Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

What is ACCA and why is it worth it?

What is ACCA?

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the biggest and fastest-growing global body for professional accountants. It aims to offer business-relevant, first-choice qualifications to people of application, ability and ambition around the world who seek a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

ACCA supports its over 200 000 members and 500 000 students in 180 countries. Over 2000 members belong to the organisation in Poland with another 4000 being in the process of obtaining the qualification. ACCA works through a network of 101 offices and cooperates with almost 7400 employers, closely supporting those investing in human capital. Companies facilitating and nurturing employee learning and development are granted ACCA Approved Employer status.

Founded in 1904, ACCA has consistently held unique core values: opportunity, diversity, innovation, integrity and accountability. It believes that accountants bring value to economies in all stages of development and seek to develop capacity in the profession and encourage the adoption of global standards. ACCA’s core values are aligned to the needs of employers in all sectors and it ensures that through its range of qualifications, it prepares accountants for business. ACCA seeks to open up the profession to people of all backgrounds and remove artificial barriers, innovating its qualifications and delivery to meet the diverse needs of trainee professionals and their employers.


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Why is it worth it?

Why can you reach for more with ACCA?

  • prestigious qualification in the field of finance, accounting and management, highly valued by employers all over the world. ACCA collaborates with more than 7,400 accredited employers in the world,
  • bigger chances of finding an interesting job, a managerial position, freedom in making important business decisions and higher wages,
  • acknowledgement of comprehensive knowledge and practical skills (which is recognised around the world) in the field of modern enterprise management, auditing, management accounting, financial accounting, risk management, strategic planning, law and taxes;
  • competencies based on the most up-to-date and constantly verified needs of employers as well as the requirements imposed on finance professionals by the changing world; exams are based on case studies which are directly reflected in their future careers. Thanks to that, ACCA students gain not only the necessary knowledge, but above all practical business skills that support their career and development,
  • adjustment of the path of competence development to the students' needs - the students decide themselves how quickly they wish to proceed through individual stages of acquiring the qualification and are free to take the exams in any city and country; optional exams available at the Strategic Professional level allow them to specialise in their area of interest.
  • support from the organization both for ACCA students and members in their continuous development - networking, workshops ACCA Academy, free educational materials, webinars, conferences, etc. 

ACCA accredited program at Kozminski University - benefits

Kozminski University received the ACCA accreditation for the Finance and Accounting program which includes both the Bachelor and the Master degree provided in Polish and English. Thanks to the accreditation, Kozminski University students are able to obtain exemptions from some ACCA exams during their studies, thus greatly accelerating their path to ACCA membership! 

Why is it good to combine the studies in Finance and Accounting with the ACCA business qualification?

  • exemptions from some ACCA exams - you receive credits for courses in the given subjects and you are entitled to up to 7 exemptions on Bachelor level and up to 9 exemptions on Master level from the ACCA examps on the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills levels; the numner of exemptions can be confirmed on the following website HERE. More information about way with ACCA
  • ACCA Accelerate Scholarship - you can take advantage of attractive discounts on ACCA costs (subscription and exam fees) and accelerate your path to gaining the ACCA qualification, the ACCA Accelerate Scholarship reglations are confirmed every year, the conditions and levels of the
  • 2-in-1 studies - you stand out on the job market thanks to the combination of the Kozminski University diploma with the prestigious international ACCA business qualification, the regulations of the ACCA Accelerate program are published every year, the participation conditions and the discounts level are indicated by ACCA. More information.
  • ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business - after passing all the exams from the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills level (including passing two selected Applied Skills exams in ACCA sessions) and after completing the Ethics and Professional Skills Module you receive an official ACCA diploma.

Which subjects should I choose to get exemptions from ACCA examinations?

ACCA accreditation at Kozminski University confirms the high level of teaching which is consistent with international ACCA standards and guarantees an adequate emphasis on practising practical competencies through the analysis of case studies during the classes. It also means that students receiving credits in accredited subjects within the scope of classes at the university get further exemptions from ACCA exams:

Course Catalog

Note! Studies within the framework of ACCA Accredited Programmes are not associated with any additional costs and do not require registration with ACCA.

ACCA Accelerate Scholarship

Kozminski University students undertaking the accredited subjects and determined to acquire the ACCA qualification may apply for the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP which provides financial support at the beginning of their path to ACCA membership: financially attractive discounts on exemptions from ACCA examinations and cancellation of the first annual fee.


