ITeraz Mazowsze II





01.06.2011 - 31.08.2013
The subsidy
5 128 920,00 PLN

The participants of the training were individuals working in the Masovia province on the basis of an employment contract or another civil law contract. The beneficiaries of the programme were over 6,125 people.

The strategic goal of the training courses run by Kozminski University was to improve the professional qualifications of their participants.  The specific objectives involved improving the level of knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: administration, management, finance, accounting, office applications, and IT. Each training course consisted of two stages. The first stage was weekend on-site classes. The second stage involved blended-learning training – the participants could start doing e-exercises available on the project’s website on given dates.

Kozminski University, being the leader and the main entity implementing the project, worked – under consortium agreements – with the following entities: ROI Consulting sp. z o.o. and OMEC sp. z o.o.