Corporate Finance & Financial Markets (Major on the Financial Management bachelor program)

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Corporate Finance & Financial Markets

Major on the Financial Management program

About the Corporate Finance & Financial Markets Major

Financial specialists play a crucial role in modern economy: both international corporations and small start-ups rely on financial managers who make sure that financial objectives are met so a company has financial stability and can invest in further development. The Corporate Finance & Financial Markets Major combines the benefits of traditional bachelor in corporate finance with a broad range of business topics that reflect the growing need and responsibilities of finance professionals.

During the studies, you will learn how to analyze risks and opportunities, allocate resourses and make investment decisions to improve business results. You will gain knowledge in financial planning and acquisition of funds, measuring successes and overall understanding of market dynamics. Moreover, this corporate financial program will help you to manage your own finances in business and in private life to further understand management and financial markets as professionals.

The demand for corporate financial management specialists kept growing through the last decades and financial skills are now among the most needed qualifications on the job market. This major opens wide career posibilities with one of the most competitive salaries on the market.

Please be advised that the major will launch only if a minimum number of 17 students sign up for the major.

Partners of the Major

What you gain from your studies?

During your studies, you will gain knowledge and practical skills in the areas of:

  • Market awareness and analysis
  • Funds allocation
  • Deep understanding of internal and external factors influencing the financial condition of international corporations 
  • Financial management, budgeting and profitability improvement
  • Conducting strategic finance consulting.

Carrer opportunities

Graduates of the Corporate Finance & Financial Markets Major will be ready to make financial decisions in their own businesses, or find employment on positions such as: 

  • Financial Analyst
  • International Finance Specialist
  • Corporate Finance Associate
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Specialist in any department of a company where knowledge of finance and accounting is a must.

Major Courses

  • Financial Data Analytics
  • Banking
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Expert Lab for PE, Investment Banking and Strategic Consulting.
The major can be chosen as part of the Financial Management program.