Gender, Social Recognition and Political Influence. Policy Implications Podcast #10

In this episode of the Policy Implications Podcast together with Cesi Cruz PhD from UCLA we discuss the gender gap in political influence arguing that even though a woman may be elected to the office, it does not mean that she has comparable influence to a man in a similar position. Also, we talk about the determinants of political influence for women and men and the way policy makers may use incentives to motivate women take part in political life of their comunities. 

Policy Implications Podcast is a show where we discuss the most recent research in economics and finance. During each episode, we talk about the main ideas of the research and what we can learn from it paying special attention to how its results can be used by the policymakers. The show is hosted by Olha Zadorozhna PhD and is part of the Kozminski Insights series.

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