Master in Finance & Accounting - Buddy Program

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Master in Finance & Accounting - Buddy Program



About the program

The Master in Finance & Accounting - Buddy Program is a peer-to-peer initiative that helps the new students to make an easier start in a new place with the help of more experienced buddies. It is designed to maintain more responsive and close relationships between the peer members of the KU community. The major benefit for the new students is to get accommodated more quickly in the new environment and to have the feeling of support from somebody experienced to call on various study & student life issues at KU.

How does the program work?

First-year students will be acquainted with more experienced volunteers, by first checking their LinkedIn profiles in order to register with a volunteer who matches their inspirations in terms of career path, specialization, hobbies etc. In order to guarantee equal support for all new students we set a limit of 5-7 students per Buddy. Buddies will stay in touch at ease, there are no rules how often or in which form to meet and the initiative during the first year should be on first-year students.

Why to become a Buddy Program Volunteer?

Becoming a Buddy Program Volunteer will further strengthen our community, provide an opportunity to meet interesting people from different countries, optionally practice other languages, develop valuable interpersonal and communication skills, flexibility, leadership, teamwork and problem-solving capabilities.

How to become a Buddy?

The only thing you need to become a Buddy Volunteer is a willingness to share your own experience about first steps in KU. Communication will take place from time to time without a certain outlined commitment.

Fill in the registration form and await contact from the program coordinator:

If you are open and ready to help as a volunteer or you need additional support as a first-year student, please contact the Finance and Accounting Buddy Program coordinator:
dr Grygorii Kravchenko
Franjo Mlinaric
Or the leader of the program:
Franjo Mlinarič, Ph.D

Meet our buddies

Paulo Francoti De Carvalho

I'm Paulo and I'm from the carnival land, Brazil. Prior to joining Kozminski University, I graduated in Business Administration from Insper University and worked in the Private Equity industry for 2 years. I took part in the CFA Research Challenge while in Poland, and with the support of Kozminski's network, I and my team achieved second place in the national competition. This also aided me in establishing international ties and starting my international career in investment banking with a Swedish bank.

Bartłomiej Romański

Final year student currently pursuing a Master of Finance and Accounting degree majoring in corporate finance, I also completed my bachelor's degree at Kozminski in Finance and Accounting. I had the opportunity to take part in the 2021 CFA Research challenge as one of the two Kozminski teams where we managed to achieve 3rd place in Poland and the Baltic region. Currently, I am working as a business strategy analyst at Accenture having previous experience in FMCG, Executive Search, and Financial Services. In my free time, I like to play sports, meet with friends, and whether it's in the right season to ski.  

Eduardo Huizinga Aparício

Hi, I am Eduardo and a second-year student of the Master in Finance & Accounting program at Kozminski. I currently work as an Equity Research Analyst at J.P. Morgan and have prior experience in M&A and PE. While at Kozminski, I participated in the CFA Research Challenge and the AI in ESG Investing Competition, achieving great results in both. I like to read and I would say my greatest strength is being intellectually curious about virtually any topic. Feel free to reach out!

Maciej Wachowski

Currently, I am a final-year student of the Master in Finance and Accounting program at KU. I work as an Associate in the Valuation and Modeling team in Deloitte, where I have the opportunity to work on diverse projects from various industries. I have previous experience in M&A and some successes in nationwide competitions (CFA Research Challenge – 3rd place in Poland, Deloitte Dealmaker Academy – 1st place). I am also a CFA candidate, and I have passed the Level 1 exam. Privately I am passionate about financial markets, history, and a huge fan of stuffed peppers from Biedronka (they’re really good).

Michał Malewicz

I’m a second-year Master in Finance and Accounting student. During my studies, I participated in CFA Research Challenge and achieved 3rd place in Polish Finals. For the past year, I have been working in Valuation and Modeling in one of the Big 4 companies in the Warsaw office. In my free time, I really enjoy watching and playing all kinds of team sports, especially basketball and football and on top of that, I’m very much interested in motorsport.

Kshitij Wadhwani

I am an active and enthusiastic person with a result-oriented attitude, with over 2+ years of international exposure in business management and strategy consulting. I like to work in a team and am very keen on financial markets;
Currently, I am a student of Masters in Finance and Accounting anticipating a degree from Kozminski University and aim to work in the financial sector mainly in IB, private equity, M&A.

Erik Gustafsson

I’m a final-year graduate student at Kozminski. I was born and raised in Sweden, and four years ago I moved to Poland to study Finance & Accounting at Kozminski. After getting my bachelor’s diploma last year, I decided that I wanted to stay here for my master's studies too.

During my studies at Kozminski, I have been provided with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge that I can apply in the real world, and when representing the University in the CFA Research Challenge, I also got the chance to test my knowledge and skills against others in a real-life scenario.

I am currently enrolled in the CFA Program and since April this year, I am working as a Junior Analyst in SEB Corporate Finance.

Raman Srinivasan

I'm a Finance & Accounting student, who loves working with numbers and people. I'm enthusiastic about growing and gaining new skills and knowledge in my journey. I value learning from others, sharing knowledge, reading, and more on improvising myself. I believe in getting the hardest of things done, but smiling, laughing, and even twirling along the way.

I have had prior experience as a Customer Service and Operations Analyst, in which I gained exposure and knowledge on how we can actually think and act like a customer. My ultimate goal has always been to make sure that the customer gets what they ask for.
Being a Money Laundering analyst, combating crime against banking and the economy, I want to know everything. What can we do? How can we do it? The devil is often in the details, so I make sure to be precise and detail-oriented. I strive to build my reputation at work by keeping open lines of communication with teammates and folks in different functional roles to work in the most effective way with them.

My high energy, enthusiasm, passion for fun come with me in my day-to-day life. I take pride in doing a little bit of everything. In addition to my career, I'm into the field of fitness which helped me to be mentally and physically hale and healthy. I also read books, as and then when I get time to, it is good and rewarding.