Creative Specialist in the Humanities

Creative Specialist in the Humanities





01.09.2009 - 30.04.2012
4 974 003,54 PLN (KU founding: 183 934,00 PLN)

 Leader: Korczak University Partner: Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego As Kozminski University, we are interested in real – and not just claimed – improvement of the level of higher education in Poland in a holistic perspective. Therefore, we join projects implemented by other higher education institutions – as a partner.

“Creative Specialist in the Humanities” is a training and educational project aimed at preparing students and graduates of Korczak University – the project leader – to the changing conditions and demands of job labour market and knowledge-based economy. The basic condition for improving the quality of teaching is to improve the competencies of academic teachers. The activities undertaken by KU as part of the project focused on training – in the period of October 2009 to March 2010 – 30 research and teaching faculty members of Korczak University in the field of conducting classes in entrepreneurship.

The direct beneficiaries of the project were also students and graduates of Korczak University, as well as people from outside the academic community. 690 people participated in 46 training courses. The project covered a wide range of topics, from soft skills (e.g. assertiveness, creativity, interpersonal communication, effective time management, dealing with stress, conflict solving) to issues focusing on economics, entrepreneurship, business (e.g. establishment and management of social economic entities, business plan, fundamentals of marketing and PR, fundamentals of accounting, market research, starting an own business). An integral part of the project was the introduction of the course “Entrepreneurship” to the so far strictly humanities-oriented portfolio of Korczak University. As part of the course, about 2,500 students of Korczak University expanded their knowledge of entrepreneurship in general. 

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