Project Management Major


Project Management - Major on the Master in Management Program

About the Major

The courses on the Project Management major are conducted by experienced lecturers from Kozminski University and project management practitioners with rich and documented experience in directing large projects. Faculty-practitioners are not only members of the Project Management Institute and other accredited project management practitioners associations. Our lecturers also have a rich portfolio of coaching, advisory and research experiences, so we can safely say that the world of project management has no secrets ahead of us. The program has been consulted with a wide range of experts and employers and we constantly update it by including a lot of new research into the classes. We also learn from various trainings and conferences. We also like to work together, which makes the good atmosphere in class allow you to assimilate knowledge in a comfortable way.

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum amount of 17 students sign up for the major.

A word from the major's leader

Marek Gmerski
Marek Gmerski, MA

There are more and more projects around us. As so, people, who can ensure success or prevent failure, are in constant high demand. Who actually might that be? You probably think of managers with a knack to improvise in the first place. But the list is long, including business analysts, accountants, consultants, let alone C-level management. Every project is a phenomenon that just needs to be taken care of by many. A small project is also a common first management assignment for promising but inexperienced to-be managers.

Advanced knowledge and walked-through skills in the project management area are our key concerns. Interested? Apply now!

Marek Gmerski, MA, Leader of the Project Management Major


Partners of the major


During your studies you will gain knowledge, skills and social competences among others in:

  • Preparation for PMI CAPM certification. As part of master's degrees - we offer not only obtaining a diploma, but also obtaining recognizable business certification.
  • Gaining modern, up-to-date knowledge of project management, which we acquire from practice as well as conferences and trainings which we regularly participate.
  • In addition to the approach of the so-called traditional PM we also teach a new approach to project management. We are not limited to a single approach because we believe that an effective project manager should be flexible and have a broad tool portfolio. In case of interest, we can arrange additional (partially paid) training about selected project management elements and methodological approaches.
  • Most of the classes are conducted in the form of workshops, as well as offer classes in the form of simulation and project games, during which participants will be able not only to learn a lot about project management, but also on their own experience and discover their competences in the area of project management
  • We teach useful and practical things. We give tools to apply in practice the day after class.
  • We do not forget that project management is not the only filed of experience, so we also identify other important areas such as strategic management, team management or change management that needs to be developed.
  • As part of the master's seminar, we offer support in conducting research of all areas of project management and related fields. The work of our students earns prizes and are the basis for publication.
  • We provide advice to students in the field of professional career selection, career building in the area of project management.


Graduates of the Project Management major can find employment not only in large companies, which are managed in a project way (banks, insurance companies, IT, construction, pharmaceutical companies), but also in  smaller ones where they can create project-managed startups. Project management as a way of working is also increasingly  used in administration and at the contact of administration and business, e.g. when working in public procurement. We also have graduates with experience at NGO's. The positions on which graduates can work are: project team members, business analysts, project managers, project offices and departments, process analysts, program managers and project portfolio managers.

Selected courses

Two major blocks are implemented as part of the program, covering issues related to the CAMP exam:

  • PMI Project Management Standard
  • Revision for the PMI exam

Other major courses include:

  • Finance and Controlling for Project Management
  • Project Risk Management
  • Change Management Tools for Project Management
  • Communication and Management of the Project Team
  • Project Management Methodologies - Agile Methodologies
  • Strategic Project Management
  • IT Tools for Project Management

If students are interested, we can arrange other certification trainings with partial payment.

Class Schedule

  • Part-time programs

Part time program classes take place on Friday (in the afternoon), Saturday and Sunday (in the morning and in the afternoon).