About Leothon

Leothon, a business hackathon based on our innovation challenge platform, gathers the most talented students and graduates in one place to meet the partner’s expectations. In response to the challenge indicated by the partner, participants develop advanced business and technological solutions.

Leothon Young SDG Leaders

It’s never too early to care! We believe teenagers have ideas which can transform our reality. That’s why we created Leothon Young SDG Leaders. The competition is dedicated to high school students and their teachers who are interested in sustainability issues. During Leothon students face a practical challenge which need to be handled in their projects. They work under a watchful eye of a supportive mentor in order to benefit from the and win attractive prizes.

What challenges wait for students?

Our event focuses on four Sustainable Development goals:

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and production

Participants’ task will be associated with one of  those themes. 

How to join the challenge?

A teacher should register a team of students on our challenge platform. Registered teams will be provided with more information during a dedicated webinar, which will be held March 3 at 5 p.m. at the link https://kozminskibusinesshub856.clickmeeting.com/leothon-young-sdg-leaders-webinar.They will get to know more about the recruitment task which every team needs to do. The deadline for the task is set. Then we will invite selected 8 best teams to join us on The Open Day. The proper part of the event starts. 

So, firstly find a teacher who is willing to represent you during the event and create a team of 3-5 people (3-4 students and one mentor).


What is the challenge about?

Students choose one Sustainability Development Project they want to work on. Teams have 2 weeks to write a report describing their idea for local sustainability projects. The basic structure should be starting from the short challenge definition with its key elements by using most important facts, overviewing existing approaches/solutions, showing the process of your solution development and its expected effects. At the end of Leothon, teams provide a report and give a presentation about their project.


21.02-8.03 - Registration of teams

3.03 5pm - Information webinar for all interested parties

12.03 10am - 6pm - Quiz on the submitted materials and videos + recruitment task

16.03 - Selection of the 8 best teams

16.03 - 6.04 - Team work on their project

28.03 4:30pm - Workshops for participants - SDG Idea Development Lab

6.04 12am - Final of the event on the campus of Kozminski University


What are the prizes?

We believe students will enjoy the time spent on the challenge. However, who wouldn’t like to win a prize? We prepared something our young participants might be happy with.

Rewards for students and mentor are:

  • 1st place 10.000 PLN per team; 
  • 2nd place: 4.000 PLN per team;
  • 3rd place: 2.000 PLN per team;

Students will also get discount for studies at Kozminski  in cheques :

  • 1st place: 60% discount for the first semester of BA studies in ENG per student
  • 2nd place: 40% discount for the first semester of BA studies in ENG per student 
  • 3rd place: 20% discount for the first semester of BA studies in ENG per student 


Kozminski Business Hub
CFA Society

Which schools can take part in the challenge?

Every secondary school (public or private) is eligible to participate if their mentor and the whole team are able to prepare expected materials and defend the presentation in English language. There are no limitations on the number of teams registered from one school.

Still not sure?

It’s all about learning and having fun! Every expert you’ll get to know also started somewhere small. Our Leothon is a great opportunity for students to receive new knowledge and skills in sustainability topics, as well as Creative Design Thinking. Afterwards, you will be able to compare your results with your peer and receive professional feedback from the expert commission. Don’t hesitate to register.



Any more questions? Perhaps doubts? Please write to us at the address Leothon_info@kozminskihub.com.