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Support for the NGO's in career development

We are involved in CSR projects aimed at supporting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in protégées career development

The support takes the form of individual career consultations as well as development workshops, thanks to which willing people can learn about their talents, prepare for entering the job market or plan a change in their career path. Among the initiatives of which we are particularly proud is the cooperation with the Women's Rights Centre and the The Center for Family Support in Warsaw. The mission of the former is to prevent all forms of violence and discrimination against women in private, public and professional life. The Center for Family Support in Warsaw, on the other hand, is an organization that supports people in a difficult financial and family situation in Warsaw.

In frames of consultation services we offer :

Quick CV consultation

One consultancy and quick preparation or proofreading of the CV/ cover letter/ LinkedIn profile for the recruitment process purposes.

Full advisory process

2 to 4 advisory consultations. As part of the process we work mainly on:

- what a person would like to do - diagnosis of values, predispositions, motivation, resources, barriers

- where she/he can find what she/he is looking for and how to get it - working on labour market effectiveness

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