The TOP 15 Program

TOP 15

The TOP 15 Program and research grants


Program TOP 15

TOP 15 is a program for our best students. In cooperation with a research supervisor of their choice, they conduct research and then present their results in the form of scientific papers published in special journals. The TOP 15 program has been running since 2007. Students also participate in a series of seminars and workshops aimed at developing their research competences.

The TOP 15 Program is open to second-, third-, fourth-, and fifth-year students, regardless of the field and mode of their studies. A maximum of 15 students are accepted into the Program each year. Candidates are expected, above all, to have research curiosity, as well as independence, systematicity and self-discipline, because this is what scientific work requires.


Participation in the TOP 15 Program is associated with a number of benefits:

  • Know-how – TOP 15 provides unique know-how for research projects. This knowledge is extremely useful in business practice as well as in scientific activity.
  • Cooperation with a mentor – participation in the Program provides an opportunity for scientific development under the guidance of a mentor of your choice.
  • Own scientific publication – papers prepared within the TOP 15 Program, positively reviewed by independent reviewers – will be published in special, prestigious scientific journals.
  • Establishing new contacts – participation in the Program allows participants to get to know each other, exchange experiences and cooperate during workshops specially designed for the needs of the Program participants.
  • Points to scholarship – participants of the Program will have the opportunity to gain additional points for the scientific scholarship.
  • Prestige and recognition - participation in a unique project on a Polish scale.

Student research grants

The program is open to members of all student organizations. Grants are awarded for research projects. Students receive funds and support from the organization's mentor.

Participants of the program receive:

  • know-how on conducting scientific research, mentoring of the organization's mentor
  • an opportunity to deepen their knowledge – an in-depth look at the issue, a literature review and finding an existing research gap
  • a chance to build a network of professional contacts – conducting research with people with similar interests and building common experiences
  • practice before the diploma thesis – repetition and implementation in practice of research methods required for the preparation of the diploma thesis