International Exchange Programs

Międzynarodowa wymiana studentów

International Exchange Programs


An inseparable element of studies at Kozminski is going on an international exchange. Every student who has completed the first year of studies, has a B2 level of English and has achieved good results in their studies can apply for a trip abroad.

KU implements an exchange programs within the framework of the European ERASMUS+ Program, which supports mobility initiatives, including co-financing a semester/year of students' mobility to a European university, as well as non-EU destinations within the framework of bilateral agreements.



One of the most attractive opportunities to gain international professional experience we offer is the possibility to do a student internship abroad.

International Exchange Programs

Kozminski students can choose from 221 partner universities on 6 continents, where they can study for a semester or two as part of an international exchange.

Many people choose distant destinations such as Singapore, Mexico, the USA, Australia. Every student who goes on an exchange program to an EU country has the opportunity to apply for funding in the form of an Erasmus+ grant.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules of recruitment, the program and the offer of trips HERE


Internships in Europe

Every student or graduate of Kozminski University who goes on a work placement receives an Erasmus+ grant.

It is an extraordinary opportunity to go abroad for several months to companies or institutions in order to gain international professional experience. Our partners include Nintendo, Lenovo, DHL, Procter&Gamble.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the recruitment regulations, the program and the internship offer HERE

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Short courses for students

In addition to exchange trips, students can participate in additional intensive international courses as part of a partnership between universities from around the world.

We encourage students to do so because it is an excellent opportunity to earn additional ECTS credits and at the same time broaden their horizons and establish an international network of contacts.

The current offer of short programs, courses and international schools organized by KU partners can be found on our Facebook page and in this online folder.