PhD Anna Górska

Department of Human Resource Management
Adjunct Professor

Anna Maria Górska, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor at Kozminski University and Head of the Research Center for Women and Diversity in Organizations. She specializes in gender and diversity issues in organizations and universities. She is also a member of the Public Management (PUMA) research center. She is a winner of the ETIUDA scholarship funded by Poland’s National Science Centre and the Fulbright Junior Research Award. Her works were published in international scientific journals such as Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Baltic Journal of Management, Journal of Computer Information Systems, and Journal of Global Information Technology Management. Górska conducted and participated in numerous Polish and international grants financed by the National Science Centre, European Funds, Norway Grants, and COST action. She gained international experience in Columbia Business School and ESCP Business School. Górska teaches courses in marketing research and Internet marketing. She cooperates with students in the TOP15 program as a graduate and mentor, runs the student scientific club Women in Organisations, and mentors at Kozminski Business Hub. Besides research and teaching activity, she is a member of the Office for Cooperation, Accreditation, Rankings, and Strategy. She acts as an Impact Advisor for Kozminski University and an expert in anti-discrimination.


Scientific Projects:

1. Principal investigator of the grant Preludium no. 2019/33/N/HS4/01574 of Poland’s National Science Centre: “Marka osobista prezesa zarządzającego przedsiębiorstwem a marka przedsiębiorstwa” (CEO Personal Brand and Company Brand). Grant amount: PLN 37,840 (January 2020).

2. Researcher in the grant OPUS no. 2019/35/B/HS4/03717 of Poland’s National Science Centre: “Pomiar i wizualizacja dokonań w inteligentnych miastach. Analiza porównawcza między Polska i Szwecją” (Measurement and Visualization of Achievements in Intelligent Cities. Comparative Analysis Between Poland and Sweden). Grant amount: PLN 604,891. An international grant for a three-year-long project accepted in June 2020.

3. Doctoral scholarship Etiuda no. 2019/32/T/HS4/00037 from Poland’s National Science Centre. Scholarship amount: 102,560 PLN. Granted from September 2019, which included an internship in ESCP Business School in Berlin under the supervision of ESCP’s rector, Professor Andreas Kaplan.

4. Kozminski University scholarship financed by Poland’s National Centre for Research and Development. Scholarship amount: PLN 4700/month until the defense of doctoral dissertation.


Grants and Scholarships:

1. Principal investigator in the Kozminski University grant for young scientists (2018–2019).

2. Researcher in EU grant no. KA2-HE-21/16: “Lead4Skills: Challenges of Developing Economies” (2016–2018). It was an international project conducted with ten universities from ten different countries. Grant amount (the part performed in Poland at Kozminski University): PLN 105,540. Principal investigator: Alenka Bracek Lalic, PhD. 3. Researcher in grant OPUS no. 2015/19/B/HS4/0290 of the Poland’s National Science Centre: “Measurement and communication of performance within HEI in Poland and Nordic countries.” Grant amount: PLN 216,701. (International) Principal investigator: Giuseppe Grossi, PhD. 4. Researcher in grant no. FSS/2013/HEI/W/0090 of the Scholarship and Training Fund: “Impact of the Digital World of Management and Marketing.” Grant amount: EUR 249,760. Principal investigator: Professor Grzegorz Mazurek. 5. Scholarship for the top five percent of Kozminski University students (2015, 2016).


Awards: 1. Fulbright Junior Research Award, internship at Columbia Business School in New York in 2019. 2. Kozminski University Rector’s Award for scientific achievements (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019). 3. Doctoral award for participation in SEM-PLS training at Hamburg University of Technology (international competition), (2017).


Guest lectures and lecture series:

ISC Paris Business School, France (2017).


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