PhD Anna Górska

Department of Human Resource Management
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at Kozminski University and Director of the Women and Diversity in Organizations Research Center. She specializes in gender and diversity issues in organizations and universities. Member of the Young Academy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (AMU PAN).

Recipient of the Ministry of Science Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists, ETIUDA (National Science Center), and the Fulbright Junior Research Award. Her work has been published in international scientific journals such as Gender, Work and Organizations, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Journal of Computer Information Systems, and Journal of Global Information Technology Management. Co-editor of the journal Tamara: Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry. Dr. Górska has led and participated in numerous national and international grants funded by the National Science Center, British Academy, EU Funds, Norwegian Funds, and COST actions. She gained international experience at Columbia Business School and ESCP Business School.

She closely collaborates with students in the TOP15 program (as a graduate and mentor), leads the Student Scientific Association "Women in Organizations," and is a mentor at Kozminski Business Hub. In addition to her research and teaching activities, she is a member of the Office for Impact, Accreditation, Rankings, and Strategy at Kozminski University.

Scientific Projects:

1. Principal investigator of the grant Preludium no. 2019/33/N/HS4/01574 of Poland’s National Science Centre: “Marka osobista prezesa zarządzającego przedsiębiorstwem a marka przedsiębiorstwa” (CEO Personal Brand and Company Brand). Grant amount: PLN 37,840 (January 2020).

2. Researcher in the grant OPUS no. 2019/35/B/HS4/03717 of Poland’s National Science Centre: “Pomiar i wizualizacja dokonań w inteligentnych miastach. Analiza porównawcza między Polska i Szwecją” (Measurement and Visualization of Achievements in Intelligent Cities. Comparative Analysis Between Poland and Sweden). Grant amount: PLN 604,891. An international grant for a three-year-long project accepted in June 2020.

3. Doctoral scholarship Etiuda no. 2019/32/T/HS4/00037 from Poland’s National Science Centre. Scholarship amount: 102,560 PLN. Granted from September 2019, which included an internship in ESCP Business School in Berlin under the supervision of ESCP’s rector, Professor Andreas Kaplan.

4. Kozminski University scholarship financed by Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development. Scholarship amount: PLN 4700/month until the defense of doctoral dissertation.


1. PI in the grant NCN (Polish National Center of Science) SONATA 2023/51/D/HS4/00631 "Quitting academia: A Gender Analysis of Academic Departures in Poland and the USA" Grant amount: PLN 353,000 (September 2024- 2027)

2. Co-applicant in British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Small Research Grant application ref SRG2324 241754 (AMS 1997907). SRG2324\241754, "Post-pandemic experiences of women’s careers in post-socialist illiberal contexts"

3. Member of the Management Committee in COST program  (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) in the project CA20137 Making Early Career Researchers' Voices Heard for Gender Equality  (2021)

4. Substitute Member of the Management Committee in COST in the project "LGBTI + Social and Economic (in) equalities" CA19103. COST expert. (2020) 

5. PI in the grant NCN (Polish National Center of Science) PRELUDIUM "Personal brand of the CEO and the brand of the company", 2019/33 / N / HS4 / 01574. Grant amount: PLN 37,840 (January 2020)

6. Polish National Center of Science ETIUDA doctoral scholarship, 2019/32 / T / HS4 / 00037, scholarship amount of PLN 102,560 from September 2019 (internship at ESCP Berlin under the supervision of Prof. Andreas Kaplan, ESCP Rector)

7. Researcher in the grant NCN (Polish National Center of Science) OPUS "Measurement and visualization of achievements in smart cities. Comparative analysis between Poland and Sweden" 2019/35 / B / HS4 / 03717, grant amount: PLN 604 891 (3-year project qualified in June 2020) (international grant)

8. PI of the Kozminski University grant for young scholars (2018-2019).

9. Researcher in the grant (2016-2018): EU grant “Lead4Skills. Challenges of developing economies ”, KA2-HE-21/16 international project in cooperation with 10 universities from 10 different countries. The amount of the grant (the part is carried out in Poland by Kozminski University): PLN 105,540, head: dr Alenka Bracek Lalic

10. Researcher in the grant (2017-2019): Grant NCN OPUS, "Measurement and communication of performance within HEI in Poland and Nordic countries." 2015/19 / B / HS4 / 0290, grant amount: PLN 216 701, head: dr hab. Giuseppe Grossi (international)

11. Researcher in the grant (2016): grant from the FSS funds: "Impact of the digital world of management and Marketing" FSS / 2013 / HEI / W / 0090, amount of the grant: EUR 249 760, head: prof. Grzegorz Mazurek


Awards and scholarships:

1. Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarship for young prominent scholars. (2024- 2027)

2. Fulbright Junior Research Award,  (at Columbia Business School in New York in 2019)

3. Rector's award for scientific achievements (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020; 2021; 2022; 2023)

4. Distinction in XIV competition for best doctoral thesis in management, Polish Academy of Science

5. Santander award for Kozminski University academics

6. An award for young scholars to participate in Wharton Global Faculty Development program

7. KU scholarship from National Center for Research and Development funds for doctoral students (2017- 2020)

Guest lectures and lecture series:

ISC Paris Business School, France (2017).

1. Co-Editor-In-Chief (with Monika Kostera) of Tamara Journal for Critical Organization Inquiry. (2024-ongoing)

2. Early Career Editorial Board of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal (EDI Journal) (2024-ongoing) 

3. Associate Editor for Central European Management Journal (2020- 2023); SAGE Open

4. Guest Editor of Special Issue for Gender in Management: An International Journal. With Monika Kostera (2024-2025). IF:3.4

5. Guest Editor of Special Issue for Corporate Governance. With Ivo Matser, Bolesław Rok (2024- 2025) IF: 5.6

6. Reviewer of international academic journals (for example: Journal of Business Research; Behaviour & Information Technology; Public budgeting Accounting and Financial management; Gender, Work & Organization; Business& Society; Tamara Journal), monographs (Springer International; Routledge) and conferences (EURAM, Academy of Management)

7. Member of office for KU Strategy, Accreditations, Rankings, and Impact (SARI)

8. Member of the Public Management research center (head dr hab. Giuseppe Grossi)

9. Anti-discrimination expert in KU and KU Impact Manager 

10. Supervisor of the students club  „Women in Organizations” (2020- ongoing), “Kreatywni” (2016- 2021)

11. Mentor in the program for the best students of KU and in the Kozminski Business Hub incubator

12. Disciplinary spokesman for doctoral students at Kozminski University