Radom Centre for Innovation





Radom, as a large urban centre of the Masovia province, is affected by certain special social and economic processes. The vicinity of Warsaw causes, on the one hand, a ‘brain drain’ to the capital city. On the other, it is a city that it easy to reach, with its transportation infrastructure gradually improving, which makes it an attractive location for new investments. Technology transfer, innovation, and commercialisation are the processes are likely to soon accelerate the development of this city, with a population of over 200 thousand. A thing worth underlining is that Radom’s demographic structure is quite special. About 20% of the population is made up of young people, which makes the city one of the youngest urban ‘organisms’ in Poland, but also poses considerable social challenges.

The necessary space for the implementation of modern processes of technology transfer and commercialisation of services and industry was arranged for by a consortium of institutions with a wide range of experience. The special-purpose institutions such as the Industrial Development Agency, the Radom Center for Innovation and Technology, and the Institute for Sustainable Technologies, received support from the Association of Warsaw and Masovia Employers, the Radom Municipal Office, and Kozminski University. Business institutions, both small and large, those experienced and those just launched, have a chance to receive assistance: in creating business plans and financial models; in defining their mission, vision, values, and goals; in acquiring and exchanging technology; in effective communication with other market players. The consortium enables business entities to function well in changing economic conditions and makes management more effective.

The structure of the consortium guarantees systemic implementation of tasks, starting from the process of modelling and creating the relevant methodology, which is provided by Kozminski University, certified by recognized research institutions. The Association of Warsaw and Masovia Employers and the Radom Municipal Office provide detailed insights into the existing needs, based on everyday practice, and the special-purpose institutions implement appropriate measures. Our university helps in optimising the process at this practical stage and assists its partners at the particularly important stage of evaluation, assessing the actions undertaken and recommending further steps.