  • Financial savings - attractive discounts on exemptions from ACCA examinations (paid after graduation!) and the exemption from the first annual fee. More information.
  • taking advantage of the exemptions after graduation from the accredited studies (outside the Accelerate Scholarship) is associated with a standard exemption fee
  • possibility of combining the diploma of Kozminski University with the status of an ACCA student, i.e. of the person acquiring an international business qualification for top finance professionals
  • significant acceleration of the path to ACCA membership - passing up to 9 ACCA exams within Master studies with the option of taking further exams in ACCA during the studies
  • perfect way to enrich your CV and to stand out against other graduates on the labour market - the ACCA qualification is highly valued by many employers around the world, especially approx. 7,300 accredited employers: EY, PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, Citi Handlowy, P&G, Unilever, Shell, PZU, Simens, HP, Capgemini, IBM, Agora, Infosys, BP, Motorola, Link 4 or Coca Cola, to mention a few of the most recognized brands
  • chance to get an attractive employment - according to a global study, conducted among the ACCA members, one out of five respondents hold top positions such as CEO, CFO or Financial Director
  • chance of higher earnings
  • passport to an international career - a global recognition of qualifications contributes to the fact that ACCA members are perceived everywhere as world-class specialists in the field of finance, accounting and management
  • continuous professional development - free access to countless educational resources of ACCA as well as valuable networking and training events, conferences, workshops developing professional competencies and much more!


First of all – keep an eye for the information regarding the launch of the recruitment phase applicable to your year of study; news concerning the scholarship will be passed by the ACCA Coordinator and ACCA Ambassador at Kozminski University. The latest information can be always found in the student group and on the ACCA Poland page on Facebook.

By accepting the scholarship offer you agree to register with ACCA in accordance with the principles of ACCA Accelerate Scholarship: the ACCA online registration form should be filled out within the deadline set by ACCA after having received the Accelerate letter from Kozminski University and in accordance with the registration instructions of ACCA Accelerate Scholarship. 

Registration can be carried out:

  • during a registration meeting with ACCA representatives at your university
  • during an online registration meeting carried out by ACCA representatives
  • on your own, based on the ACCA registration guide

What are the conditions for obtaining the ACCA ACCELERATE SCHOLARSHIP?

  • Status of 1st year student (in case of Master studies) of the accredited programme in Finance and Accounting. The "ACCA Accelerate Scholarship" is available only to students who are not yet registered in ACCA and are studying on a ACCA accredited bachelor, master, or postgraduate program in the best universities in Poland. More information.
  • Obtain the Accelerate letter with the Accelerate code necessary for registration from the ACCA Coordinator at the university,
  • Online registration with ACCA using the form only within the deadline set by ACCA  with the use of Accelerate code, according to the registration rules!

Holders of ACCA Accelerate Scholarship are obliged, within the deadline* specified on the named Accelerate letter, to confirm with ACCA their completion of accredited studies by providing scans of diploma together with a supplement by e-mail. ATTENTION * It is a 12-month period counted from the official date of graduation (e.g. if you started 2-year studies in October 2022, and graduated in the summer of 2023, you have to fulfill the above-described obligations by the end of September 2024)


Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business

Every student of Kozminski University who wants to confirm their competencies and knowledge in the scope of finance, accounting and modern management and who thinks seriously about acquiring the ACCA qualification, has a unique opportunity to receive the ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business on their way to the full ACCA qualification.

How to get the ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business?

  1. the first step is the registration with the ACCA organisation, on the website
  2. students receiving all exemptions from the ACCA examinations at the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills level (former Fundamentals) must pass at least 2 exams from the Applied Skills level in ACCA sessions
  3. the online training  Ethics and Professional Skills Module should be completed

Your way to ACCA

  • ACCA members are an international group of highly-valued, undeniable experts in the field of finance, accounting and management. The ACCA Association ensures that the experts who are members of the organisation are people who represent the highest standards of knowledge, practical skills and business ethics.
  • One in five ACCA members hold the highest managerial positions, such as CEO, CFO or Financial Director in companies around the world. ACCA members make the most important business decisions in a competent and confident manner with the ACCA qualification having prepared them for it both substantially and practically.
  • It is a unique networking community of more than 200,000 people worldwide who constantly exchange their knowledge and experience, for whom the continuous development and its surroundings are important, and who track global trends in business and finance and are well-prepared for the upcoming changes.

ACCA Membership is at your fingertips. Study on the Accredited ACCA Programme at the Kozminski University and reach for more!

Upon graduating from the ACCA Accredited Programme at Kozminski University:

1. you complete the remaining exams required as part of the ACCA qualification: any missing ones from the Fundamentals level and all 4 from the Strategic Professional level: 2 obligatory Essentials exams or selected 2 out of 4 available Options exams.

Find out more about the exams here.

2. you complete the online training Ethics and Professional Skills Module; 3. You confirm at least three years of professional experience in finance. You can find out more here.

After completing the above requirements and submitting your ACCA membership application, you become an ACCA member! :)

Do you have any questions? Contact us:

Kucharczyk Małgorzata
Coordinator of Professional Accreditation Processes in the Field of Accountancy
dr Małgorzata Kucharczyk