Corporate Reporting and Accounting Major


Corporate Reporting & Accounting (ACCA track)

Major on the Master in Finance & Accounting Program

About the Major

The major offers professional in-depth training in the techniques of financial reporting, audit, and assurance. The classes aim to provide students with relevant theoretical bases and practical skills necessary to meet the expectations of the highly competitive business environment. Students gain advanced skills in consolidated financial reporting analysis, financial performance appraisal, quality control, and transnational audits.

Recognizing the transformative role of experiential learning, Kozminski University constantly strives to achieve a perfect balance of theoretical knowledge and practice-oriented study solutions. This is where the feedback from the practitioners and wide business community becomes an invaluable source of new ideas and relevant evidence validated by everyday decision-making. The major in 'Corporate Reporting and Accounting' is partnered with Accenture, which is a renowned and internationally acclaimed leader in the domain of strategy, consulting, technological and operational solutions for business. Accenture’s managers participate in the Program council and provide training to our Master's students in order to deliver an out-of-the-box perspective on complicated business issues. The best students will be invited for an internship at Accenture.   

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum amount of 17 students sign up for the major.

Partner of the major

A word from the major's partner

Edyta Gałaszewska-Bogusz

In Accenture we constantly strive to bring ground-breaking solutions to our clients, help them unleash their growth potential and hone their strategic position. Our success is built by a dedicated team of professionals, whose business values and proactive approach shape the future vision of the most innovative ventures. The partnership with Kozminski University is an inalienable part of our development vector, which we perceive as an excellent opportunity to attract the most agile and practice-oriented minds to our team, and at the same time provide a feedback to the academic community, which powers our company. We are in a constant pursuit of talents and Accenture may become a great place for you to find inspiration, test your capabilities, and attain your ambitions.

The major can be chosen as part of the Master in Finance and Accounting program.
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