,
  • career space, mentoring and networking,
  • Big Fat Party!

Our female employees and students can take advantage of free invitations to this prestigious event.

More information about the conference is available HERE.


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