Emergency support of personal well-being

Emergency support of personal well-being

At Kozminski University there is possibility to obtain both emergency support in everyday functioning as well as psychological and psychiatric assistance.

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Community of Kozminski University has an opportunity to benefit from both free of charge emergency support in the area of personal well-being and psychological assistance offered by qualified specialists of MindMed Institute.


In cooperation with MindMed Institute of Psychotherapy we have prepared for you an offer of mental health support, especially important now, during the pandemic. 

Below are details on the scope of our partnership with MindMed: 

Consultations are dedicated only to the staff and students of KU  

Possibility to meet with specialists: psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist in a total of 3 consultations are free of charge, for the duration of the project 

Consultations can take place in MindMed's offices located in Warsaw, Złota 71/7 and Krochmalna 54/56 streets, or by video-consultation* 

Persons who wish to undertake therapy after completing 3 visits pay for subsequent visits by themselves 

In the case of cancellation of an appointment, it must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before its commencement 

Any visit not cancelled on time will be considered as a completed visit 

Information about who contacts the specialist is confidential and available only to MindMed staff in order to provide the service 

In order to make an appointment, please send an email to reception konsultacje_alk@psychoterapia.org 

The email should include: 1.name and phone number; 2.form of the meeting (online/offline); 3.with whom the consultation is to be carried out (psychotherapist/psychiatrist)

Reception, will send proposals for appointments within 48h  

A person who applies to MindMed (by e-mail) will be verified by e-mail 

Consultations at MindMed are conducted by psychotherapists and psychiatrists with appropriate training and experience in providing psychotherapy and crisis support - ready to support us in coping effectively. 

* you can make an appointment for a consultation with a psychotherapist of your choice, but please note that some of the therapists are based in other cities, so it will not be possible to meet with them in the Warsaw office

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The idea of consultations in the personal wellbeing area aims to support students and staff in their everyday functioning at KU.

Are you experiencing difficulties that you don't know how to deal with? Emotions that are hard to cope with? Do you feel overwhelmed by a situation that is difficult for you? Or maybe you are looking for a way to increase your life satisfaction? 

You decide what you want to talk to us about. We want to support you by creating an opportunity to talk about what is important to you. 

Let's stay in touch

The most ongoing form of contact for those in need of support is by email, through Microsoft Teams or by arranging a meeting at KU. 


Marzena Indra: 600 328 934; marzena.indra@kozminski.edu.pl

Michał Godlewski: 538 510 074; mgodlewski@kozminski.edu.pl


Pozostańmy w kontakcie wsparcie

Contacts in case of mental crisis:

National emergency number – 112

Psychological help for foreigners: https://centrumwielokulturowe.waw.pl/en_gb/konsultacje-psychologiczne-psychotherapy-in-english/

Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence „Blue Line": http://www.niebieskalinia.info/index.php/oferta/29-oferta/

Helpline for Women - 22 635 93 95: https://en.federa.org.pl/

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The activities are carried out under the project: "Accessible - Open - Creative. KU as the university of equal opportunities ”.