Policy implications podcast

Can social media shape political preferences? Policy Implications Podcast #5

We invite you to listen to the new episode of the Policy Implications Podcast - "Can social media shape political preferences?".

Guest: dr Carlo Schwarz

In this episode of the Policy Implications Podcast we discuss the impact of social media on the political preferences of their users, the differences between the US and the European Twitter-users and if those differences can be exploited by the political campaigns to maximize the probability of winning. And finally, we discuss the role of owners of the social media on the modern political arena and what social media users should be conscious about when using their accounts.

More details on the research discussed in this episode can be found here.

Policy Implications Podcast is a show where we discuss the most recent research in economics and finance. During each episode, we talk about the main ideas of the research and what we can learn from it paying special attention to how its results can be used by the policymakers. The show is hosted by dr Olha Zadorozhna and is part of the Kozminski Insights series.