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ISEG Lisbon

Double Degree Bachelor in Finance & Accounting
with ISEG Lisbon

About the program

Kozminski University has signed an agreement, concerning our Financial Management Program,  with the prestigious Portuguese university Lisbon School of Economics & Management, thanks to which our students will be able to go to Lisbon on their third year of studies and as a result, they will receive not only a diploma from Kozminski University but also our partner university. Studying in Portugal for a full bachelor's program often coincides with huge costs. Thanks to the double degree program you will be able to attend and gain a diploma from a renowned Portuguese university by spending just a part of your studies there. As a university, we are very proud of signing another agreement opening new opportunities for our students on the Financial Management program.

Throughout its existence, ISEG has always sought to maintain its position at the forefront of Portuguese universities in the fields of economics and management, creating new courses while constantly updating course programs and teaching methods. Through its research departments, it plays a dynamic role in contributing to scientific knowledge within its areas of specialization, and in applying that knowledge in a wider social context. ISEG further impacts the community around it through consultancy and other services provided to economic agencies and organizations, as well as the scientific and cultural exchanges at a national and international level play an important role in ISEG's activities.

Students can apply for this double degree program after their third semester of studies.


What you gain from your studies

  • Knowledge regarding internal and external factors influencing the financial condition of international corporations
  • Good command of professional terminology in English, enabling you to freely communicate in the world of international corporate finance
  • The possibility to become a part of the multinational community at Kozminski University and gain an understanding of different cultures through group projects and teamwork.
  • Working knowledge related to the activities of a business
  • Skills that enable you to efficiently manage a company
  • Knowledge and skills within your fields of interest through elective courses
  • The possibility to participate in an international exchange program and visit business schools all over the world
  • Knowledge of English business terminology
  • Preparation for further personal and professional development

Career opportunities after your studies

  • Employee of a financial department in an international corporation or a financial institution
  • A mid-level employee in a consulting company
  • Specialist in any department of a company where knowledge of finance and accounting is a must
  • A successful entrepreneur

Class schedule

  • Full-time programs

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

Admission requirements

The double degree program in Finance and Accounting is available only to students of the Financial Management program. Students should apply during their third semester of the standard program for the possibility to participate in the double degree. The admission requirements for the Financial Management program are available HERE.

The admission for the double degree program is based on the student's GPA during studies at Kozminski University. A double degree application may require the submission of additional documents.

Kalinowski DD
Concerning the details you may contact the Coordinator of Double Degree programs
Michał Kalinowski