Team bulding platform

Team bulding platform





01.09.2012 - 31.09.2015
1 550 727,14 PLN

Among the strategies designed for business entities there is the important and innovative concept of gamification. It is a tool designed to e.g. change the organisational culture of a business institution, consisting in the implementation of mechanisms of competition and mutual motivation by means of a role-play or computer game format. Many companies struggle with low creativity levels, poor internal communication, no basis for knowledge sharing, high turnover frequency, and aversion to teamwork. Increased employee involvement and a noticeably higher level innovation are the best tools to overcome the abovementioned challenges.

Kozminski University, making use of its extensive methodological resources and inspired by social strategies of group change, undertook to implement a gamification programme. The project, in which all organisational forms were adapted to innovations, was implemented in Bazy i Systemy Bankowe sp. z o.o., and ultimately aimed at all economic institutions struggling with the lack of organisational culture and the threats resulting from the absence of proper motivation and experience among their employees. Kozminski University designed, implemented, and evaluated an entire system for knowledge and change management, consisting mainly of an IT tool with an embedded system supporting innovation, based on gamification mechanisms and a so-called soft framework. Thanks to the platform, the employees of individual company departments work on projects and receive points which are then converted into prizes.

The first step of the task undertaken by KU was to identify the level of organisational culture of the company. Further steps involved preparing employees and managers for the institutional innovations to come. The main tool to catalyse changes was the instructional videos embedded in the system, focusing on the following issues: change management, generation of ideas, motivation. Another equally important aspect was the preparation of regulations, e.g. an incentive policy and organisational rules. Constructive and creative competition among employees of economic institutions, based on transparent rules and rewarded accordingly, translates into group mobilisation and is a very effective tool in overcoming low creativity and poor communication.

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